Sunday, September 1, 2013

September 1 petitions and more

  1. URGENT!! Embassies | Call of the Cove
    No more Dolphin and Whale Slaughter in Taiji!
    E-mail, call, fax, and/or send a physical letter to the Japanese embassy in your country and urge your ambassador to work with the Japanese government to end dolphin and whale slaughter in Taiji. (sample letter and emails are provided, just copy and paste)
  2. The Great Barrier Reef is a World Heritage site, NOT a dump
  3. Voiceless Friends: The cruel dog meat trade exposed
  4. Don't Let Them Wipe Out Animal Protection Laws (US)
  5. Don't Waste Our Oceans
  6. Save the World’s Most Endangered Dolphin
  7. Our koalas need your help
  8. Требуем прекращения варварских убийств бездомных собак и кошек в Казахстане и принятия Закона "Об обращении с животными"
    Demand an end to the barbaric murders of homeless dogs and cats in Kazakhstan!
  9. Support Maintained Federal Protections for Gray Wolves (US)
  10. Stop the "Disposal" of over 2,700 Acres of the Elliott State Forest (US)
  11. Bullfighting, We Want To Stop It Now copy/paste sample letter & addresses
  12. Stop Trapping Silver River Monkeys! (US)
  13. Independence man cited for killing Ella, the beloved tame deer at cemetery
    Petition, sample letter and whom to contact is provided
  14. The Illegality of Pennsylvania's Pigeon Shoots
    ~ Protest against Pigeon Shooting ~
  15. Save the tortoises at BLM Nevada.
  16. Wildtierverbot für Zirkusse in Deutschland - Jetzt!
    Germany: Ban Wild Animals in Circuses NOW
  1. Taming the Wild: Domestication of Big Cats Should be Outlawed
  2. Commend Conservatory for Protecting Endangered Species
  3. Don’t Destroy California’s Forests
  4. Commend New Jersey for Increasing Animal Cruelty Penalties
  5. Stop Cruel and Senseless Murders of Stray Dogs
  6. Stop Banning Outdoor Clothes Drying 
  7. Commend Army Medical Center for Ceasing Ferret Abuse
  1. The vice-mayor of Râmnicu Vâlcea: Drop your plan to kill all homeless dogs after 7 days - it's unlawful!
  2. Ban Shark Products in Edmonton
  3. Protect California Waters from Industrial Pollution
  4. Taiwanese Government: Cancel plans to expose unvaccinated beagle puppies to the rabies virus!
  5. Justicia Por Los Animales Masacrados En Balcarce
    Justice For The Animals Massacred In Balcarce, Argentinia 
  6. Animal rights & rescue groups: Mass stray dogs murder in Kuwait (no target?!)
  7. Detroit Police Department and Michigan Humane Society: Investigate the killing of Chum, the Savannah cat
  1. Mary B's Stop Using Palm Oil
  2. Save the Arctic
  3. Demand that the Navy Stop Deadly testing off our Coastlines that Endangers Marine Life
  5. Fill in the loopholes & use plain language for animal cruelty laws
  6. Stop unethical surgical procedures on domesticated animals by unlicensed citizens
  7. Stop Selling Live Lobsters Giant Eagle & Kroger
  8. SAVE The Great Barrier Reef (for text, click on "petition")
  9. Marine Protected Areas
  10. Save And Protect Our Seas
  11. Save Goat Island and its Natural Habitats from the CHEC
  12. Don't Allow Fracking in Gros Morne National Park
  13. Stop fracking the UK and call a referendum.
  14. Stop North Carolina from letting Companies Frack our Yards
  15. Save America's First National River!
  16. No To Plastic Microbeads (target?!)
News & Polls
  1. September for Romania Animal Rescue, More Spayathons, More Help
  2. Vote for Blasius the Bear (Ukraine, Four Paws)
    Click on the profile photo, scroll down and click on Vote (thumb up)
  3. Eduard Varlan, the vice-mayor of Râmnicu Vâlcea, intends to kill all dogs at the public shelter after 7 days if not adopted!
  4. 10 Photos That Will Make You Never Want To Buy Palm Oil Ever Again
  5. Hunterdon Humane Animal Shelter Faces Animal Cruelty Charges
  6. Website: Hillside Animal Sanctuary
  7. CEO Note: Oceana Victory -- Decision on Atlantic Seismic Testing is Delayed
  8. Elephant Poachers Poison Vultures to Thwart Cops
  9. Australia is Figuring Out It’s Time to Stop Killing Cats and Foxes
  10. Victory for Wildlife in California
  11. Two Settlement Agreements Reached to Protect Mexican Gray Wolves
  12. Fur Free Fashion Competition: 2013 Winners
  13. Campaigners hail change of heart on animal testing
  14. Indiana teenager kills kittens with bow and arrow, posts pictures on Facebook
  15. Burned puppy Justice finally gets justice
  16. Largest dog-poisoning-for-meat case in Zhejiang Province busted
  17. Flickr: Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws)'s Photostream
    Eldad Hagar on Vimeo - Hope for Paws is a 501 C-3 non-profit animal rescue organization, based in Los Angeles, California
  18. Adorable Roly Poly Kittens Play on an Elephant Slide

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