Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19 petitions and more

  1. ACTION ALERT: Protect B.C.’s water from corporate freeloaders
    enter “HOPE” for territory
  2. Tell TransCanada's CEO where to stick Keystone.
  3. Restore Clean Water for River Otters
  4. Tell The National Pork Board to Say "NO!" to Cruel Crates for Pigs!
  5. Help Save Japan's Dolphins! (list of petitions)
  6. The Cove: Sign the Petition to Help Save Japan's Dolphins
  7. Help us Continue the Fight for Wolves! (US)
  8. HELP US Change Brooks Animal Shelter in San Antonio Texas
  9. Stop The Senseless Killing Of Staten Island Turkeys
  10. Our environment is worth more than palm oil
  11. End dog breed discrimination in military housing
  1. Don't Palm Us Off
  2. Stop The Kangaroo Cull
  3. Stop Proposed Cull of Kangaroos at Majura, ACT
  4. Stop Australia's Wildlife Slaughter
  5. Moratorium urgently needed: Kangaroos heading for Extinction
  1. Demand Raceway Remove Cruel Animal Traps
  2. Retrofit Hazardous Railway Oil Carriers
  3. Commend New York for Creating Animal Abuser Registry
  4. Condemn Court for Lifting Monsanto Ban
  5. End Animal Testing in the United Kingdom
  6. Cancel Cruel Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Shows
  7. Stop Landlords From Banning Certain Dog Breeds
  8. Commend Crackdown on Horse Drugging at Competitions
  9. Support New Makeover Plan for National Park
  10. Suspend Bee-Killing Insecticides
  1. Don't disturb Quail status: It's not poultry - Sukanya Kadyan
  2. No más maltrato a los perros.
    No more cruelty to dogs/greyhounds.
  3. Presidente Junta de Andalucía y Consejero de Agricultura y Pesca.: No a la legalización de otra forma de maltrato hacia los perros de caza. - Andalusian President and Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries: No to legalization of other forms of maltreatment of hunting dogs.
  4. NHK World Broadcasting Corporation: Research what is going on in Taiji, Wakayama and broadcast what you find.
  5. Haagen-Dazs: Stop supporting IMATA (International Marine Animal Trainers Association)
  6. Михаил Абдувалиевич Ташматов: просим оказать помощь в эвакуации домашних животных из затопленных районов - Michael Abduvalievich Toshmatov: please assist in the evacuation of pets from flooded areas  (Khabarovsk region, Russia)
  7. Sr Gobernador Claudio Poggi: No A La Ley 1088 (Matanza Masiva De Animales)
    Argentina, Gov. Sr. Claudio Poggi: NO to Law 1088 (mass killing of Animals)
    The national decree of 2011 is open to the mass killing of dogs. Provinces and Municipalities are now deciding whether to adhere or not.
  8. Al Sr Gobernador de la pcia de Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli: SE CIERRE EL ZOO DE Colon- Provincia de Buenos Aires -Argentina.
    Governor of Buenos Aires, Mr. Daniel Scioli: Close the Colon Zoo located in the city of Columbus, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  9. Lutamos juntos a delegacias de defesa para os animais em todo Brasil!
    Specialized police unit for animals, to speed up investigations and prosecutions of crimes against animals. A fast and effective way to combat violence against defenseless beings.
  10. Congresso Nacional: Aprove Penas maiores para crimes contra os animais, no novo Código Penal Brasileiro! - National Congress: Approve higher sentencing for crimes against animals, in the new Brazilian Penal Code!
  11. Maltrato de un gato
    Chile. Punish these men for severely abusing a cat!
  12. Johnny Carrasco, Alcalde del Municipio de Pudahuel: Castigo al ciudadano Jonathan Bryan Cornejo - Chile, Johnny Carrasco, Mayor of Pudahuel: Punishment for Jonathan Bryan Cornejo for animal (cat) torture
  13. Ayuntamiento Cisterniga: Queremos que se denuncie y despida a los responsables de la muerte a palazos de un gato - City Cisterniga, Spain: We want you to find and sentence those responsible for the death of a cat beaten with sticks
  14. Ley a favor de los animales: que suban la condena hacia las personas que maltraten a cualquier animal - Spain: Act on behalf of animals: more condemnation of people who mistreat any animal (no target)
  15. Departamento de Protección y Control Animal Zona Sur: Captura y castigo de Juan Castillo Perez por maltrato animal - Mexico, Department of Animal Protection and Control, South zone: Arrest and Punish Juan Castillo Perez for animal abuse
  16. Al alcalde Rafel Torres como responsable de la Policía Local de Inca.: Que la Policía Local de Inca muestre respeto por las personas y animales - Mayor Rafael Torres as head of the local police Inca, Spain: We ask the Inca Local Police to show respect for people and animals
  17. McDonald's : Suspender el uso de jaulas de confinamiento en la industria porcina
    Colombia, McDonald's: Stop using confinement cages in the pig industry
  18. A Prefeitura Municipal do Natal: Pela criação de um posto fixo de esterilização de cães e gatos em Natal-RN. - Brasil, City Hall Christmas: Start a fixed sterilization project for dogs and cats in Natal-RN
  19. Municipalidad de Ingeniero Huergo. Río Negro. Castraciones para canes y felinos gratis. - Argentina, Huergo City Engineer, Black River: Start free neutering project for dogs and cats
  20. ©ALSA Grupo S.L.U.: Permitan viajar con más de una mascota por persona
    ©ALSA Group SLU, Spain: Allow traveling with more than one pet per person
  21. Miguel Angel Handlebar: Que se construya un hospital de beneficiencia para perros
    Miguel Angel Handlebar, Mexico: Build a charitable veterinarian clinic for dogs
  1. Please help us to stop that cruel killing of cats and dogs in Vladivostok!
  2. Remove Gert Fylking from Radio 1, Sweden
  3. Justice for Baylee & Miss Terrier - Please help raise awareness of horrific sexual animal abuse (no target)
  4. Australian Government must make labelling of Palm Oil mandatory. (no target)
  5. US – Help Save the Ecuadorian Rainforest from Oil
  6. Protect the Yasuní National Park from Oil Explotation
  7. Evitar la intervención petrolífera en el bloque 31 de la reserva Yasuní (Ecuador) - Avoid oil exploration in block 31 of the Yasuní Nature Reserve, Ecuador, a mega-diverse ecosystem unique in the world. Fragmentation of a smaller ecosystem  is devastating, taken into account the diversity per unit area of ​​the reserve.
  8. Save the Snow Leopard
  9. Save the Bornean Bay Cat
  10. Marcia Mayeda - Please encourage all LA County Animal Shelter Directors to attend ACES Conference
  11. Irish Kennel Club stop Backyard Breeders!
  12. Do not apologise to Indonesia for the torture of animals Tony Abbott MP (no target)
  13. Help Eliminate Horse Drawn Carriages in Salt Lake City
  14. Limited Breeding of Rabbits
  15. Making Manatees Safer
News & Polls
  1. Donate $5.00 - Make the National Rally for Wolves on 9/7 a Success!
  2. Sanctuary Stories: A Photo Project to End Factory Farming
  3. Pens cut open, birds released in Oregon
  4. Orcas Struggle For Survival Against Big Ag
    Mega-farms would exterminate Puget Sound whales' main food: salmon
  5. Join the fight against waste, fraud and abuse
  6. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will establish a year-round manatee refuge in Kings Bay, which hosts the largest natural concentration of manatees in Florida—and was until recently one of the most dangerous places for manatees. Website: Save the Manatee Club
  7. Blackfish tells the important and emotionally moving story of Tilikum, a "performing" orca whale at Seaworld. It includes the life of Tilikum, the species' cruel treatment in captivity, the lives and losses of the trainers and the pressures exerted by the multi-billion dollar sea-park industry. The story sadly reveals how little humans have learned from these highly intelligent and enormously sentient fellow mammals. The link will take you to where the movie is being shown around the world. Blackfish Official Film Site

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