Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26 petitions and more

  1. Wolves are Back in the Crosshairs and We are Howlin' Mad (US)
  2. South Korea, another Protest against the Dog- and Cat meat Consumption!
  3. We demand that Detroit's stray dog issue is humanely addressed.
  4. Please click on this link and sign -- this will directly contact Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell. We have only a short time left to express our outrage about the delisting of wolves nationwide!
  5. Handen af van de Noordpool - Hands off the Arctic.
  1. Tell Budweiser to Stop Supporting Horse Abuse
  2. Stop Kellogg’s from Destroying Endangered Orangutan Habitat
  3. Tell the United States to Use Only Sustainable Palm Oil
  4. Support Whistleblower’s Fight for Honesty in Agricultural Practices
  5. Congratulate Researchers’ Lab-Grown Burger Breakthrough
  1. Stephen Harper - Prime Minister of Canada: Recognize a Healthy Environment as a basic Human Right in Canada
  2. State of Arkansas: Uplift the ban on loving members of the family (PittBulls) or any breed
  3. MOD: Stop cruely shooting live pigs for military training
  4. Ministerio de defensa de Bolivia : Ministerio de defensa tome medidas correspondientes Herbert Mayta - Bolivia's Ministry of Defense: Take corresponding measures against Herbert Mayta
  5. Federal Government of the United States, Legislators: Write a law barring states from enacting breed specific legislation
  6. Save the pitt bulls, imprison the dog fighters: have stronger consequences for the dog fighters, stop killing the dogs 
  7. Department of Environmental Affairs Republic of South Africa: Stop brutal animal hunting in South Africa
  8. Embajador de Peru en España : Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli: Parar la tortura en contra de los gatitos en la Quebrada Peru
    Ambassador of Peru in Spain, Don Francisco Eguiguren Praeli: Stop the torture of the kittens in the Quebrada, Peru.
  9. Bundestag: Tierquälerei stoppen! Tiere fühlen wie Wir Menschen!
    Bundestag: Stop animal cruelty! Animals feel like we humans! (target?!)
  10. Cheetah needs strong legislation to survive in India - Sukanya Kadyan
  1. Keep Dirty Oil Off of the Atlantic Coast
  2. Fight to Protect the Saugatuck Dunes
  3. Petition to investigate, punish and stop illegal, cruel bull-fighting or Dhirio in Goa India
  4. Stop U.S. Navy Sonar Trainings and Bombs that Injure and Kill Marine Mammals
  5. Save the bear on North Mountain
  6. Demand Better Care for the animals of Orange County Florida
  7. Save PitBulls in PG County
  8. Save El Casco Lakes
  9. Stop illegal gold mining in Madre de Dios, world center of biodiversity
  10. Japan should entrust all nuclear plant business to France / EU or USA.
  11. Make Shell clean up their mess!
News and Polls
  1. Man who posted pictures of a real-life 'puppy pinata' on Facebook is NOT charged with animal cruelty
  2. Sandy police reprimand owners for picture of ‘puppy piñata’ Vote YES please!
  3. Cornwall ~ Please Help To Catch The Scum That Threw Kittens From Car Onto Penryn Falmouth Bypass (UK)
  4. Important Progress In Ending The Dog Meat Trade
    Website: Soi Dog Foundation
  5. Badger cull start date set UK, August 26th!
  6. A New Life for Lakshmi, the Elephant
  7. Life on the streets
    For people living on the pavements, stray dogs quickly become family
  8. Website: PAWS Thane | Hands that help are holier than lips that pray…
    Fb profile of CEO/Executive Director of PAWS, Nilesh Bhanage
  9. Cats Don’t Deserve Reputation For Destruction of Wildlife, Say Ecologists
  10. The Animal Rescue Site Giveaway!
  11. Flickr: Eldad Hagar (Please support Hope For Paws)'s Photostream
  12. Dog Shelter Uses Community Outreach To Get Dogs Adopted
  13. These Silly Animals Love Boxes That Are Just TOO Small For Them - How Cute

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