Thursday, September 26, 2013

September 26 petitions and more

  1. Tourist Attraction or Unacceptable Cruelty?
    Spain, Tordesillas: NO to the sadistic Toro de la Vega!
  2. End EU funding for bullfighting
  3. ACTION ALERT: Submissions for TMP (Threat Management Plan) reopened for Maui's Dolphins. - 2 petitions + email to send
    link in the article is wrong, this is the right one:
  4. Boycott the request of Romania to enter in Schengen until it will solve in civilized mode the problem of strays
  5. Pas de battues contre les loups!
    NO wolf-killing! Stop the hunters in the Alpes-Maritimes and Var!
  6. Contra las terribles becerradas de Algemesi
    Protest against the barbaric torture of bulls in the Valencian village of Algemesi!
  7. Save Yasuní, the Last Wonder of the Amazon!
  8. Russia - Free the Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise Crew NOW
  9. Ask Premier Clark to Stand Strong in Opposing the Northern Gateway Pipeline!
  10. Urge China Southern Airlines to Stop Flying Primates to Laboratories!
  11. Losing Wolves Would Impoverish Us All (US)
  12. Romania has passed a law to legalise the mass killing of stray dogs!
    Appeal to President Traian Basescu to reject this new law.
  13. Helfen Sie den rumänischen Hunden! - Help the Romanian dogs!
  14. Stop the Peru cat eating festival in September
  15. Romania: Bonus provided as well for every dog removed from your country!
    Send your request now please!
  16. Protect sacred lands from mining (US) (confirmation needed)
  1. Massacre de chiens en Roumanie - Romania, NO dog-massacre!
  2. Contre l'expulsion des chats du Goulet. Situation extrêmement urgente!
    Against the expulsion of cats in Goulet. Extremely urgent situation!
  3. Pour des alternatives aux vaccins obligatoires testés sur les animaux
    For alternatives to mandatory vaccines tested on animals!
  4. STOP aux empoisonnements de chats et d'autres actes de maltraitance animale à Roquemaure (Gard) - Stop the poisoning of cats and other other acts of animal abuse in Roquemaure, France!
  5. Protégeons le loup dans l'Aube et la Haute-Marne
    Protect the wolves in the Aube and Haute-Marne!
  6. Pour que le refuge Stam ne devienne pas un mourroir et ne soit pas fermé à plus ou moins longue échéance - Support for the no-kill dog refuge Stam
  7. Victoire : Taureaux brulés vifs - Partial success 'Toro de Fuego'
    Combining the Festibanyes decided to cancel the famous "toro de fuego". Other bullfighting festivities are held but the last part of the show, which was to be set on fire horns of a bull, was canceled. Click HERE to read the petition.
  1. Support New Pollution Limits for Power Plants
  2. Urge Military Hospital to Stop Torturing and Killing Animals
  3. Commend USDA for Cracking Down on Internet Pet Sales
  4. Demand Efforts to Preserve Wildlife after Severe Pollution of Estuaries
  5. Stop Wasting Blue Fin Tuna
  1. Municipal and provincial leaders of British Columbia: Provide non-lethal, proactive wildlife management tools to municipalities
  2. Call for a moratorium on all mining activities in Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations territories in Clayoquot Sound.
  3. Ontario Attorney General, John Gerretsen: Consider maximum penalty for brutal torture of mother & baby raccoon
  4. Save The Sacred Headwaters of Northern British Columbia – Reduce Global Warming
  5. To Nova Scotia's Political Parties: Promise to Protect All of Martinique Beach
  6. Quebec: Improve police protocol for humane handling of injured wildlife & citizens assisting
  7. Bosnia and Herzegovina: Start Implementing Animal Protection Law
  8. Government of Sarajevo Canton: Stop the cruel slaughter of stray dogs in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
  9. EU Parliament: Investigate What Happened To The Public Funds Designated For Spay/Neuter Programme For Stray Dogs In Romania
  10. European Union: Kick Romania out
  11. A plea to The Russian Federation to bring an end to all the atrocities that bears endure in Russia. To change their laws and regulations to prevent the further suffering and death of these bears.
  1. Tell NBC Sports to Cancel "Under Wild Skies"
  2. Please, Help to Stop Killing Homeless Dogs and Cats in Russia!
  3. Stop the cruel experiments on cats at The University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. Do not approve pets food tax
  5. Stop the Porpoise Hunt in Japan: Almost 10,000 Killed in 2010!
  6. Ask Political Parties To Stand Up For The Places You Love
  7. Boycott the Rhino Killers
  8. Stop the Hunt of Dall's Porpoise!
  9. Demand justice for unlawful and callous killing of dog in Hampshire, UK!
  10. Save the Marbled Cat
  11. Save the Fishing Cat
  12. Help save Jamaica's bees from neonicotinoid pesticides!
  13. Say NO to the ecological and economic destruction of Kalamos and Kastos islands from fish farming
News & Polls
  1. Comment is free Should people be allowed to keep 'exotic animals' as pets? Vote
  2. Are ‘No Action On Issues’ EU Politicians Any Better Than The Corrupt Romanian Government Currently Supporting A Lynch Mob Frenzy On Stray Dogs? 
  3. Romanian Constitutional Court approves mass killing of stray dogs
  4. Fb event: We need funds to act in justice City Hall Craiova
    Continued rescues in Romania!
  5. Help Us Save 60 More Dogs From Romania
  6. Radu Banciu: Nu avem nevoie de mila lui Rourke. Face adăpost pentru câini pentru că n-a muncit deloc pentru banii aceia - Radu Banciu: We do not need Rourke's mercy. (regarding Mickey Rourke's plan to build a huge rescue center for stray dogs in Romania)
  7. Romania and China move closer to live animal export agreement
  8. Всероссийская акция «За гуманный закон для животных в России. Стерилизации ДА! Эвтаназии НЕТ!»  - Russian action "For humane law for animals in Russia. Sterilization YES! Euthanasia NO! " will be held October 4-6.
  9. Bill H.1182
    An Act relative to the penalty for killing, maiming or poisoning of animals
    Referred to Joint Committee on the Judiciary
  10. Stand4Wolves - WildEarth Guardians
    Losing Wolves Would Impoverish Us All: See Why
  11. Temporary restraining order keeps third U.S. horse slaughter plant shuttered
  12. Harris County Deputy Sheriff charged with animal cruelty in neglect of horses
  13. List of fur farms raided by the ALF that have closed
    More News: Animal Liberation Front (ALF) news, animal rights news
  14. Charity Aims To Rebuild Failing Animal Shelters In Romania
    The Harmony Fund is launching a massive renovations project to rebuild dangerous shelters located in Romania.
  15. Dog lovers blockade Romanian parliament after supreme court upholds law allowing officials to kill strays
  16. Russian special forces confronting Greenpeace activists on Gazprom Arctic oil rig

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