Monday, August 5, 2013

August 05 petitions and more

  1. Terminate Coyote Trapper Jamie Olson Wyoming Wildlife Services Employee
  2. Graca Machel/Mandela - please help us to save the rhino of South Africa!
  3. Denmark, Faroe: Stop the Calderon Dolphin Massacres
  4. Contre la Corrida: Pétition de soutien à Christophe Leprêtre!
  5. Stop aux massacres des chats errants
    Stop the killing of stray cats!
  6. URGENT: Ask Spain to Make the Right Decision on Bullfighting
  7. Torture animals to death is culture? No!
  8. Support New Animal Protection Law For India
  9. Act Now to Save Millions of Animals From Painful Poisoning Tests
  10. Stop Cutting Pets!
    This petition is intended to stop surgical mutilation of dogs and cats: ear cropping, devocalization, tail docking and declawing.
  11. Leave your message for the Environment Minister
    In just 4 days the Minister for Environment will decide whether to approve dumping off Abbot Point. Approval would allow 3 million tonnes of rock and seabed to be dumped in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area – just 50km from the Whitsunday Islands. This is your chance to tell Minister Mark Butler how much you care about the Reef.
  1. Ban Tiger Killing Pesticide
  2. Prohibit Cruel Confinement of Farm Animals
  3. End Destructive Naval Exercises Around the Great Barrier Reef
  1. Heineken, Their Advertising Staff, and A&E Television: Stop running Heineken's 'The Voyage' commercial that depicts animal sacrifice
  2. Help a Meat Inspector Punished for Reporting Inhumane Conditions!
  3. Asesinos de gatito en Sinaloa...Que no se quede impune: Necesitamos leyes mas fuertes en contra del maltrato animal - Murderers of kitten in Sinaloa ... That will not remain unpunished: We need stronger laws against animal abuse!
  4. Bundestag : Mehr Rechte für Tiere
    Germany: More rights for animals!
  5. Presidencia de la Nacion Argentina: Basta de traccion a sangre equina en toda la Republica Argentina - Stop 'blood-traction' in Argentina!
  6. Al Ministro de Asuntos Agrarios Sr. Gustavo Arrieta: cancelación de habilitación de caza del zorro pampeano - The Minister of Land Affairs Mr. Gustavo Arrieta: Enable cancellation pampas fox hunting.
  7. Honorable consejo deliberante de colon pcia de bs as. Pepublica argentina: pedimos el cierre del zoologico de colon - Argentina: Close of the Columbus ZOO
  8. Zoologico de la Ciudad de Colon: Que lo cierren YA! (Same as above)
  9. Al Gobierno Municipal de la provincia de Santa Fe (Argentina): Que se elimine el decreto que permite la matanza de perros. - Santa Fe, Argentina: Remove the decree allowing the killing of dogs (allow castration of male dogs too)!
  10. Intendente de la Ciudad de Plottier, Sr. Andres Peressini: Prohibicion de carreras de galgos - Mayor of the city of Plottier, Argentina: Ban greyhound/galgos racing!
  11. Jose Maria Eseverri. Intendente de Olavarria Pcia de Bs As,Argentina: Impedir las carreras de galgos - Governor of Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina: Prevent Greyhound racing (and the suffering that follows)
  12. Honorable Legislatura de Córdoba, Argentina: ley/ordenanza para esterilización y tenencia responsable de mascotas - Córdoba, Argentina: Create a Law /Ordinance for Sterilization and responsible pet ownership. (to avoid abandonment, neglect and violence. Legalize Animal Police to ensure the rights of those who can not defend themselves.)
  1. HOWL FOR WOLVES Keep them protected
  2. Make hunting the lion illegal in South Africa now!
  3. Stop STRAY DOG for RICE in Yunlin, Taiwan!
  4. Save Marineland's Animals (Kelly Rogers)
  5. Urge vigorous prosecution of dogfighters!
  6. Stop Unfair Pitbull Laws
  7. Stop the advertising of animals as 'free to a good home' on Preloved and Gumtree
  8. Stop Farida Khans Animal Abuse & Cruelty (target?!)
  9. Animal cruelty under the guise of help (target?!)
  10. Urge the UK government to stop fracking.
News & Polls:
  1. Rescue, Rehab and Release!
    What started out as a routine rescue training exercise ended in a real-life rescue of a sea lion and a first-time adventure for two Marine Mammal Center volunteers!
  2. Do not sell or give horses to this man & woman!
  3. Website: The Orangutan Project
  4. Rihanna wants to save wolves
  5. Costa Rica announces plans to close its zoos and release animals from captivity
  6. Carpi, an old cocker in need of an urgent operation and a home
  7. SoiDog Foundation: a story of hope for cats & dogs (in Thailand) [VIDEO]
  8. Chinese Police Officer Breaks Laws to Rescue Dogs
  9. "This Is How We Roll" Music Video | Pit Bulls & Parolees
  10. What Wild Animals Do When They Think No One's Watching [VIDEO]

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