Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30 petitions and more

  1. Losing Wolves Would Impoverish Us All (US)
  2. Guest Column: Fear mongering in Mohave County
  3. Please give Mexican wolves a voice by writing a letter to the editor today.
    Letter Writing Tips & Talking Points are provided.
    List of Public Officials
  4. Act Now to Ensure Mexican Wolf Recovery!
  5. Sentient Beings to have their own line in The Millennium Declaration
  6. Tell Montana: Let Wild Buffalo Roam! (US)
  7. Stop Animal Testing
  8. Que ces affreuses tueries soient stoppées et que les auteurs soient condamnés!
    Wildlife killings must stop and perpetrators must be punished! (confirm needed)
  9. Annulation de la nouvelle mesure d'abattage massif de loups
    Cancellation of the new mass slaughter of wolves (confirmation needed)
  10. Halte aux massacres des phoques - Stop the Seal massacres! (confirmation needed)
  11. Justice pour la minette de Bessoncourt ( 90 ) gravement blessée par une arme 22 long rifle - Justice for the cat shot by a riffle (confirmation needed)
  12. Justice For Skylar
  13. Newsletter: Email - Victory for California Wildlife and New "Adopt and Save a Life" Stickers Are Here
  14. Congress: It makes NO CENTS to cut down the Tongass (US)
  15. Stand with Sisters Against Fracking
  1. Applaud Efforts to Rescue Pit Bulls from Cruel Dog Fighting Ring
  2. Support Work Being Done by Animal Rescue Group
  3. Commend Miss America Contestant for Calling for an End to Animal Testing for Cosmetics
  4. Stop Exploitation of Elephants at Renaissance Festivals
  5. Applaud Conservation Research Efforts for Indian Pangolin
  6. Protect Britain’s Grey Long-Eared Bats
  7. Protect Estuaries from Sewage Pumping Station
  8. Commend Bioenergy Company on Alternative Fuel Projects
  9. Applaud App that Decreases Food Waste
  10. Commend State for Bike Share Program
  11. Defend Reduction of Fossil Fuel Use in Government Buildings
  12. Call on USDA to Support Natural Alternatives to Synthetic Fertilizers
  13. Commend Company on Plans to Increase Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  14. Praise White House for Protecting Environment
  1. Government: Bring in Animal Abuser Registry Legislation Now
  2. Justicia Por Los Animales Masacrados En Balcarce
    Argentina: Justice For The Animals Massacred In Balcarce!
  3. Alcalde de La Quebrada / Alcalde de Cañete: No al sacrificio de gatos en Cañete, Lima-Perú - Mayor of La Quebrada / Mayor of Cañete: No killing of cats in Cañete, Lima-Peru
  4. The Mayor of Valcea City Hall and Valcea police Department: To allow Animal welfare group access to the Valcea Public dog shelter
  5. PETA y BIDEMA PDI CHILE: Castigo para estas personas por maltrato animal
    PETA and PDI Bidema CHILE: Punishment for these people for animal abuse
  6. Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny: Global appeal to stop Irish race horse exports to China!
  7. Coolmore Stud: Stop Exporting Irish Horses To China
  8. Fa. Swarovski Austria A-6063 Rum bei Innsbruck: Stoppen Sie Werbung für Trophäenjagd. Finanzieren Sie „Kinder lieben Tiere“
    Company Swarovski Austria A-6063 Rum near Innsbruck: Stop advertising for trophy hunting. Finance educational program "Kids love animals"
  9. Прокуратура г. Барнаула:накажите живодеров, истязавших и поджегших бездомного кота - Russia, the prosecutor's office in Barnaul: Punish individuals who tortured and set on fire a stray cat (English version is below the Russian text)
  10. SPCA et POLICE: Demandons une enquête sur Stéphane Gendron pour possible cruauté envers les animaux - Call for an investigation to SPCA and the police regarding Stéphane Gendron's attitude that supports cruelty to animals.
  11. Gobierno De Mexico: Dejen De Matar Perros Y Gatos Callejeros
    Government Of Mexico: Stop Killing Stray Dogs And Cats
  12. Urge Kaporos Practitioners to Wave Money Instead of Chickens in 2013
    (Stop this cruel Jewish tradition)
  13. An die Kultusministerien der Bundesländer: Einführung „Tierschutz/Umweltschutz als Pflichtfach an unseren Schulen"
    To the ministries of the federal states: Introduce "Animal welfare / environmental protection as a compulsory subject in our schools"
  14. Send Pongky back home to the forest
  15. Secretary of State for Energy: Do Not Open the Planned Palm Oil Power Station in Avonmouth, Bristol
  16. Tribunal de Justiça do Estado de São Paulo (@TJSPoficial): Mantenham a decisão judicial que proíbe os Rodeios em Guararema #retrocessonão
    Brazil: Court of the State of São Paulo (@ TJSPoficial): Keep the court decision banning rodeos in Guararema # retrocessonão
  1. Stop Gruesome Dog Fights In The Name Of Friends
  2. Demand Justice For Thor the Bulldog Who Died in A Hot Car
  3. Stop Healthy Cats & Dogs From Being Euthanized
  4. Please allow dogs on the grass in Julian Abel Park
  5. President Obama: Demand Our Best Help Gets Admitted to Fukushima!
  6. Tell Obama to Ban Fracking
  7. Demand the elimination of gasoline powered leaf blowers. (target?!)
News and Polls
  1. US Wolf Refuge [VIDEO]
  2. FB page: American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
  3. Gelding Wild Stallions for Placement in Sanctuary
  4. Third fur farm raid in one month: 2,000 mink released in Illinois
  5. Serbia: 27/8/13 – Campaigners Now Ask Agriculture Ministry for Full Listing of Serbian Cat and Dog Shelters – In Accordance With the Law.
  6. Serbia: 27/8/2013 – Serbian Campaigners Write to Ministry of Agriculture Asking for Proof of ALL Serbian Rabies Outbreaks – and Where Has All the EU Provided Money for the Eradication of Rabies Throughout Serbia Actually Gone?
  7. Speciesism: The Movie May Change Your Worldview
    You’ll never look at animals the same way again
  8. Detroit grapples with stray dog epidemic
  9. Senator Dibble Speaks Out Against the King Amendment
  10. Website: Alley Cat Allies (news)
  11. Re-elected Labor 'would crack down on animal testing'
  12. An Abandoned Dog Family Gets Saved From a Terrible Life on the Streets

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