Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 04 petitions and more

  1. Protest please against the killing of Stray Dogs in Ploiesti, Romania!
  2. Protect Big Cats from Abuse (US)
  3. Ban Horse Slaughter Now!
  4. Ban Horse Slaughter & Transport (US)
  5. Protect Our Nation's Horses and Keep the Food Supply Safe (US)
  6. URGENT: Tell Congress to Ban Horse Slaughter Once and for All! (US)
  7. Americans Against Horse Slaughter
  8. Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts (US)
  9. Tell USFWS to Take Emergency Action to Rescue the Mexican Gray Wolf!
  10. Grey Wolves Should be Protected, Not Hunted!
  11. Live Exports: Tell David Heath To Stop Hiding Behind Eu Law (UK)
  12. Demand Justice for Murder of Sea Turtle Activist
  13. Stop koalas becoming industry casualties
  14. Sign the Petition for Polar Bears
  15. Strengthen Fracking Rules On Our Public Lands
  16. Tell EPA to Fix the Dead Zone &
  1. Urge Conservation of the White-Lipped Peccary
  2. Ministério Público e Ministério da Saúde: Fim da eutanásia de animais saudáveis nos CCZ’s no país - Brasil: End euthanasia of healthy animals in the country's pounds
    1. Stop African Safari Slaughter for Profit
    2. Stop Horse Slaughter in Iowa
    3. NYC should care for Animals in the Shelters in the 5 Boroughs
    4. Change the feral cat laws in Tennessee to allow TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) programs (no target!)
    5. Save the Dryas Monkey
    6. Save the Woylie
    8. Leaf Blower Ban
    News & Polls
    1. Boutique brand Feathers has responded to public pressure and is now fur-free
    2. Italian parliament approves sweeping restrictions to use of research animals
    3. BREAKING NEWS: Equine Advocates Win Reprieve Against Slaughter Plants
    4. 8 Ways “Simpsons” Co-Creator Sam Simon is Helping Animals Before He Dies
    5. Cute Baby Bunny Rabbits Eating Banana [VIDEO]
    6. ACE Animal Care España
      Spanish rescues need more donors, support!  
    7. Victory! Green Hill closed forever
    8. Fisheries Service Rejects Efforts to Strip Orcas of Endangered Species Protection
    9. Nala - Scared stray Pit Bull living in a ditch - rescued!
    10. Starved pit bull and puppies saved from death on Saturday
    11. African bush elephant (savanna). Fauna. [Video]
    12. Website: International Organization for Animals Protection

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