Saturday, September 7, 2013

September 7 petitions

  1. Tell Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to STOP proposed September 9 wild horse roundup (petition + sample letter and address is provided)
  2. Tell your leaders that birds matter (CA)
  3. Protect Bobcats in California (CA)
  4. Protect Whales - End California's Deadliest Catch (US)
  5. Speak out against an undemocratic Canada-China trade deal (Canada only, but with email addresses and a letter provided you can copy/paste and send it on your own)
  6. Save the World’s Most Endangered Dolphin
  7. URGENT: Speak Out Against Bird Poisoning!
  8. Nosey the Elephant Needs Your Help in Ohio!
  9. Don't let Utah's San Rafael Swell become an oil and gas field! (US)
  10. Stop the Illegal Sale of Dog Meat in the Philippines
  11. Say 'No' to Northern Manitoba Oil Shipments by Rail
  12. Tell John Kerry to get it right on Keystone (US)
  1. Commend Program that Trains Dogs to Aid Diabetics
  2. Condemn Company for Suppressing Truth About Harmful Chemical
  3. Stop Use of Bee-Killing Pesticides
  4. Demand Reports on Number of Animals Tested On and Killed
  5. Restore Polluted Community Lake
  6. Demand Release of Lone Orca Imprisoned for Over Forty Years
  7. Stop Japan’s Commercial Whaling
  1. Boycott Beef until the SA.F.E. Act is passed
  1. Stop the Deer Cull in the Royal Parks.
  2. Barricade the loopholes in India law that permits the sale of endangered species
  3. Demand stronger regulation of online pet sales in the UK
  4. Save the British Water Vole
  5. Tell the EPA to Investigate Fracking Contamination!
  6. Save Endangered Mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park
  7. Keep Protections for the Jaguar
  8. Protect California's Mountain Frogs And Toads

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