Saturday, August 31, 2013

Revealed! Chimps forced to perform degrading tricks at German attraction‏



To whom it concerns,

I read and saw the photos of chimpanzees  being forced to perform in shows twice a day at your attraction Schwaben Park.

There has been witnessed first-hand the degrading tricks that these animals are subjected to, which include being made to ride a tricycle, balance on a ball and jump over hurdles, in addition to wearing human clothes.
Schwaben Park boasts that its shows are “unique in Europe” and sadly hundreds of visitors currently attend the performances.

It is truly disturbing to see our primate cousins being treated in this way and I urge the attraction to cease the shows and retire the chimps.

Chimpanzees are intelligent, social animals that share 98% of their genetic makeup with us.
Making chimpanzees, and other primates, perform in this way not only causes great suffering to the animals involved – it also undermines serious welfare and conservation action.

I urge you to stop their demeaning shows and retire the chimpanzees!



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