Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 22 petitions and more

  1. Save Yasuni Park, Ecuador
  2. Save our Chinese White Dolphins
  3. Urge WDNR Reject Gogebic Taconite's Incomplete Bulk Sampling Application
  4. Ban Trapping and Poisoning,Skinning Of Wolves and All wildlife (US)
  5. Suspend Wolf Hunting In Minnesota (US)
  6. Urge Congress to protect primates (US)
  7. Take the Pledge: I Support Common Sense for Cats
  8. Take the No Battery Eggs Pledge
  9. The 2nd European Citizens‘ Initiative closes at the end of September 2013 and URGENTLY needs more signatures: STOP VIVISECTION – calling to end the barbaric life animal testing that is of no benefit for human health. Please click on, read, sign and pass on – we need to reach 1 million signatures to end this shame of Europe!
  10. CCTV in all European Slaughterhouses
  11. Tell Sears what you think about their "I love wolf hunting" t-shirts.
    Comment online and email:
  12. Ask USFWS and the Department of Interior To Give Panthers Room To Roam!
  13. Eil-Appell gegen Schweinemast Haßleben
    Against mega pig farm in Germany. (confirmation needed)
  14. Snaring Campaign 2013
  15. Newsletter Stand Up for Primates in Michigan!
  16. Investigate and reform the SAN BERNADINO City Animal Shelter!
  17. Tell the President and the BLM: Don't Frack America’s Public Lands!
  1. Urge Mars Candy Company to End Cruel and Unnecessary Animal Testing
  2. Commend Italy for Protecting Lab Animals
  3. Seek Justice For Giggles The Deer
  4. Praise Community for Tribute to Murdered Dog
  5. Tell Spain That Culture is No Excuse for Cruelty
  6. Applaud Conviction of Elephant Poacher
  7. Condemn Department of Natural Resources for Killing of Orphaned Fawn
  8. Stop Cruelty to Elephants Used in Circus Performances
  9. Demand Drilling Company Retract Gag Order on Settlement
  10. Support Statewide Ban on Lead Ammunition
  11. Applaud Giant Solar Plant Project
  12. Support University’s Transition from Coal to Solar Power
  13. Commend Efforts to Find Green Fuels
  1. Governor Scott Walker, Head of the DNR Cathy Stepp, The Full DNR Board: To Stop the Animal Abuse/Cruelty fighting under the name of "WOLF HUNTING"
  2. Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture: Create new legislature making it illegal for dogs to be tethered 24/7 in NS
  3. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission: Stop the plan to capture and euthanize a black bear in Naples
  4. No Oil in Canada's Pacific Ocean
  5. Shami Dog - Find the people who committed this act of animal cruelty! (no target)
  6. Zeg NEE tegen varkensleed in Europa!
    Say NO to pigs suffering in Europe!
  7. The Consulate of Japan & The Consulate of Denmark in Queensland, Australia: Ban the drive hunting of small whales and dolphins in Japan and Denmark.
  8. Dirigido al gobierno de Taiji, Japon: Poner Fin a la Masacre de los Delfines
    Aimed at government of Taiji, Japan: End the Slaughter of Dolphins
  9. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau: Repeal Anti-Large-Breed Dog Legislation
  10. Hawthorne Police Department: cop that shot the dog: Fired
  11. Please help REGULATE DOG BREEDING IN CANADA! (target?!)
  12. Spokanimal & The City of Spokane: Remove the title of Pot. Dangerous Dog & Apologize
  13. Presidente del gobierno de España: Ayudarnos a conservar al oso, cumplir vuestra parte - President of the Government of Spain: Help us keep the bear
  14. Make it illegal to leave your dog unattended in a motor vehicle.
  15. Gobierno de la Provincia de San Luis: Que San Luis Destine Fondos Para Nuestros Animales DEL Presupuesto 2014
    Argentina, Province of San Luis: Allocate 2014 funds for public veterinary clinics, f.e. for massive castrations, vaccinations, medication etc.
  16. Oakville Town Council: Prevent The Closure Of Post Park's Off Leash Dog Area
  17. Home owners Insurance Companies: Lift fees for pitbulls and other large dog breeds while owning a home (target?!)
  18. District Attorney Stephen Zappala: Don't charge the Pittsburgh zoo with charges over the painted dog tragedy.
  19. The Nationwide Banning of Canine Vocal Cordectomy  (no target)
  1. Demand an end to the slaughter of seals in Namibia
  2. Stop Oil Tanker Traffic in British Columbia's Coastal Waters
  3. Idaho Ban Trapping
  4. Maintain Endangered Species Act Protection for Wolves
  5. 11th Hour for Wolves
  6. Russia: Crackdown on Illegal Logging of Amur Tiger and Leopard Habitat
  7. Sottraiamo ai cacciatori l'area storico-monumentale-archeologica di Pyrgi a Santa Marinella (Roma) - Italy: Stop hunting in the archeological park Pyrgi in Santa Marinella (Rome)
  8. Don't burn NSW native forests to generate electricity
  9. Free Tilly!
  10. Save the Bawean Deer
  11. Tell Canada's Big Grocery Chains to Close the Fridge Door, to Save Energy and Cut CO2 Emissions
  12. North Carolina, Don't Outlaw Programs that Cut Congestion and Encourage Carpooling!
News & Polls
  1. Horse collapse fuels Salt Lake City carriage-ban debate
    Should horse-drawn carriages be banned in Salt Lake City? Vote YES!
  2. Website: Keep Michigan Wolves Protected
  3. Newsletter "Schlachtfohlen"-Auktionen starten wieder; 130 Ex-Legehennen gerettet; Offenstall für Gabys Gnadenhof; Filmstart "Unter Menschen"; Tierfreundschaften (use translator please)
    • "Battle foal" auctions start again next Sunday
    • Rescued 130 chickens from discarded butcher
    • Again asked for help to open stable Gaby Sanctuary
    • Movie Start "subhumans"; Touching Pictures "animal friends"
    Website: Animal Spirit: Zentrum für Tiere in Not
  4. Website: MOUNTAIN LION FOUNDATION - Saving America's Lion
  5. Website: AMAZON WATCH » Supporting Indigenous Peoples, Protecting the Amazon
  6. Help Cat Shelter Felix Raise Funds for the Roof Replacement
  7. Scots pet owners take in dogs stolen for illegal meat trade
  8. Laurie Bershin, saving pets is her passion
  9. Toddler and Dog Perform a the Cutest Duet You'll Ever See
  10. Firefighters Save Adorable Animal Family From the Sewer
  11. Sweetest Corgi Puppy Ever Attempts to Climb Stairs - He'll Steal Your Heart
  12. Let's celebrate cats! And gifs! And cat gifs!
  13. Cheetah Cubs Celebrate Their First Birthday (VIDEO)
  14. Bears Airlifted By Helicopter In Dramatic Rescue From Russia's Rising Flood Waters (VIDEO)
  15. Dog Owner Captures Pizza Thief 'Red Sauce-Handed' (VIDEO)

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