Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 20 petitions and more

  1. No fracking on public lands! (US)
  2. Target U.S. Bank - HLS Lender Lets Lab Keep Killing (US)
    US Bank loan lets HLS kill more animals
  3. Urge Japan to stop killing whales
  4. Great white sharks off the coast of California are in big trouble.
  5. Demand that the BLM Implement New Guidelines for Wild Horses (US)
  6. Stop The Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter (US)
  7. Does our Planet Matter at all to Sally Jewell? (US)
  8. WI: Your Voice Is Needed Immediately in Watertown (WI)
  9. Stand for fish and wildlife, not fracking and drilling! (US)
  10. Europaweite Videoüberwachung an Schlachthöfen und Dokumentation
    Europe-wide video surveillance at slaughterhouses and documentation (confirmation needed)
    FB page: Europaweite Videoüberwachung an Schlachthöfen
  11. Used for Hunting, Discarded Like Trash
  12. Your Voice Can Fix the Dangerous King Amendment (US)
  13. Peta Deutschland e.V. - Tyke – Der letzte Auftritt - Dokumentation
    Use translate please: No Wild Animal in a Circus in Germany
  14. Wisconsin friends, please write for justice for Giggles
  15. An urgent threat to the Great Barrier Reef
  1. Protect Wildlife from Lead Ammunition
  2. Urge Conservation of the White-Lipped Peccary
  3. Don’t Let Dominican Republic Destroy Biological Reservation
  4. Support Conservation Organization’s Efforts to Protect Jaguars
  5. Rescind Punishment of Employee Who Exposed Inhumane Slaughterhouse Conditions
  6. Put All Chimpanzees on Endangered Species List
  7. End the Sale of Live Animals at PetSmart
  8. End Animal Testing in the United Kingdom
  9. Commend Iraq for Its First National Park
  10. Stop Toxic Open-Air Fumigation
MesOpinions.com (confirmation needed)

  1. Annulation de la nouvelle mesure d'abattage massif de loups
    Cancellation of the new mass slaughter of wolves
  2. Reconnaissance à PLANNING-CHAT de la qualité d'association d'intérêt général
    Recognition of 'PLANNING CHAT' (cat rescue and neutering organization), as a quality association of general interest.
  3. Halte aux massacres des phoques - Stop the Seal massacres!
  4. Que ces affreuses tueries soient stoppées et que les auteurs soient condamnés!
    Wildlife killings must stop and perpetrators must be punished!
  5. Que cesse le massacre des poussins! - Stop the chicken massacre!
  6. Contre les zoos de distraction et l'enfermement d'animaux dans des espaces trop petits! - Against zoos and confinement of animals in spaces that are too small!
  7. Pour que la plupart des plages de France soient autorisées aux animaux
    Allow animals on the beaches of France.
  1. Ontario Provincial Government: Remove the BSL ban
  2. Government in Ontario- Lift the pitbul ban in Ontario: Sign the petition so that pitbuls can be legal in Ontario
  3. Government of Ontario: Lift the ban on Pit Bull breeds in the province of Ontario.
  4. City of Meadow Lake: Stop the Addition of Breed Specific Legislation to the City's Dog Bylaw
  5. United States Congress: Pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (H,R, 1094/S,541)
  6. Sofortiges Einstellen aller Tierversuche bei Covance
    END all animal experiments at the American research organization 'Covance', conducting horrific animal experiments since 1997, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, Münster, Germany.
  7. Kocaeli Valiliği: BELLA'NIN ölümüne sebep olan yetkililerin cezalandırılması
    Turkey, Kocaeli Governor's Office: Punishment for the officials responsible for the electrocution of Bella, the dog who was drinking water from a new city fountain.
  8. University of Wisconsin-Madison: Stop the gruesome animal testing
  9. Mascota asesinada en California, USA: hechar de la fuerza policial a este asesino
  10. Stop India Dog Abuse Now.. UK Are supporting this be warned STOP NOW: Stop Abusing Dogs in anyway shape or form or go to court or prison.
  11. Clausura De Zoologico "Sahuatoba" Durango Mexico
    Mexico: Close "Sahuatoba" Zoo in Durango
  12. Oprah - Please support innovative shelter concepts to save millions of shelter pets
  13. Roswell Ohio City Council: Stop the new ordinance banning chickens
  1. Charge Christopher Dillingham with animal cruelty!
  2. Stop the Energy East Pipeline!
  3. STOP December Coyote Hunt In New Mexico!
  4. Retten Sie die Nashörner mit einem NEIN zur Legalisierung des Handels mit Rhinozerus Horn - Germany: save the Rhinos, NO to legalization of the trade in rhinoceros horn!
  5. Urge Stronger Justice for Abused Dogs by Woman in Dolton Found not Guilty
  6. Stop legal hunting for wild animals in Belarus.
  7. Petition Against Animal Cruelty in El Salvador
  8. Tell David Cameron to stop the slaughter of the European badger.
  9. Call Out Circus for Going Against Pledge to Stop Using Wild Animals!
  10. The Real Answer to Why our Dolphins are Washing Up? (target?!)
  11. Urge President Obama to Protect Idaho's Boulder-White Cloud Mountains
  12. Stop Cuadrilla test drilling and fracking for oil at Balcombe, West Sussex.
  13. Don't oil drilling Yasuni!
  14. Don't frack America (no target)
News & Polls:
  1. Government recognises vegan diet as viable option for all Australians
  2. Contest hunters kill 500+ prairie dogs
    The controversial prairie dog hunt sponsored by a Los Lunas gun store is over with hundreds of the animals dead. [...] The winner brought in around 230 tails.
  3. Website: Home | American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
    Please Support the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Litigation Fund
  4. Website: guadeloupe
    (please use translator) Guadeloupe is an island paradise for tourists... but not for the animals that live there, including the people who love them!
    Les conditions de vie des animaux sont souvent difficiles...
  5. Australians call for better laws to protect cattle
  6. Letter from Arthur Poletti to Pope Francis Being the First Vegan Pope
    God Wants Pope Francis To Be The First Vegan Pope And A Powerful Voice For The Voiceless!
  7. Curious Kitten Interrupts a Music Video -This is Too Funny!
  8. Adorable Baby Orangutans Find A Forever Home On World Orangutan Day (PHOTOS)
  9. What This Duck Does for Fun is the Weirdest Thing... But So Cute!
  10. Kittens On An Elephant Slide Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day (VIDEO)
  11. 11 Therapy Llamas That Will Make Your Heart Explode With Love

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