Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 28 petitions and more

  1. Urge Denmark, Norway and Poland to Stop Torturing Animals in Military Trauma Training
  2. Stop Racing Turtles Before They Go Extinct
  3. Petition to the WMO to name extreme storms after climate change deniers.
  4. Tell Abbott to honour our marine reserves!
  5. Tell your local candidate to sign the Reef Pledge to end the industrial-scale dumping of dredge spoil on the Great Barrier Reef. (AU)
  6. Tell USDA to Stop Public Contact with Captive Wildlife
  7. Write to ask Governor Jerry Brown to sign California Senate Bill 132 (send mail)
    California Senate Bill 132 is designed to protect mountain lions accidentally wandering into human-populated areas.
  8. Pigeon Shoots are Pennsylvania's Shame (send mail, left side)
  9. STOP VIVISECTION We still need many more signatures to make this Citizens' initiative binding for the European Commission! For example for the Netherlands: 13000 more please! Deadline: Nov. 1! Direct link: Proposing an European legislative framework aimed at phasing out animal experiments
  10. Stop the Badger Cull (UK)
  11. Speak Out For Badgers Before It's Too Late
  12. Strafrechtliche Verfolgung & Entzug Der Jagdlizenz Auf Lebenszeit
    Prosecution and withdrawal of the Hunting License for life (confirmation needed)
  13. There’s NO excuse for ANIMAL ABUSE (confirmation needed)
  14. The Cove: Sign the Petition to Help Save Japans' Dolphins
  15. Suspend Wolf Hunting In Minnesota (US)
  16. Zaustavimo ubijanje napustenih pasa u Indjiji
    Stop the killing of stray dogs in Indjija, Serbia! (confirmation needed)
  17. Stem NEE tegen de jacht op damherten in de Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen
    Vote NO to hunting deer in the splendid dunes (confirmation needed)
  18. Center for Biological Diversity Stop the Delay - One Week to Save Gunnison Sage Grouse
  19. Our Forests Aren't Fuel (US)
  20. Shell! Clean up your mess!
  1. Applaud Interior Secretary for not Tolerating Denial of Climate Change
  2. Stop African Poachers From Slaughtering Wildlife
  3. Condemn NBC for Censoring Anti-Keystone Ad
  4. Commend Pursuit of Justice for Dog Blown Up by Owner
  5. Urge Zoo to Fire Zookeeper for Punching a Seal
  6. Commend Chinese Pharmacies for Refusing to use Bear Bile
  7. Praise Police Officer for Saving Baby Sea Turtles
  8. Praise University for Switching to Cage-Free Eggs
  9. Commend Massachusetts for Proposing Commercial Food Waste Ban
  10. Demand Cleanup of Florida Estuary
  11. Do Not Revive Woolly Mammoth and Other Extinct Species
  1. Urge Your Assembly Member: Protect Californians from Fracking
  2. EPA: Stop the Pebble Mine!
  3. Nevada's U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service: Stop Plans to Euthanize The Desert Tortoise
  4. Desert tortoise conservation center: Stop the euthanasia of hundreds of endangered tortoises
  5. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT: Stop the planned slaughter of tortoises due to lack of funds.
  6. Attorney General Of Delaware: Remove the Board of Directors Of Safe Haven
  7. USDA/APHIS: USDA docket No. APHIS-2012-0107 (do not prohibit public contact)
  8. Residents/Rescues in Orange Co. FL: Fire Robert Ridgway, DVM and replace with a CARING VET! Meeting now 2PM
  9. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre: Put Lassie's pawprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre
  10. Pet Supplies Plus: Stop selling rabbits
  11. Discovery Channel: Stop demonizing sharks on Shark Week!
  12. People's Republic of China To Stop to selling keychains: an animal inside a small plastic baggy. (target?!)
  13. KXL No Way - Protect Grand Mother Earth NOW!
  14. Cancel the development of the Northern Gateway Pipeline
  15. facebook: Stop supporting facebook pages that violate the law
  16. Exigimos la destitución de los militares implicados en el crimen del perro usado como tiro al blanco. - Colombia: We demand the dismissal of the soldiers involved in using a dog as shooting target.
  17. Governo Brasileiro: Crie uma lei que proiba que cavalos sejam maltratados.
    Brazilian Government: Create a Law against Mistreatment of Horses!
  18. The U.N.O.: Forbid and punish the Grind (annual mass-killing of dolphins) in Danmark
  19. Heads Of State: Stop The Killing Of All Animals For Human Consumption And Byproducts
  20. Governador da Paraíba, Ricardo Vieira Coutinho: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais na Paraíba. - Brazil, Governor of Paraíba, Ricardo Coutinho Vieira: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Paraíba
  21. A las autoridades de mi ciudad vivo en Lima Perú: La liberación de Vinces un perro maltratado les envio su historia
    Authorities in Lima, Peru: Asking the release of an abused dog, Vinces
  22. Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona: Permitir viajar a los pasajeros con su perro debidamente atado en el metro - Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona: Allow passengers to travel with their dog duly bound in the subway
  23. AL Ayuntamiento de Leganés: horario para poder sacar a los perro sueltos o zonas donde puedan correr - Spain, City of Leganés: Schedule for dogs to be off leash or areas where they can run free
  1. Investigate and Punish the Offenders Who Poisoned the Stray Dogs in Varna, Bulgaria
  2. Jetty Cats in Longbeach Need a Temporary Shelter & Feeding Station
  3. Urge Gov. McCrory to Veto House Bill 74
  4. No nuclear mining or power in Australia
  5. Stop The Delisting of America's Gray Wolves!
  6. Stop the Slaughter of the American Gray Wolf
  7. 11th Hour for Wolves
  8. Make Rhino Poaching In Mozambique To Be Illegal
  9. Urge end's beginning of bullfight, in Portugal!
  10. Green Mountain College: Please reveal the truth about Bill and Lou!
    Green Mountain College: Please reveal the truth about Bill and Lou. (2nd petition)
  11. Tell the NRA: Stop Your Deceptive Campaign Against Our Wildlife!
  12. Enforce Coastline Lighting Laws -Save Sea Turtles
  13. Stop Florida from using Glass to Replace Sand on the Beaches!
  14. No more parks for sale!
  15. Keep the flower garden by the trial growing and don't plow it over to plant grass!
News & Polls
  1. from Tara B. - I found a site called SurveyMonkey where you sign up to take online surveys (most are about new products, some are opinion surveys) and for each survey you complete they will donate 50 cents to charity.  How many surveys you have the opportunity to take will depend on the profile you fill out when joining - for example if you don't have children you won't receive most surveys about children's products - but if your profile makes you eligible for a wide variety of surveys the money will add up fast.  And if it doesn't, well, every little bit still counts! I ask you to sign up and take surveys in support of either Petfinder or RedRover.  Most surveys will only take a minute or two to complete.
    To support Petfinder click here:
    Support Petfinder Foundation with SurveyMonkey Contribute
    To support RedRover click here:
    Support RedRover with SurveyMonkey Contribute
    Thank you so much for caring for the animals.
  2. Vote - Badger cull: do you sympathise with the saboteurs?
  3. Catification Makeover Voting Please vote for Puffy Paws!
  4. Facebook users may find pictures of animal abuse funny, but the authorities sure don't
  5. Food giants Nestle and Unilever caught in animal testing scandal
  6. First Person Charged with Violating Ag Gag Law [VIDEO]
  7. International Animal Rescue - Dog welfare
    International Animal Rescue was set up in Goa on the west coast of India to reduce the suffering of the stray dog population.
  8. Website: Angels Among Us Pet Rescue Georgia, US
  9. Nevada mustangs saved from slaughter by Wellington, Fla. horse advocate
  10. Danny, Blind Puppy Saved From Hoarding, Can See Again (VIDEOS)

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