Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 20 petitions and more

  1. Shield Polar Bears from Global Warming
  2. Help Ban the Use of Animals in Circuses in India
  3. Tell Congress to Keep Horse Meat Out of U.S. Food Supply (US)
  4. Stop Dove Hunting in Ontario Canada
  5. Support the Pet Safety and Protection Act (US)
  6. Sign the petition to protect 12 special wild places from drilling
  7. Tell Congress not to destroy America's forests (US)
  8. Ban the sale of ivory in the United States
  9. Appello Contro Le Uccisioni Dei Cani In Romania
    Please send your (automated) mail against the dog massacre in Romania!
    Click on: Invia La Lettera
  10. Countless Poisonings And Killings Of Strays In The Romanian City Of Ploiesti
    Click on: Send this message!
  11. Last opportunity for our Romanian Dogs! Please send and share! 
  12. Seat And Address Of The Constitutional Court
    Romania petitioners, send it by fax! Free, online!
    Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing
    (Fax  0040 214142139 The Constitutional Court in Bucharest)
  13. OMG: CATS Drowned, EATEN at Festival
  14. Stop the slaughtering of Sweden's wild animals
  15. Ban the Hong Kong Ivory Trade
  16. Give all retired Ministry of Defence dogs a chance
  17. Urge the Taiwanese Government to Cancel the Animal Experiment Plan to Expose Unvaccinated Beagle Puppies to Rabies Virus
  18. NON aux crimes odieux et aux massacres des chats errants ( libres) de Touget (Gers) (confirmation needed)
    Touget, Gers, France: NO to heinous crimes and massacres of stray cats
  19. Stop horrendous Animal Trafficking!
  20. Time is running out to stop the dangerous King Amendment. (US)
  21. Urge East Lindsey District Council to conduct a thorough investigation of the Louth feedlot and proposed expansion plans
  22. Send a letter to the Russian Embassy to free our activists and stop brutal repression of peaceful protest | GREENPEACE New Zealand
  23. Greenpeace | Free our activists
  1. South Africa Must Regulate the Export of Live Animals
  2. End Animal Abuse at Humane Society
  3. Commend Girl for Rescuing Slaughter-Bound Horses
  4. Support Ban on the Use of Lead Ammunition
  5. Commend Sustainable Palm Oil Harvesting
  6. Thank Conservation Group for Saving Thousands of Acres of Forest
  1. Администрации города Владивостока: Остановите массовые отравления собак и кошек во Владивостоке @PushkarevMayor
    Russia: STOP the mass poisoning of dogs and cats in Vladivostok!
  2. Дмитрий Азаров Глава г.о. Самара: прекратить уничтожение гор.службами бездомных животных жестокими методами
    Russia, Samara: We demand an end to the barbaric killing of our dogs!
  3. Администрации г.Кирово-Чепецк: Защитите жизни бездомных животных
    Russia, Administration of Kirovo-Chepetsk: Protect the lives of homeless animals!
  4. Ministerio de Cultura: Que retiren las corridas de toro del Patrimonio cultural peruano. - Peru: Bullfighting is NOT to be considered Culture!
  5. Strenghten animal cruelty punishments in current Texas statute, 42.09
  6. Burgos Government: Stop the new bullring!
  7. Tennessee Walking Horse, Goverment of the U.S.A: Close every club or place that practice this sport, prohibit every show of this discipline
  8. Corporación Merideña De Turismo [Cormetur]: Por La Reforma Del Parque Zoológico Chorros De Milla En Mérida - Bolivia: Reform the Zoo in Merida
  1. Stop Hunting Endangered White Rhinos
  2. Protect Wild Reindeer Herds
  3. Keep Toxic Horse Meat Out Of The Food Supply & Stop Horse Slaughter
  4. WE WANT JUSTICE - A fictitious sentence for savage animal torture!
  5. Stop The Skinning Of Live Animals In China
  6. Tell the National Football League Foundation to stop lethal experiments on animals!
  7. Encourage Regulation of Disgusting Australian Puppy Farms or Puppy Mills
  8. Stop Bullfighting Now!
  9. Stop the NFL from Cruel Animal Experimentation
  10. As fracking worsens Colorado's floods, demand safeguards
News & Polls
  1. Romania Plans Cruel Mass Killing of Dogs
    Letter urges officials to adopt humane management techniques. HSI stands ready to assist Romania with humane management of its street dog population.
  2. EU Commissar on stray dogs: All members of the World Animal Health Organization must respect guidelines on stray dog population control - FOUR PAWS calls on Romania to live up to its responsibilities instead of just killing dogs.
  3. Romanian Stray Dogs: It Ain't Over 'Till It's Over
  4. Website: OIPA International Organization for Animal Protection
  5. Police: Kitten thrown from car, killed during animal rights demonstration
  6. Flash mob in defense of the Romanian dogs 21.09.2013.
    Solidarity with the Romanian dogs and rescuers in Europe
  7. Puppy mill dogs will have first taste of freedom after being rescued in Kentucky
  8. Factory farming practices to be banned in the ACT!

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