Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 17 petitions and more

  1. Bosnian Government, Start implementing the correct Animal Protection Law! No Dog massacres! Please send your protest mails (divided over several email accounts or days, if too many at once)! Against Bosnia's plans to alter the Animal Welfare Law on Oct. 5th, in order to kill stray dogs!!! It's all we can do for now!!!
  2. Die EU soll das Massentöten der rumänischen Regierung verhindern
    The EU has to prevent the mass slaughter of abandoned dogs in Romania!
  3. Protest Against the Romanian Dog Slaughter
  4. BLM to Wipe Out Wild Horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard
    Protest the eradication of Wild Horses! (US)
  5. Ask New Zealand to Be Cruelty-Free!
  6. How Much More Can Polar Bears Take?
  7. Protect sacred lands and communities' right to say 'no' (US)
  1. Stop Elephant Poachers from Poisoning Vultures to Evade Authorities
  2. Urge Instagram to Stop the Sale of Animals
  3. Praise Animal Welfare Group for Helping to End Pet Overpopulation
  4. Stop County Fair from Exploiting Big Cats Through Circus Shows
  1. Foreign and Commonwealth departments: Address the issue of FoodTortureCulture (No Torture for Food!)
  2. EU, Brussels: A Law Against The Killing Of Stray Dogs!
  3. Romania, Traian Băsescu, citizens, Italy, World: NO to 'euthanasia' for Dogs in Romania! (target?!)
  4. Al Governo Romeno: Levino immediatamente la legge che permette di uccidere i cani randagi! - Romania: Abolish the law which allows the killing of abandoned dogs!
  5. Международная организация Гринпис: Помогите остановить массовые убийства животных в Сочи. Greenpeace: Help stop the slaughter of animals in Sochi, Russia!
  6. Ministry of the environment of Japan: Make animal cruelty a felony!
  7. Pet's Friend: Stop the Sale of Pets
  8. Paramount Pictures: Take SeaWorld's Animal Cruelty Out Of The #Anchorman2 Movie
  9. Henry Schein España: que retire de su catálogo los muñecos que representan animales atropellados - Henry Schein, Spain: Withdraw dolls representing roadkill from your catalog, this is not funny!
  10. Lung Cancer Alliance: Stop Using Cat Lovers Deserve To Die...
  1. Stop wolf hunting in Montana!
  2. Rescue all Bears from "Dog Training Camps" in Russia
  3. Protect Tiger Reserves from Exotic Tree Plantations in India
  4. Ban all pet products and related animal products coming from China
  5. Stop Sending Puppy Mill Dogs To Singapore
  6. We Need Stricter Laws and Punishment for Teens that Placed Kitten in Microwave as a prank
  7. Keep Grizzly Bears Listed as an Endangered Species
  8. Albergue de animales en Maunabo
    Puerto Rico, honorable Mayor of Maunabo: Help us to create an animal shelter for the abandoned dogs and cats
  9. EU Ruling threatens the future of Dog Rescue Organisations in Ireland.
  10. Maldives- Stop Killing Endangered Sea Turtles
  11. The Needless Murder of Jerry it's not a petition but an update from Kelly Rogers on a horse-drawn carriage horse Jerry who died. Article: Owners of Jerry the carriage horse finally admit he died after they tried to pass another animal off as the injured mare to animal rights groups & an update here, too: Collapsed Horse Tied Up, Dragged, and Hoisted on Forklift : Please Protest
  12. Demand China to Get Rid of Live Crab Vending Machines
  13. President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy: Face the science that shows fracking threatens community
News & Polls
  1. FB profile Angel Serena with updates on Romania
  2. Thousands of stray dogs in Romania are given brief reprieve
  3. EU Intergroup Writes for the Second Time to Romanian President About Stray Dog Killings.
  4. Welcome to Kennel 35 at Manchester Dogs’ Home
    "Join me as I live in dog-like conditions for 35 days to raise money and awareness for the Manchester Dogs’ Home!"
  5. Ashley's Bristol Half Marathon 2013 page
    Ashley George is fundraising for Viva, running half marathon for millions of animals, scapegoats and underdogs around the globe
  6. An Affair of Animal Welfare.pdf
    Document on Bosnia-Herzegovina's 'policy' concerning Animal Welfare
  7. Soi Dog Foundation - 09 2013 newsletter
  8. Google Maps Aids In Incredible Rescue Of Stray Dog In Los Angeles (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
  9. Smart Cat Teaches a Baby How to Walk [VIDEO]
  10. What Happens When This Dog Meets a Hedgehog is So Cute
  11. Tierschutzverein Robin Hood Vote for Robin Hood! 1000,- euro's

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  1. We removed the toy from the catalog in January because we share and appreciate your concern.


    Henry Schein Team Spain