Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 24 petitions and more

  1. Help Save the Great Barrier Reef
  2. End bear torture farms in Vietnam!
  3. Civets Suffer for Vile Coffee
    Pledge Never to Drink Vile Civet Coffee
  4. Stop aux Dog Wash! - Ban this dog-washing machine
  5. Fermate l'abbandono canino! - NO to dog abandonment
  6. Russia: Stop The Poaching Of Amur Tigers
  7. IUCN - Change the conservation status of the Southern White rhino from "Near Threatened" to "Endangered".
  8. Get Justice for Kiya - "Puppy Doe"
  9. Help Stop the Navy’s Attack on Whales!
  10. Virtual Rally to Stop Animal Abuse at the Washington University in St. Louis (US)
  11. Tierhilfe Hoffnung e.V. | Ute Langenkamp
    Urgent letter to send, Meursa Rescue Shelter, Romania!
    English version of the protest letter is at the bottom of the page or use the following link that has all in English: Romania: 23/9/2013 – The Situation Is Dire With German Run Shelters Being Targetted To Act By 1/10/13 - Please Send Sample Letter Given Below to All E Mail Addresses Given In Block Listing Also Provided.
  12. Take A Stand for California Mustangs in Massacre Lakes HMA (US)
    BLM Action Aims to Reduce/Kill Wild Horse Population While Allowing Many Times More Livestock in Designated Mustang Habitat!
  13. Contro la zooerastia - NO to  bestiality! (confirmation needed)
  14. Demand animals not be treated as 'waste products'
    Send a letter to the Russian Embassy to free our activists and end Arctic drilling
  1. Save Tiger Habitats from Coal Mining Operations in India
  2. Commend Russia for New Laws Protecting Endangered Wildlife
  3. Protect India’s Tigers from Harmful Human Activities
  4. Applaud Costa Rica for Closing Zoos
  5. Commend Efforts to Close Online Puppy Mills
  6. Urge Police to Press Charges Against Dog Groomer Who Killed Dog
  7. Support Ban on the Use of Lead Ammunition
  1. CRAIGSLIST: Stop allowing the sale or free to good home Ads for animals
  2. STOP Horse Slaughter in Canada and Adopt Bill C-322
  3. Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no estado do Mato Grosso do Sul
    Brazil: Create an Animal Precinct in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul
  4. Justice for Ghostie Girl..A Family dog that was Intentionally Run Over by a Neighbor
  5. The Ban On Puppy Mills: We need to Stop Puppy Mills and Free the Prisoners for Profit
  6. Ohio must create a policy to stop global warming from palm oil industries.
  7. Punta Carretas Shopping: Exigimos que Punta Carretas Shopping Cese el Maltrato Animal INMEDIATAMENTE - We require Punta Carretas Shopping Center to cease animal abuse IMMEDIATELY
  8. Prefeitura Municipal de Jaboatão dos Guararapes-Pernambuco-Brasil: Assistência aos "PROTETORES DE ANIMAIS DE RUA".
    Brazil, City of Jaboatão Guararapes-Pernambuco: Population control of dogs and cats is the obligation of the government (federal, state, municipal), investing funds for: -Neutering Campaigns- Public Education Campaigns- Supervision and Punishment for animal trade
  9. Non à la modification du statut des blaireaux - Région Wallonne
    Wallonia, Belgium: Do not change the status of badgers
  10. SAVE Animals DON'T KILL: Forbid shelters from euthanizing animals due to overcrowding
  1. Extend Full Protection for Captive Chimpanzees
  2. Tell Coca-Cola to Stop Sponsoring Bullfighting
  3. Stop the torture and killing of dogs by the Colombian Armed Forces
  4. Stop Malaysia's barbaric method of getting rid of strays
  5. Stop the Otter Fur Trade in America and Canada
  6. Stop the Slaughter of the Taiji Dolphins!
  7. Demand that youtube removes cruel video!
    Never ask to remove animal cruelty videos, REPORT them!
    Reporting Internet Animal Abuse
  8. We request the eradication of traction of blood in the city of Mar del Plata
News and Polls
  1. Grand Theft Auto V Animal Rights Group DEMANDS BOYCOTT!
    "Grand Theft Auto V" crossed the line by allowing  game-playing children to run over, behead and kill animals -- and a prominent animal rights group is calling for a boycott. -> Vote YES for a boycott!
  2. Melissa's 2013 Dartmoor Challenge - Charity Challenge! (confirmation needed) -> A dog and cat rescue in Afghanistan run by British and Americans need our help, they need votes so they can win money for their clinic. Voting ends September 31st.
  3. Morgen 25.9.2013: ANIMAL SPIRIT bei "Schlachtfohlen"-Auktion in Maishofen
    Austria: Tomorrow 09.25.2013: ANIMAL SPIRIT will fight to save foal in the auction in Maishofen. Hundreds of foals are to be slaughtered, so please support Animal Spirit!
  4. Newsletter: Will you let greyhound breeders get away with this?
  5. Email - The Cat Daddy <3s Feral Cats: New PSA - Alley Cat Allies
    WATCH: My Cat From Hell Host Jackson Galaxy Lends Support to Feral Cats and National Feral Cat Day® in New PSA
  6. We did it! Merced Police change barbaric animal policy.
  7. Colorado Makes Massive Pet Friendly Rescue Effort After Flooding
  8. A Look Inside Bark-N-Rest, A Retirement Home For Former Death Row Dogs (PHOTOS)
  9. Ramdegi, Village In Central India, Relocates To Reduce Human Conflict With Wildlife
  10. This Neglected Dog Would Have Died If It Weren't for One Good Samaritan
  11. Click SHARE if you LOVE Pit Bulls. [VIDEO]

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