Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30 petitions and more

  1. Dog death pound 'Nas Dom', Pozega, Serbia
    Please send this Serbian letter!
  2. Saving the Dogs From the JKP 'Nas Dom' Death Camp at Pozega, Serbia
    Please scroll down first and become a member of the Facebook group, sign the petition and send your protest email!
  3. The Drammatic Situation Of Serbian Strays
    Sample letter and email addresses are provided only choose a neutral subject, else the letter might be deleted!
  4. Спасите наших собак и накажите мошенников
    Russia, Rep. of Bashkortostan: Save our dogs and punish the cheaters!
    Click on: Support the Problem! (first, blue option with +1 sign)
  5. Helfen Sie den rumänischen Hunden! Help the Romanian dogs!
  6. Petition for the Romanian street dogs
  7. Petition for dairy cows in Europe
  8. Stop Tar Sands Ecocide, Block Canada's Energy East Pipeline
    3 petitions one after another
  9. Tell the Government to act before its too late! for the bees
  1. Urge the Government to Stop Slaughtering Horses
  2. Demand Harsher Penalties for Animal Poaching
  3. Don’t Return Severely Neglected Dog to Owner
  4. Urge Alabama to Allow Rescue and Rehabilitation of Opossums
  5. Applaud Wildlife Sanctuary for Rescuing Orphaned African Elephants
  6. Urge DiCaprio and Scorsese to Remove Captive Chimp from Film
  1. Local and state authorities in Serbia, as well as the European Union: Shut down the horror dog shelter in Pozega, Serbia
  2. Mr. Ovidiu Cretu, Major of Bistrita, Romania: Please give ALL dogs of Bistrita a chance to find their home! - This is the municipal shelter in need of food and veterinarian products, sterilization equipment etc
  3. Président de l'UE, Secrétaire et Députés européens: Exclure la Roumanie de l'UEExclude Romania from EU - Exclude Romania from the EU for not behaving according to conventions on Animal Welfare
  4. President Traian Basecu of Romania: Stop murdering dogs!
  5. Congreso del Estado de Puebla,Mexico: Pedimos la Prohibicion en el Codigo Penal del Estado de Puebla de Las corridas de Toros
    Mexico: Make bullfighting a crime in the Criminal Code of the State of Puebla!
  6. UK TV channels: Broadcast a national fundraising event for animals
  7. Stop to pollute the Arctic and to imprison Greenpeace activists!
  8. Congreso: Carcel Al Maltrato Hacia Perros Y Gatos En Mexico
    Congress: Jail to abusers of animals in Mexico
  9. Gobierno de México: Prohibición del Foie Gras en México
    Government of Mexico: Ban Foie Gras in Mexico
  10. Enrique Peña Nieto,Gobernadores, senadores y diputados: No Al Iva En Alimento Para Mascotas En Mexico - Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, Governors, Senators and Representatives: No to extra taxes on pet food, there will be more abandoned animals!
  1. Justice for Rayne
  2. Stop bullfighting in Spain
  3. Stop Mass Killing of Whales
News and Polls
  1. Udruzenje za Prava i Zastitu Zivotinja MIA : Izbor za najgori šinteraj u Srbiji - Serbia, VOTE please!! At the top right corner is the option to vote >>> Pozega is one of the worst death pounds. Every month you choose one pound, the pound with the most votes is a candidate for an official visit by the Association. After a tour of pounds, an official report will follow, next an application, as well as the fight for the closure of this inhumane pound ... If you are not familiar with the situation at the pound, read basic information please. But VOTE please!!
  2. ProAnimals acuză: A început căsăpirea câinilor fără stăpân din Gorj
    ProAnimals Charges: The butchering of stray dogs in Gorj has started
    poisoning, shooting dogs in forest... citizens feel allowed to do the massacre
  3. FB event: I AM HERE .... HELP by doing .... with <3 blood
    Urgently (veterinarian) help needed in Bistrita, Romania! Please support!
  4. When politicians euthanize Romania [VIDEO]
    Romania. More great video's of Robert Serban
  5. La violence insoutenable des élèves des écoles taurines: ils sont poussés à tuer des veaux (vidéo) - Children taught to kill calves and bullfighting!
  6. Suspect arrested in animal cruelty case  Tompkins County, NY
  7. Lobos Need You in Albuquerque October 4!
    The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now proposing to delist gray wolves and implement changes that threaten the survival and recovery of Mexican wolves. Only one hearing will be held on both  proposals - on October 4 in Albuquerque, NM.
  8. Ajutor pentru cei care adoptă câini fără stăpân, de la Vier Pfoten: Servicii gratuite
    Help for those who adopt stray dogs from FOUR PAWS: Free Services
  9. Great news and one last request  Update on the petition "Stop transportation of donkeys from Bonaire to Haiti" They are NOT going to Haiti!

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