Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 22 petitions and more

  1. Say NO to Oil in the Amazon!
  2. Craigslist: Stop advertising Animals on your website and subjecting them to abuse and murder!
  3. Re-form Clayton County/City of Riverdale Animal Control
  4. Urge Canada to End Its Shameful Seal Slaughter
  5. Ask Scorsese and DiCaprio to Cut the Chimpanzee From Their New Film
  6. URGENT: Speak Out Against Peruvian Cat-Eating Festival!
  7. Give rhinos the protections they need
  8. Act Now to Save American Horses From Slaughter (US)
  9. Help End the Mass Killing of Wildlife! (US)
  10. Tigers threatened by Deutsche Bank
  11. Stop Mink Fur -Farming
  12. Merz-Pharma, stop testing Botox on animals
  13. Stand By Animals In China
  14. Radu Banciu sa fie arestat pentru instigare la uciderea animalelor fara stapan
    Romania, arrest Radu Banciu for instigating the killing of stray animals and offering money for fur from dogs skinned alive!
  15. INCHISOARE pentru cei care abandoneaza animale
    Romania: Jail for those who abandon animals!
  1. Urge Canada Ban Imports of Cat and Dog Fur
  2. Tell New York to Pass Statewide Animal Abuse Registry
  3. Seek Justice for Stabbed Horse
  4. Applaud Efforts to Find Alternatives to Cosmetics Testing on Animals
  5. Save California’s Bobcats from Trapping
  6. Commend Scientists for Helping End Animal Testing
  7. Commend Animal Rights Group for Rescuing 1200 Hens
  8. Stop Abuse of Cats in Costa Rica’s Prisons
  9. Urge Conservation Police to Protect Wildlife From Poisoning
  1. Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan: India needs to reinforce laws to protect animals!
  2. State of Maryland- court of appeals: Change the BSL law and allow owners to keep their pets!
  3. Strengthen animal cruelty punishments in current Texas Statute 42.09
  4. The Robins Nest Pet Shop & Grooming: Shut Down
  5. Stop the opening of Family Puppy at Westfield Franklin Park
  6. Municipalidad San Vicente de Cañete. Ministerio de Salud. Gobierno de Perú: Municipio San Vicente de Cañete y MinSa Prohiba consumo de gatos
    Municipality of San Vicente de Cañete. Ministry of Health. Government of Peru: Prohibit the consumption of cats!
  7. President EU Commission: End bloody Huricanne of killings of Strays in malignantly corrupted Russia.
  8. Save the Romania dogs!
  9. Stop the bill SB 73 and the killing of the Wolfs using all kinds of methods.
  10. Ministério público: Prisão para quem maltrata animais sem penas alternativas em caso de morte. - Brazil, Prosecutor: Prison for those who cause death by mistreating and abusing animals.
  11. Punish the person(s) responsible for the torture of Puppy Doe - also known as Kiya.
  12. Justice for Puppy Doe: BAN the "Free Pets" Category On Craigslist
  13. Communauté de Communes Pays Né De La Mer: Stop à l'extermination barbare des chiens par Antoine Beaufour!
    France: Stop
    the barbaric extermination of dogs by Antoine Beaufour!
  14. O Governo E Orgaos Responsaveis: Protejam Os Animais De Sofrimento E Abandono - Brazil: Protect animals against abandonment and suffering
  15. Si richiede al Sindaco di Taranto, affinchè si attivi, per istituire un piano di sterilizzazioni sul territorio per prevenire la nascita di creature altrimenti destinate ad una morte atroce.
    Italy, Mayor of Taranto: Prevent the birth of animals, dying horrific deaths
  16. Evitemos el exterminio de los monos Saraguatos en las Carreteras del Sureste de México. - Mexico: Prevent the extinction of the Howler Monkeys
  17. Camara de Senadores :El abuso animal no es «simbolo de mexicaneidad e identidad nacional» - Chamber of Senators: Animal abuse is not a "symbol of Mexico and national identity"
  18. Marconi Perillo: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais em Goiás
    Brazil, Marconi Perillo: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Goiás
  19. City of Los Angeles: Enforce the code banning Kapparot, ritual animal abuse
  20. Ministère de l'Education Nationale: Introduire la notion de respect de la vie et de protection des animaux - France, Ministry of Education: Introduce a program for the respect of lives and protection of animals
  21. შეწყდეს ცხოველების შეწირვა რელიგიური მოსაზრებით
    Country of Georgia, Eurasia: Stop "Religious" Animal Sacrifice
  22. Mayor Annette Fairbanks and the Goodland City Commission of Goodland, KS: Lift/Remove the Ordinance Against Pit-Bulls/Pit-Bull Look-Alikes.
  1. Don't Let North Carolina Dismiss Water Quality Standards
  2. Save the Snow Leopards (no target)
  3. Save Cubs from Cruel Barbaric Hunts
  4. Support Ric O`Barry`s Dolphin Project
  5. Venir en aide à des pauvres chiens agonisants près de Darwin en Australie, déshydratés et mouran - Government: Help the poor dogs dying near Darwin in Australia, dehydrated and starving
  6. Stop the journey of death for millions
  7. Prison Time for Maisie the Dog's Owner
  8. Stop the Painful Castration of Bulls.
  9. Ban calf-roping at Calgary Stampede 2014
  10. Demand Bean Seafood Plant Stop Ripping Apart Live Lobsters & Crabs
  11. Stop Pittsburg Crude Oil Storage & Transfer Facility
News & Polls
  1. Stray Dogs Bucharest Romania | Save Them From Being Slaughtered [VIDEO]
  2. $5,000 reward after dog found severely abused
  3. Manhunt for Alfred Ramirez, wanted for dog fighting
  4. Earthlings - Full length documentary (multi-subtitles) [VIDEO]
  5. Four Asian Countries Pledge to End Dog Meat Trade
  6. The End of Safari Hunting in Botswana
  7. Memorandum of Understanding signed on promoting animal welfare
  8. Hampshire County Council rejects proposal for badger cull
  9. After being freed from a slaughterhouse, 10 cows remain free
  10. Husky Talk Through A Cat Door Is Real Talk (VIDEO)
  11. 17 Pit Bulls Prove Breed Specific Legislation Doesn't Know What It's Talking About
  12. Siberian Husky plays in a Huge Pile of Leaves
  13. Tierschutzverein Robin Hood - Vote for Robin Hood, 1000,- means a lot!

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