Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 1st petitions and more

  1. Ask Members of Congress to Cosponsor America's Red Rock Wilderness Act (US)
  2. Tiger Day
  3. Help Us End Power Plant Water Pollution! (US)
  4. Fran Pavley, withdraw your bad fracking bill.
  5. Mossel Bay Against Fracking
  6. Stop Animal Cruelty in Cyprus
  7. Una legge per normare gli inquinanti del petrolchimico (confirmation needed)
  8. Protect Wasatch Wilderness! Support HR 2808. (US)
  9. Don't Let Loggers Roll the Legislature! (California)
  10. TN Residents: Support Safe and Humane Communities! (TN)
  11. Duval Co. (FL) Residents: Please Speak Up to Protect Animal Shelter Funding (FL)
  12. Tiger cubs should not be used as pets! (US)
  13. Save the Critically Endangered Indochinese Tiger
  14. Send a letter to S. Korea Companies: End Dog and Cat meat!
  15. Back a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare
  16. Hammer Michigan for the Wolves! (Michigan residents only)
    Contact Gov Snyder & the Dept of Tourism in Michigan to Protest their Decision to Hunt Wolves!
  1. Ban The Electric Dog Collar
  2. Stop Namibia's senseless seal slaughter!
  3. STOP Anti-Freeze Poisoning to CATS
  4. Stop Caging Animals At Casinos And Other Facilities
  1. Don’t Turn Ancient Buddhist Monastery into a Copper Mine
  2. Applaud Government of India for Creating New Tiger Reserve
  3. Stop Illegal Logging in Russia to Protect Endangered Tigers
  4. Commend Invention of Machine that Turns Sweat into Drinking Water
  5. Let’s Act on Climate Change Before it’s Too Late
  6. Shut Down Corrupt Horse Rescue
  7. Give Wild Horses Shelter
  8. Demand State Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws
  1. Don't Let Them Wipe Out Animal Protection Laws! (2nd petition)
    Don't Let Them Wipe Out Animal Protection Laws
  2. Endangered Albatrosses Are Getting Tangled in Fishing Lines: You Can Help
  3. Tom, the Animalpastor, will take your signatures to Rome on 4th of October, 2013
  4. Comisión Asuntos Constitucionales Y Legislación General Santa Fe: Prohibiciòn Carreras De Galgos
    Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee and General Santa Fe: Banning Dog Racing! NO more acts of Abuse and Cruelty towards Dogs, NO more Abandonment or Killing of Greyhounds used in Racing, no more Commercial Exploitation!
  5. En contra de los Cazadores: la caza es una actividad cruel y criminal!
    Against hunters: hunting is a cruel and criminal activity! It leaves countless animals maimed and orphaned, vulnerable to exposure and predation. Many animals suffer prolonged and painful deaths when they are injured by hunters
  6. SAGARPA, GREENPEACE, y secretarías responsables.: Animales en los rastros de America y del mundo no sufran antes de morir - Sagarpa, Greenpeace, and responsible Secretariats: Animals should not suffer before dying
  7. President Barack Obama: Replace Interior Secretary Sally Jewell!
  8. Tamil Nadu's Director General of Police: Indepth investigation of abduction & disposal of dogs in Mogappair
  9. The Use of Gas Chambers to Euthanize Shelter Animals McLean County Illinois: Stop use and remove Gas Chamber from McLean County Animal Control Illinois
  10. ODNR: Issue Permits for Trooper and Patch and 4 raccoons
  11. NEIN zur neuen Schweinemastanlage in Scheuring bei Landsberg am Lech!
    NO to new pig factory in Scheuring at Landsberg am Lech, Germany!
  12. National Pork Board: Say NO to Cruel Crates for Pigs
  13. Trader Joe's: Stop selling products containing palm oil!
  14. New Zealand Government: Stop the Extinction of Hector's & Maui's Dolphins now!
  15. Bundestag: Tierschutzgesetz gilt auch für Nutztiere und Versuchstiere
    Bundestag: Animal Protection Act also applies for farm and laboratory animals
  16. Justicia para el asesinato a golpes de la yegua embarazada. - Argentina: Bring "Juancito" to Justice! He battered this little, exhausted, pregnant mare to death! 
  17. Boycott Michael Vick's clothing line V7
  18. Michael Vick's V7 Clothing Line: Pull Inventory
  19. Ministry for Primary Industries: Stop increasing the Total Catch of Orange Roughy in the main New Zealand Fishery
  1. Stop killing pits
  2. Shut down puppy mill
  3. Tell Congress Not to Block the Creation of Protected Wildlife Areas
  4. Save the orangutans and stop the Indonesian palm oil exploitation
  5. Euthanasia can not be replaced with brutal killing of animals
  6. Stop animal testing!
  7. Save the Pit Bull and Stop Illegal Dog Fighting
  8. Tougher law for owners of dogs who breed them for fighting!
  9. Stop BSL in Mobile, AL
  10. Stop illegal hunting of Common Quial and Turtle Dove in Serbia
News & Polls
  1. Click to help please Le parrainage de Harry
  2. Do you agree with the FWP Commission decision to raise the bag limit of wolves to five per person? Vote NO!  59.3 % now
  3. Michele's Visit to Moran live Meat Market South Korea
    Help us say NoToDogMeat and NoToCatMeat- URGENT APPEAL
  4. Navajo Nation supports NM horse slaughterhouse
  5. Company to start slaughtering horses next week, despite arson and lawsuit
  6. Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier
  7. Virginia police officer charged with starving retired police horse to death
  8. Costa Rican police sweep nets several suspects in conservationist's murder probe
  9. Animals : The Humane Society of the United States
  10. Help needed for heartbroken soldier whose dog was given away during deployment (Photos)
  11. Vegan Diet Impacts California Prison
  12. Tom's Letter to Pope Francis I
  13. Pets Evacuated from California Wildfire Zone Get Help
  14. Success! Deadly Dog Camp Raided, Animals Rescued
  15. Cruelly Abused & Burned Cat Miraculously Recovers
  16. Shih Tzu rescues kitten from ravine (and then adopts her)
  17. Cat Assassin [cute VIDEO]
  18. Cats Demanding Petting Compilation [VIDEO]

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