Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3 petitions and more

  1. Interdire les tirs contre les loups en France
    Prohibit the shooting of wolves in France
  2. Help Save The Taiji Dolphins!
  3. Pledge to be dairy-free
  4. Tell Haagen Dazs, Dreyer’s, Edy’s, and Baskin Robbins: No Extreme Genetic Engineering in Our Ice Cream!
  5. Tell the Governor to Ban the Bag (CA)
  6. Save Ireland's Forests
  7. Demand California's Carbon Market Not Fund REDD+ Old-Growth Forest Logging
    2nd petition: Tell Greenpeace to Stop Greenwashing Old-Growth Forest Logging
  8. Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting?
  9. Sign the Fur Free Pledge
  10. Navy to deafen 15,900 whales and dolphins and kill 1,800 more
  11. Erhaltung der Rescuestation für Herdenschutzhunde in Bad Birnbach
    Germany: Preservation of the Rescue Station for the Guard Dogs in Bad Birnbach
  12. Critical times for animals: Please take urgent campaigning actions today
    Newsletter: Petitions and actions for badgers (UK), other news and more
  13. End EU funding for bullfighting
  14. Stop Florida Fish and Wildlife from Euthanizing Bears
  15. Appellieren Sie an die Deutsche Fischindustrie: Kein Fisch von Walfängern!
    Appeal to
    the German fish industry: No fish from whalers!
  1. Commend California for Nonlethal Treatment of Mountain Lions
  2. Save the United States’ Most Threatened River
  3. Applaud Service Dog Training Research
  4. Commend State for Protecting People Who Buy Sick Pets
  5. Support Act that Increases Penalties of Cockfighting
  6. Restrict Use of Deadly Rat Poison
  7. Save the Atmosphere from Super Pollutants
  8. End Lion Slaughter in South Africa
  9. Ban Meat Sales of Threatened Species
  10. Protest the Use of Lion Bones in Chinese Medicine
  11. Revoke Circus Animal Handler’s License After Illegal Tiger Exhibition
  12. Stop Vivisection on Research Animals
  13. Applaud Solar Power Program Benefiting Country’s Poorest Citizens
  14. Applaud Conservation of African Lions
  15. End Wolf Baiting in Kyrgyzstan
  16. End Cruel Pig Wrestling Games
  17. Commend Court for Upholding Foie Gras Ban
  18. Commend Motorcyclist Group for Orca Activism
  1. Stop shelters from using gas to euthanize, it's inhumane (target?!)
    petition creator should have put few emails because change.org automatically sends every signature to decision makers. it is an important issue.
  2. City of Surrey, BC, Canada: Stop the destruction of the forest on the Bose Farm
  3. Environment Minister Mark Butler: Keep the loggers out of our Red Gum National Parks
  4. Stop Big Companies from Burning Our Forests
  5. Генпрокуратура РФ:: Прошу наказания для живодеров /demand the punishment of the murderers of dogs (Russia)
  6. Government of Ukraine: Stop the massacre of the stray dogs in Kiev
  7. Victoria's Secret: STOP using FUR in your advertising campaigns
  8. Cut Funding for Cruel Experiment on Cats at UW-Madison!
  9. Mr. Hu Jintao, President, The People's Republic of China: Stop Yulin Dog Meat Fest 2013
  10. Boycott Banca (poco) Etica perche finanzia gli allevamenti da carne.
    Boycott Ethical Bank Loans. It promotes the existing Meat Culture and Exploitation and does NOT care about the Rights of Animals
  11. Help save and protect the last 55 of Maui's Dolphins
  12. Make fur farming illegal around the world (no target)
  13. RSPCA: Get Keepers Cottage Stud Shut Down!
  14. UGG Australia: Make a Vegan Boot
  15. Stop Horrific Dog Meat Trade! Demand China Make Animal Cruelty Laws!
  16. Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Selvi J.Jayalalithaa: Re-uniting and releasing the herd of six wild elephants
  17. Fort Mill, S.C. Police Department Officer Giglio, and Officer Clack: Dismiss Officers Giglio & Clack for fatally shooting a non-aggressive pitbull.
  1. World Biosphere Reserve For Borneo, Indonesia
  2. World Biosphere Reserve For Amazon Forest, Brazil
  3. Ban Plastic Grocery Bags in San Diego, California!
  4. Animals of Russia live like in the hell. We need changes.
  5. Save Wolves From Extinction; Keep Them on the Endangered Species List!
  6. Enforce and create Animal cruelty laws in Bangladesh.
  7. The reality of badger suffering
  8. Queremos un NO KILL Shelter en Puerto Rico
  9. Salven a los monos de Catemaco, Ver.
    University in Veracruz, Catemaco City Council and State Government: Take better care of the Monkeys kept on 2 islands used for behavioral studies.
  10. Stop The Slaughter Of Dolphins In Taiji Japan
  11. Dolphin hunting season 2013-2014 (target)
  12. End bloody Japanese dolphin massacre
  13. Alpacas dying because of severe winter conditions in the Andes
  14. Stop the suffering of animals in Parco Zoo D'abruzzo Italy
  15. Still in our minds Nosey, we haven't forgotten you, at least I haven't!
  16. Stop Use of Glue Traps in NY Apartments
  17. Shut down puppy mills in Canada
  18. ECO Red Alert! World's Oceans at Threat of Dying Due to Nuclear Spill in Fukushima, Japan
  19. Save The Arctic
  20. Save the European mink
  21. Ask Vegusto to stop selling lethal 'vegan cat food'
  22. Hold Ben Hill Griffin, Inc. Responsible for the Deaths of Millions of Bees
  23. Rainforest will be destroyed in Ecuador
  24. No Mining Development in Sydney!
  25. REMOVE & REPORT 'Dogs are evil demons and I hate them 3'
  26. Give Us Back Pet Profiles On Facebook
  27. 100 dogs from a private shelter will be evicted and taken into a public shelter...
    same sample letter and emails can be found here:
    Is this shame something that you want to bring to the town of Valcea?
  28. Carriage Horse abuse in N.Y.C. (target)
News and Polls:
  1. Where is the root of cow slaughter? Listen to Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji. - Pledge to save the holy cow
  2. EXCLUSIVE: Outrage as major UK charity uses donations to fund vivisection tests on dogs
  3. The 'Making The Link' Study | LETTER TO THE PROSECUTOR
  4. New horse meat scandal
  5. Startling images reflect Chinese opposition to animal performance
  6. New law will 'wipe out' ivory trade
  7. Rabbi Shlomo Pappenheim Says Traditional Shtreimel Fur Hats Desecrate God's Name Due To Animal Cruelty - Haredi Rabbi Schlomo Pappenheim called on Chassidim to abandon their traditional shtreimel hats, which are normally made out of real animal fur, in favor of synthetic versions
  8. Magazin Tierrechte
    (Germany) Animal rights Magazine
    you will find the latest issues of our magazine animal rights. It is published four times a year and reports on animal rights issues, background and activities of the Association of People for Animal Rights. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic.
    .. (use translate please)
  9. Alley Cat Allies Commends Radnor, Pa., for Quashing Punitive Proposal on Cat Caregivers
  10. N.M.’s wolves approved for release
    Efforts made to re-establish animal in Southwest
  11. Remarkable pictures of the abandoned house in the woods adopted by wild animals as their own
  12. Handicapped Dog Learns to Play Fetch... With a Little Help
  13. This Talking Wet Dog is Guaranteed to Make You Laugh
  14. Tiny Kittens Find the Most Adorable Bed to Sleep On - Awww

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