Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21 petitions and more

  1. Protect Mallards from Toxic Fracking Fluids (US)
  2. Tell the EPA: Don’t Delay to Protect Clean Water (US)
  3. 'Anchorman 2': Horror Movie for Orcas
  4. Stop Illegal Whaling in Iceland
  5. Save the Cameroonian rainforest -- stop the Herakles Farms' project!
  6. It’s time to protect Pacific forage fish
  1. Put a Halt to the Tiger Trade
  2. Commend Obama for Challenging Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
  3. Ban Cruel Wildlife Sports
  4. Stop the Opening of Horse Slaughter Plants
  5. End Inhumane Slaughter of Whales and Dolphins
  6. Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contest
  7. Stand Up for Abused Elephant
  8. Prevent Killing of Wildlife at Animal Shelters
  9. Require Emergency Safety Plans for Animals Affected by Disasters
  10. Support Increased Octopus Hunting Restrictions
  1. Blount County, TN District Attorney General Mike Flynn : To take all 4 cases regarding Larry Wheelon to the Grand Jury.
  2. Salt Lake City Council and Mayor: Ban horse carriages on Salt Lake City streets
  3. Carnival Cruise Lines: To not operate tours which involve interaction with captive dolphins
  4. Mark Chavez at Gunhawk Firearms: STOP December Coyote Killing Contest by Gunhawk Firearms
  5. The Discovery Channel: Stop showing videos of Bear Grylls mutilating, killing and eating innocent animals
  6. Conyers Leaders: Cancel the Great Bull Run at the Georgia International Horse Park
  7. Saratoga County, NY Fair: STOP animal cruelty and BAN baby pig races.
  8. Governor Jerry Brown: Stop the killing of pregnant dogs, and puppies in California shelters
  9. City of Duvall, WA: Recognize the need for better waterslide access for local giraffes
    "King County needs to stop pandering to deer, rabbits, and coyotes, and recognize that giraffes need equal-access to water features." ... All animals matter ... To SIGN it or NOT?!
  10. Frikkie du Toit Safari’s – Hunt with Professionals : Stop hunting animals
  11. Pledge to Boycott Mauritian Sugar
    Because of the capture of Macaques for Vivisection
  12. International Community Demands Protection and Justice for the DANUBE DELTA WILD HORSES!
  13. Ukraine: Stopper Les Combats D'ours Et Les Proteger
    Ukraine: STOP Bear Fighting
  14. Jacob Zuma South African President: Stop African Safari Slaughter for Profit
  15. Stop the slaughter of animals in Africa.
  16. SA Veterinary Council, South Africa: Lower the sterilization age to bring euthanasia numbers down
  17. President Barack Obama: Make Animal Rights and give it importance!
  18. Pet’s pet-ition for a celebration day – we deserve it!
  19. New African Horse Sickness vaccine: Develop a new working vaccine
  1. Stop the abuse at Egyptian slaughterhouse
  2. Support Lawsuit Against Oil Companies To Restore Louisiana Coastline
  3. Tell Obama to stop the hunting of American wolves.
  4. California: Protect Wildlife from Deadly Rodenticides
  5. Save Dogs Like Cabela That Was Blown Up At the Hands of its Demented Owner
  6. We challenge Mayor Bloomberg of NYC volunteer for the NYC Animal Control and Care for one day.
  7. Animal Abuse should be a criminal offense
  8. Ban The Surrey Horses In The Bahamas
  9. Demand Justice for JoJo
  10. Lampions with candles and metal wires polluting Baltic Sea and also causing fire hazard danger
  11. Australia's leaders need to take Climate Change seriously
News & Polls
  1. Coyote Control: Is It Effective or Necessary?
  2. Adorable Coyote Pups - A Heartwarming Story of Survival
  3. Porto-Vecchio: Le massacre des animaux de la ferme de Padula!
    Porto-Vecchio, island of Corsica, France: The slaughter of farm animals on Padula farm! (use translator please)
  4. The Miraculous Life Of Mac: A Pet Rescue Story
    In an amazing rescue story, Mac, a recently rescued Great Pyrenees with a spinal condition & severe arthritis saved his new family from a fire. Mac, a handicapped Great Pyrenees was so determined to alert his family of a fire, he found a way to climb the stairs & save them!
    Rescued Handicapped Dog Climbs Stairs to Save Family From Fire
  5. Duncan to the Rescue
  6. 16 Perfectly Timed Animal Photos You'll Love

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