Friday, September 6, 2013

September 6 petitions and more

  1. Tell LG: Don’t spoil America’s Palisades!
  2. End the Government Slaughter of Wildlife! (US)
  3. Urge the companies behind HidroAysén to cancel this destructive project!
  4. Don’t Let the Obama Administration Abandon Wolves!
  5. Tell FWS What You Think (submit provided comment)
  6. Tell your senators: Keep Shaheen-Portman clean! (US)
  7. U.S. Navy: Don't Hurt Dolphins and Whales!
  8. Tell Scott Walker to stop strip mining Wisconsin land!
  9. Seize Power: Transition To Solar and Wind Energy
  10. Keep Buffalo National River Pristine: Ask Cargill to Move C&H Pigs! (US)
  11. Protect loggerhead sea turtle habitat
  12. Help Give Bison More Room to Roam Free
  13. Utah Carriage-Horse Alert
  14. Write Wild: Help Save the Beautiful Peace River Valley
  15. Urge Feds to Scrap Mass Poisoning on South Farallon Islands
  16. Peticija za zatvaranje "Azila" u Jagodini
    For the closure of kill shelter in Jagodina, Serbia (confirmation needed)
  17. Protestieren Sie jetzt bei der kroatischen Regierung.
    Croatia, Stop bombing the seafloor with sound pressure waves!
  18. Skriv under for stop af Rollkur - Ban the abusive Rollkur in Denmark!
  19. Email - Speak up for grizzlies in Montana! (US)
  20. Put the Heat on TransCanada
  1. Thank Agency for Denying Aquarium’s Request to Import Belugas
  2. Demand Animal Shelter Serve Cruelty-Free Food
  3. Stop Deadly Horse Drawn Carriage Rides
  4. Encourage Expedia to Drop Abusive Tiger Attraction from Itineraries
  5. Oppose Oil Drilling in Ecuador’s Rainforests
  6. Condemn Traditional Goat Sacrifice
  7. Ban the Ownership of Wild Animals in Ohio
  8. Defend Rare Alaskan Wolf Habitat
  9. Stop Cruel and Senseless Murders of Stray Dogs
  10. Crack Down on Animal Cruelty in Malaysia
  11. Protect Swedish Wildlife From Government Sanctioned Murder
  12. Ask Christina Aguilera to Stop Testing on Animals for her Fragrance Line
  13. Hold Pet Stores Accountable for Sick Pets
  14. Halt Destructive Live Fire Training on Pacific Island
  1. Hunters: stop the hunting of wolves (no target!)
  2. Nashville Mayor and Animal Control: Honor the Animal Cruelty Code of Laws
  3. Europe supporting Greece- who sponsors animal cruelty: stop hurting animals - instead educate ppl on prevention (no target!)
  4. The Vietnam Embassy In Malaysians: Stop Killing And Eating Cats
  5. Commissioners of Wilson County NC: Stop using gas to euthanize pets!
  6. The United States Senate: Make all animal facilities "No Kill"
  7. The Commissioners and Animal Control of Lincoln County, NC: Stop killing healthy animals by implementing the No Kill Equation.
  8. Lollypop Farm: Stop Killing Animals
  9. City Councilors of Port Townsend, WA: Save the deer in Port Townsend from being killed
  10. Губернатору Московской области А.Ю. Воробьёву: Остановите выселение приюта для животных в поселке Нагорное! - Governor of the Moscow Region A. Vorobiev: Stop the eviction of an animal shelter in the village of Upland! 
  11. Stephen Harper, Right Hon, Prime Minister of Canada: End horse slaughter in Canada
  12. U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA): End Painful Tests on Animals
  13. EU Commissioner Tonio Borg: help end factory farming
  14. Puppy Mills: Stop keeping pet stores in business that still sell puppies
  15. Pets Plus Store In Jenkintown, Pa: Stop The Sale Of Puppy Mill Puppies
  16. The Sri Lanka Veterinary Association (SLVA): Help to End Contract Vets butchery now!
  17. Forestry (StaatsBosBeheer), Dutch Politics: Do not let the animals trapped in the Oostvaardersplassen starve!
  18. End BSL on Pitbulls in Ontario: End the BSL
  19. Boycott S. Korea! Dogs are part of family. Not Food!
  20. Stop alla vivisezione. Stop ad HARLAN.: Aboliamo la sperimentazione animale da parte dell'azienda Harlan in Italia - Stop vivisection. Stop to HARLAN.: Let's abolish animal testing by the company in Harlan Italy
  21. Commissione europea: Chiudere e vietare i delfinari (e parchi acquatici) in Europa
    European Commission: Close and prohibit the dolphins (and water parks) in Europe
  22. Sindaco del Comune di Prato: Vietare la vendita di animali nei mercati del Comune di Prato - Mayor of Prato: Prohibit the sale of animals at markets of the City of Prato
  1. Stop the massacre of the stray dogs in Romania
  2. Ask the Romanian government to stop the proposed mass killing of strays
  3. Stop Stray Dog Shooting In Kuwait!
  4. Tell Facebook: You Are Complicit In Criminal Activity (Report them please!)
    Reporting Internet Animal Abuse
    Never ask to remove Animal Cruelty videos, REPORT them!
    Send a message to INTERPOL
    FBI — Map of Field Offices
    FBI Tips and Public Leads
  5. Animal welfare responsibility to be moved from Agriculture Ministry to Environmental Protection (Animal Welfare responsibility, Israel)
  6. Man on Facebook video deliberately ran over dog with his car please bring him to justice
  7. DEMAND Pollack Fashion Outerwear to STOP selling FUR!
  8. Stop Iceland from killing whales
  9. Up the penalties of animal abusers in South Africa
  10. Stop our Government from Delisting Wolves
  11. Stop trophy hunting of B.C. Grizzly bears!
  12. Prevent the massacre of Romania's stray dogs! (dogs on a private property)
  13. Help put an end to puppy mills.
  14. Save misunderstood neighborhood dog Diesel from being deemed a dangerous animal
  15. End The Suffering Of Elephants In The Circus
  16. Stop Hunting Maina Birds In India.
  17. Stop Bird Hunting
  18. STOP Developers from Clear Cutting Wooded Areas and Destroying Forests
News and Polls
  1. Yet another fur farm hit: Over 100 mink freed in Iowa
  2. Care este soluţia pentru rezolvarea problemei maidanezilor din Bucureşti?
    What is the solution to the problem of stray dogs in Bucharest?
    Romania: President Băsescu had proposed that the law set a deadline for the people who want to adopt stray dogs be able to do so, and animals not adopted within this term to be 'euthanized'. Do you agree with the proposal of the President? Please vote 'NU'/NO on this poll against the Romanian dog cull. The killing methods are barbaric. We desperately need this as many people so far have voted yes. Fill in the security code!
  3. Ce ar trebui făcut cu câinii fără stăpân din Capitală?  Vote for 4th option!
    What do you think should be done with Stray dogs in Bucharest?
    1. Move to a shelter
    2. Euthanasia (kill them)
    3. Leave them alone
    4. Give them professional care, followed by an adoption campaign
    5. Not interested
    Don't forget to fill in the security code at the end!!
  4. FB event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
    Please consider sponsorship, Romania, Craiova, they are trying to save as many as possible, dogs caught by the doghunters will be killed in the most barbaric ways!
  5. Romania Plans Referendum on Killing Stray Dogs
    But the catching, poisoning and killing never stops
  6. Brigitte Bardot sare din nou în apărarea maidanezilor români. Vezi ce i-a transmis lui Băsescu - Brigitte Bardot - open letter to the Romanian president (use translator)
  7. Crin Antonescu: "Copilul acesta a murit într-un mod atât de îngrozitor din cauza oamenilor, nu din cauza câinilor" - Crin Antonescu: "This child died in a way so awful because of the people, not because of the dogs' (use translate please)
  8. Animal Rights under Islam and more
  9. Website: The European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals (Important news for Europe's Animal Welfare)
  10. Video zur Bundestagswahl: Die Tiere brauchen einen Wechsel! [VIDEO]
    Germany: Video for the parliamentary elections: The animals need a change!
  11. Vier Pfoten Deutschland  Newsletter 4-PAWS Europe (use translator)
  12. Over 1,500 Animals Were Rescued... by ONE Man - an Incredible Story

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