Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10 petitions and more

  1. Protect the Top End from oil, gas and seabed mining
  2. Ask Southern Illinois University to End the Use of Pigs in its Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  3. Tell New EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to End Mountaintop Removal for Coal
  4. Stop the Wolf Slaughter
  5. Thank Some Cool Companies
  6. Send a Postcard to a Tiger Ranger
  7. Send a Postcard to a Rhino Ranger
  8. Send a Postcard to an Elephant Ranger
  9. Tell Your Senator to Oppose The Sportsmen's Act 2013 (S. 1335) (US)
  10. Protect drinking water from fracking chemicals
  11. Protect Vulnerable Communities From Toxic Pollution - All Of It! 
  12. Cameroon’s chimps find themselves in palm oil’s firing line
  13. Send a message of support to London’s specialist wildlife police
  14. Demand the Full Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses We Were Promised
  15. Take Action! Campaigns @ The Animal Rescue Site
  16. Protect Chimpanzees Under the Endangered Species Act
  1. Ban sale/distribution of the shark fins and products containing shark fins.
  2. United States National Park Service: Implement regulations to aid in saving the Ridley's Kemp Sea Turtles.
  3. Tell South Newton Township killing feral cats is NOT acceptable!
  4. President Barack Obama, John Boehner, and Senate Harry Reed: Ban Shark Fin Soup in the United States
  5. Homeowners and residents : Oppose Tigers in Residential Neighborhoods - Malibu/Ventura, CA. (target?!)
  6. California & Everyone Around the World: Help put an end to puppy mills!
    (no target)
  7. Don’t Destroy Vital Cave System
  1. BAN "HARD RIDING" help stop Farida Khans and others Abuse & Cruelty to horses
  2. Don't allow HORSE TRIPPING in Nevada.
  3. Support Cruelty-Free Cosmetics
  4. Stop Aerial Wolf Hunting In Alaska NOW!
  5. Rengarenk Boyana Civciv ve Ă–rdekler - Chicks and ducks painted in colors
  6. Shut down Zoo America of Hershey Park PA
  7. Protect Innocent Dogs By Putting an End to Senseless Dog Fighting Rings!
  8. Eliminacion De Los Carros De Traccion A Sangre En Argentina (no target)
    Removal Of Blood Traction Carts in Argentina
  9. Stop Firing Employees for Saving Innocent Animals
  10. Oppose any proposal to ban dogs for Seattle public parks
  11. Enforce spay and neuter laws, amend chaining of dog laws
  12. Save the Rondo Dwarf Galago
  13. Save the Northern Sportive Lemur
  14. Increase the usage of wind turbines and solar panels
  15. Remove Shark Nets in Australia
  16. Urge NMFS To Rectify Exclusion of Lolita from the ESA and bring Lolita home!

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