Friday, August 9, 2013

August 09 peititions and more

  1. Whips in racing - Take Action
  2. Tell USDA: Act Now to Safeguard Elephant Nosey
  3. Save the Bats! Urge Congress to Fight White-Nose Syndrome
  4. Help recover America's wolves (US)
  5. Greenpeace: Defend your neighbourhood from fracking (UK)
  6. The Flathead: Protect it, Connect it!
  7. Dolphin Drive Hunts Petition
  8. Our last chance to stop the New Zealand Dolphin becoming extinct.
  9. Push the City to implement mandatory cat & dog sterilisation in Cape Town - only registered breeders to be excluded.
  10. Don’t Let the Obama Administration Abandon Wolves!
  11. Pledge to Protect the Planet that Provides
  12. Protect Primates and People from Dangerous and Inhumane Trade (US)
  13. Stop the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand
  14. To stop dolphins and whales captivity in Japan. Set the captives free.
  15. We want the French and United States Governments to stop anyone using puppies and kittens as shark and alligator bait. Together we WILL put an end to this!
  16. Please Urge Michigan Track to Forgo Cruel Trapping
  17. Yellowstone Bison Action Alerts
  1. Commend Community for Saving Dog Used as Target Practice
  2. End the Sale of Live Animal Keychains
  3. Stop Making Pet Food with Indigestible Feather Meal
  4. Demand City Take Animal Abuse Seriously
  5. Punish Man for Keeping Dogs in Disgusting Conditions
  6. Applaud Costa Rica For Closing Zoos.
  7. Applaud Conservation Of African Lions.
  8. Protect The World's Smallest Marine Dolphins From Extinction.
  1. U.S. Congress: Ban All Breeding of Large Constrictor Snakes
  2. Seaworld, Orlando Florida: Free Tilikum
  3. Russian Department of Fisheries and Utrishskiy delphinarium: Allow a panel of experts to rehab & release 18 wild-caught Beluga Whales
  4. Fix the barn that houses your dairy cows and let them graze!
  5. South Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania: Stop their plans for the killing of all feral cats by a paid trapper!
  6. Tennessee Law Makers: PLEASE Enact "Pugsley Law" to the current TN Code § 39-14-217
  7. Tennessee government: Ban the sale of shark fin soup in Tennessee
  8. Stop the dangerous and cruel running of the bulls in the Chicago area
  9. Gunhawk Fire Arms: Stop the Prairie Dog Hunt August 10-17
  10. Reunion Island Government: Stop the Cull of 90 Sharks
  11. USPS profiling dog breeds and causing FEAR: Public apology to all customers.
  12. Waldport Community Dog Park
  13. Animal rights & rescue groups: mass stray dogs murder in Kuwait
  14. PETA y BIDEMA PDI CHILE: Castigo para estas personas por maltrato animal
    PETA and PDI Bidema CHILE: Punishment for these people for animal abuse (torture). Video in which Nicolas Rojas Galleguillos, Dery Navarrete Vega and two other people mistreat a cat, repeatedly hit him in the head and throw him up in the air on a tambourine. To report: Send a message to INTERPOL
  15. Travel companies: Stop encouraging holidaymakers to visit bullfights
  1. Stop the destruction of Alaska's Wildlife
  2. Stop Bullfighting in Spain
  3. End the Pit Bull Ban in Ontario
  4. Stop allowing the multiple breeding of animals for profit!
  5. STOP Baiting and killing our wolves in Yellowstone National Park!
  6. Stop the senseless killing of wildlife by the Texas Wildlife Rescue in Houston,TX.
  7. Punish Christopher Dillingham to the Fullest Extent of the Law for Killing His Dog With Explosives
  8. Stop Oil Companies from Desimating Africa's Virunga Park
  9. Verzoek aan Belgiƫ om het Zuid Afrikaanse voorstel betreffende de handel in neushoorn hoorn te verw - Request to Belgium to the South African proposal on weathered trade in rhino horn
  10. Ban The Use Of Wild Animals In Photographic Props
  11. Protect Our National Parks, Forests and Monuments from Fracking
  12. Save the Javan Slow Loris
  13. Save the Silky Sifaka
  14. Ask The Co-operative to stop using un-needed palm oil in their products!
  15. Fermate gli incendi in Sardegna - Stop fires in Sardinia
  16. Shell – Stop Disputing Amount of Oil Spilled in Nigeria
  17. Tell Lawmakers: Invest in the San Francisco Bay Area
  18. Endangered Albatrosses Are Getting Tangled in Fishing Lines: You Can Help
  19. Tell the Department of Interior: Protect Bryce Canyon from Dangerous Coal Mining
  20. Stop Illegal Logging and Illegal Trade
  21. Stop Penalizing Good Samaritans for Saving Puppies
  22. Stop Ringling Bros Circus from coming to Grand Rapids MI
  23. Save London's Green Spaces!
News & Polls
  1. Help us Save Milo : Neglected to an Extreme in Captivity
    Please help if you can and spread the word. Milo needs our help.
  2. VOICE your outrage over the death of the 4 Dingo pups.
  3. Groups join in effort for new Maine bear hunting referendum
    Vote - Do you think Maine should outlaw hunting bears with traps, hounds or over bait? YES! (now on 30.34%)
  4. Bont voor Dieren - Kijk! 3M - 3M Nederland
    Vote (Stem) for Fur for Animals / Bont voor Dieren, in 3M Funds' contest!
  5. Stichting Dutch Cell Dogs - Kijk! 3M - 3M Nederland
    Or vote (Stem) for Dutch Cell Dogs where inmates are training shelter dogs to become socially adapted and become adoptable.
  6. Behind the scenes: Investigating live exports
  7. Soi Dog Foundation: Adoption Information By Region
  8. Website: Animals Asia
    Animals Asia: Cat and Dog Welfare
    Hong Kong-based charity dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.
  9. Senator Ball Urges Governor To Approve Law That Would Require Animal Abusers To Pay For Care Of Seized Animals
  10. WSPA urges London Assembly to tackle wildlife crime
  11. Angela Smith MP appointed as a Vice President of the League Against Cruel Sports
  12. Newsletter: Friends of the Earth
    A dark venture: Tales from Borneo, the global heart of palm oil
  13. Victory: After ALF visit, farmers say they are out of the pheasant business
  14. Firefighters Rescue Newborn Kitten Trapped Beneath Floor
  15. One of God's Cutest Creatures Will Make Your Day
  16. 8 Year-Old Guardian Angel Does the Incredible for His Disabled Dog
  17. 4 Puppies Are Miraculously Rescued From an Air-Tight Tupperware Container

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