Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14 petitions

  1. Commit to Wildfire Prevention and Preparedness
  2. Australia: Koalas cry for help
  3. Stop a Bill That Mandates Logging in Every Forest
  4. Help protect America’s “founding fish”
  5. Congresswoman Chu: Protect the San Gabriel Mountains! (US)
  6. Protect California's solar customers - No to AB 327 (CA)
  7. YOU can help save the beautiful Peace River Valley!
  8. I Support the Smith NRA Wildlands! (US)
  9. A Place for Sea Turtles to Call Home
  10. Give Romanian Stray Dogs A Chance To Live
  11. Send a Letter to the Site C Review Panel by September 16
  12. How Much More Can Polar Bears Take?
  1. Stop Sneaky Amendment from Repealing Protections for Farm Animals
  2. Support the Transition to Electric Cars
  3. Urge California Restaurant to Stop Serving Foie Gras
  4. Commend Affirmation of Farm Animal Protection Law’s Constitutionality
  5. Force Solar Energy Companies to Clean Up Their Act
  6. Tell Aquarium to Provide Proper Veterinary Care for Its Animals
  7. Commend Russia for New Laws Protecting Endangered Wildlife
  8. Protect the Sumatran Tiger Before they Become a Myth of Our Past
  9. Urge Vietnam to Ban Annual Pig Slaughter
  10. Ban Ivory Trade in Thailand
  11. Protect Stray Cats from Abuse
  1. Tell China- Save the Siberian Tiger
  2. Ban Bear Hunting in Great Bear Rainforest
  3. Connect Kids With Nature, Not Concrete!
  4. Pledge to Help Kids Connect With Nature
  5. Save Bluefin Tuna from Overfishing
  6. Pledge to Protect The Ontario Greenbelt
  7. Pledge to Adopt Your Next Pet

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