Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 13 petitions and more

  1. Ban the Dog & Cat Fur Trade (Canada)
  2. Ban plastic bags, San Diego (US)
  3. Protect our nation by protecting our national forests! (US)
  4. Thank the USDA & President Obama for Expanding Oversight of Puppy Mills (US)
  5. Help Save the Taiji Dolphins - 2013
  6. Tell the NFL Foundation to Stop Funding Sports-Injury Experiments on Animals
  7. Dogs Killed By Laughing Teenagers In A Car, On Purpose, They Should Be Held Responsible.
  8. We say NO to the violent & illegal removal of 30 dogs from the private dog shelter of Mrs Niki at Velina, Corinth
  9. STOP Massacre of Dogs in Romania
  10. Stop the killing of stray dogs in Romania!
  11. Take the Pledge to Stop Puppy Mills
  12. Stop the Wolf Slaughter (US) Comment period is extended.
  13. Help End the Mass Killing of Wildlife! (US)
  14. Tell the Snack Food 20: Cut Conflict Palm Oil, Not Rainforests (US)
  15. Time Is Running Out To Protect Our Waterways! Deadline 9/20
  16. Tell your Member of Congress to vote NO on HR 2728 (US)
  17. Please Support Emergency Protection for Rhinos
  18. Protestbrief an rumänischen Präsidenten und Verfassungsgericht
    Letter of protest to the President of Romania and the Constitutional Court
    Please sign and also send as an email (confirmation needed)
  19. Prostestbrief an EU-Präsident Martin Schulz wg Hundemord Rumänien
    (confirmation needed)
  20. Save the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Animals!
  21. Appell an die Deutsche Bank: kein Geld für Tierfabriken! (confirmation needed) Appeal to the German bank: no money for animal factories!
  22. Help end long distance live transport
    Sign the Number 10 Petition also (UK)
  23. Suspend Wolf Hunting In Minnesota (US)
  24. Voiceless Friends - An Undercover Investigation by Animal Equality and Last Chance for Animals - in the upper right corner you can switch languages
  25. Helfen Sie den rumänischen Hunden! - Help the Romanian dogs!
  26. ONLINE PROTEST: Rumänisches Parlament beschließt Gesetz, das Tötung von Streunerhunden erlaubt - ONLINE PROTEST: Romanian Parliament approved law that allows killing of stray dogs
  27. Stop Animals Genocid lance une pétition contre Douglas Barahona
    Barbaric! "I get up and my breakfast is made ​​up of everything that can walk around. It is enjoyable to crush the head of a cat" (confirmation needed, 2nd link)
  1. Factory Farming Is Animal Cruelty
  2. Condemn Diner Owner for Refusing to Serve War Veteran Because of his Service Dog
  3. Demand EPA Properly Regulate Factory Farms
  4. Restrict Cancer Causing Chemicals
  5. Applaud India for Banning Cruel Practice of Shark Finning 
  6. Ban Horse Carriage Rides in Salt Lake City
  7. Ban Drug that Sickens Livestock
  8. Help Prevent Extinction of the Desert Tortoise
  1. Protect elephant, tiger and orangutan habitats in Sumatra
  2. Romania's Government: Stop the euthanizing of an entire country of dogs
  3. Russian President Vladimir Putin : Ban all hunting of Wolves nationwide Real Macho Russian Men don't hunt
  4. Gobierno De La Ciudad De Buenos Aires: Necesitamos Una Entidad Que Proteja Y Rescate Animales En Peligro
    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Create a Service to rescue Animals in Danger!
  5. И.о.Мэра города Москвы Собянину С.С.: Создание службы по спасению бездомных кошек - Moscow: create a service to rescue stray cats
  6. Stop the unjustified killing and hunting of Montana's wolves. Use science!
  7. Groupon: stop supporting the abuse of birds for their feathers! Stop selling items made with down feathers!
  8. Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: Stop using live cats for medical students to practice intubating infants.
  9. SPA: Non à la fermeture du chenil de Vallérargues sans structure d'accueil de remplacement
  10. La Mairie De Caen: Qu'ils Attribuent Des Locaux A L'ecole Du Chat De Caen
  1. Stop dog fighting as a sport!
  2. Secretary Jewell - Protect Polar Bear Habitat
  3. Stop Sonar Assault on Whales and Dolphins
  4. Stop Doctors from Prescribing Animal Leather Waste and Puffer Fish
  5. This mass slaughter of animals will occur in next 24 hours if not stopped!
    Kelly Rogers' petition. Please send the letter inside the petition instead of signing it.
  6. Ban dog and cat fur
  7. Petition the People’s Committee of Hoi An to Punish Pet Thieves and Murderers
  8. Ban Anticoagulant Rodenticide from L.A. to Save Wildlife, Pets & Children.
  9. Ban trophy hunting in B.C.
  10. URGENT please sign to save TANYA the elephant from execution.
  11. Puppy Mill in Action - PLEASE WATCH VIDEO!
  12. No Kill Corpus Christi!
  13. Matson Clean Up The Hawaii Molasses Mess
  14. An urgent threat to the Great Barrier Reef
  15. USDA Closes Internet Sale Loophole for Pet Breeders After Pressure from Animal Groups - It's Kelly Rogers' news update, not a petition.
  16. Update about "The Romanian Government and the European Parliament: End Romanias Government abuse of public funds" - it's Kelly Rogers' update not a petition.
News and Polls
  1. The List of the NO voters and the rest (Da/yes)
    Tuesday, September 10, 2013, at 12:48
    Subject vote: PL 912/2007/2013 A - final vote
    PL 912/2007 amending and supplementing Government Ordinance UGent nr.155/2001 approving
    stray management program = Mass Dog Culling in Romania!
  2. В Румынии начались народные волнения...за собак!
    In Romania, started riots ... for dogs! (use translator please) comparison with Ukraine and Russia
  3. Roumanie : Non à l'euthanasie des chiens errants
    Romania: Don't euthanize stray dogs (Brigitte Bardot's letter)
  4. FB event: Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
    Romanian dogs saved and needing homes (or sponsorship in Romanian Rescue Centers)!
  5. Abandoned in Romania Romania's barbarism scroll down for very important links!
  6. Randagi della Romania – Contro la soppressione intervento delle Senatrici PD e SEL
    Strays of Romania - Against the suppression intervention of Senators and PD SEL
    (use translator please) the massacre will be illegal, the EU can't do anything apparently
  7. I Bet I Can Find 1.000.000 People Who Dislike Romanian Dog Abusers Like please!
  8. The Spiked Nose Ring: A Symbol for All Dairy Cruelty
  9. Non-Lethal solutions for reducing wolf conflicts and wolf deaths
  10. Lift in penalties for animal cruelty (Australia)
  11. The World says NO to the dog massacre in Romania! [video]
  12. So God Made A Dog [video]
  13. Video: A Powerful Message Behind “Bad Dog/Good Dog” Commercial
  14. Succes Te Bontlijst: The Sting gaat bontvrij
    De Sting, Netherlands, going FUR-FREE! (use translator please)
    It includes sample letter for Shops still selling Fur!
  15. Starved dog cheats death twice, now enjoying Selah Ranch (Photos)
  16. Cheetah cubs get puppy pal at Dallas Zoo
  17. Dog alerts family to child abuse
  18. Orangutan Helps Feed Hungry Penguins At Myrtle Beach Safari Park In South Carolina (PHOTO)

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