Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16 petitions and more

  1. Mass slaughter of strays going ahead in Romania
    Romania, another sample protest-letter
  2. Romania: Stop preventing people from saving stray dogs!  As well!
  3. Wir möchten die Streuner in Rumänien retten, es gibt dafür nur eine Lösung!
    We want to save the stray dogs in Romania, there is only one solution for it!
  4. Demand more public hearings for the future of gray wolves! (US)
  5. Tell Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell: Put a Stop to this Delisting Catastrophe
  6. Kicked Kitten May Be Going Back to Abuser!
    Do NOT let kicked Kitten go back to it's Abuser!!
  7. Leopard burned alive in Uttarkhand, India, Justice Barin Ghosh take action!
  8. Help Ban Use of Animals in Circuses
  9. ¡Prohibir los circos con animales en la República de Guatemala!
  1. Commend State for Upholding Foie Gras Ban
  1. Romanian Government: Stop the culling of stray dogs
  2. Genocide of Romanian Stray Dogs: VOTE to Ban the Slaughter of 40,000-65,000 Stray Dogs
  3. Gobierno Nacional - Provincial Y Municipios Del Todo El Pais: Ley De Proteccion Animal-Auditar Zoos + Reinsercion Habitats
    Argentina: We ask for Animal Protection Laws, also for the Zoo animals
  4. Prefet de l'aube et Haute marne: Ne pas mettre en place l'abattage du loup, d'autres solutions existent - France: NO to wolf killings, there are other solutions
  5. Adana Valiliği & Orman Bakanlığı : Adana'da sokak köpeğine yapılan işkence cezalandırılsın, yenileri önlensin - Turkey, Istanbul Government's Office & Ministry of Forestry: Adana street dogs tortured, we ask for punishment, and to take action to prevent this!
  6. Upshur County Animal Control Officer: Reverse their decision to return China/Kia to her previous owners.
  7. Tipton County Sheriff Department: Provide canine behavior assessment training to all officers and prevent the senseless killing of innocent animals.
  8. Please Sign this Petition if you Agree That Daviess County, KY Fiscal Court Should NOT CHANGE Animal Control Ordinance KOC 1010.6 (2012)
  9. Губернатору Хабаровского края Вячеслав Иванович Шпорт: Выделите, пожалуйста,территорию для размещения собак из мест затопления
    Russia, Khabarovsk Territory, Gov. Vyacheslav Shport: Select a territory for dogs to be safe from the flooding.
  10. Apoyamos una tradición sin crueldad: solicitamos se suspendan las actividades que involucren animales. -  Argentina: We support a humane tradition. Request the suspension of activities involving animals. We are against this festival because of Animal cruelty!
  11. Sr. Intendente Municipal de La Plata: Cierre del Zoológico de la Ciudad y transformación en Jardín Botánico. - Argentina, Mayor of La Plata, Transfer the Zoo, the animals are not safe (flooding)
  12. Türkiye’de hayvanlı sirklerin yasaklanması için sen de kampanyaya katıl
    Turkey: Ban the vicious circus cycle for animals
  13. Governor Kitzhaber and Senators Wyden and Merkley: Create a policy to stop using products that add to global warming!
  14. Indian Board of Wild Life, Ministry of Environment and Forests ,India: Save the turtles of India from going extinct
  15. End All Marine Mammal Captivity In Australia Now
  16. An das EU Parlament: Nein zu Hundekampf in der EU
    To the EU Parliament: No to dog fighting in the EU
  17. Congresos o Parlamentos de los Gobiernos del Mundo: Que promulgen leyes drásticas en defensa de los animales. - Strong laws to punish Animal cruelty all over the World (target?!)
  18. İzmir Balçova Belediyesi: 5199 SAYILI KANUNU UYGULAMIYOR, Rehabilitasyon Merkezi ve Beslenme Odakları Kurulmasını İstiyoruz...
    Turkey, Balçova İzmir Municipality: Implement Animal Protection Law No. 5199 and establish a rehabilitation center
  19. Goddard's Vetinary Group: Public apology for the unlawful killing of our beloved missing cat Yeti
  20. The State of Pennsylvania: Give Faith Good's Monk Parakeet, Gizmo, back to her.
  1. Stop Vivisection at University of California
  2. Stop the Alaskan Sea Otter Slaughter
  3. Stop the ban and killing of pitbulls in the US!
  4. Track your pets on any social networking site
  5. Against Boiling Of Lobsters Alive
  6. Give the loggerhead a fighting chance to survive!
  7. It's time to TAKE ANOTHER LOOK at the Southeast LRT river crossing
  8. Όχι στο ξεπούλημα του Αγίου Προκοπίου - Greece: Do not sell the Agios Prokopios lake to investors, it's a protected environmental area!
  9. Stop purchasing and releasing helium balloons! (no specific target)
News & Polls:
    If not voted yet: Vote 'DA' please (Yes to adoption)
  2. The Romanian Dog Massacre Begins
  3. Save the Death Camp dogs - ROMANIAN WOOFERS NEED YOU!
  4. Romanian Public Shelter Dogs in Crisis
    Romania, trying to rescue the dogs left on the streets
  5. Straßenhunde in Rumänien: Zur Empörung der Tierfreunde
    Street dogs in Romania: The outrage of animal lovers
    (requesting the truth about Ionut's death)
  6. Dead and Dying Chickens Discarded After Kaporos / Kapparot [VIDEO]
    Kapparot is a Jewish ritual practiced by some Jews on the eve of Yom Kippur. The person swings a live chicken over one's head three times, symbolically transferring one's sins to the chicken. The chicken is then slaughtered and donated to the poor for consumption at the pre-fast meal.
  7. Indonesia approves plan to buy 1 million hectares of Australian grazing land
  8. Santa Monica Fire Department cheered as they save family dog from fire
  9. This Puppy Was Maimed and Abandoned... but Then Received Her Own Miracle!
  10. Tierschutzverein Robin Hood - Vote for Robin Hood! (1000,- )

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