Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 27 petitions and more

  1. Level the playing field for solar power in New Zealand!
  2. Ban the Use of Animals in Circuses
  3. Russia - allow peaceful Arctic protests
  4. Rivers Work Better When They’re Wet
  5. Crack Down on Spectators at Animal Fights
  6. It's Like Living in an Airline Seat
  7. Bolivia, Stop the Military butchering of Animals!
  8. Send your protest mail, Peru, Cat Meat, Cat Torture!
  9. Collapsed Horse Tied Up, Dragged, and Hoisted on Forklift : Please Protest
    Update from Amy Meyer
    Jerry the carriage horse revealed dead
    It saddens me to tell you that Carriage for Hire admitted today that Jerry, the horse who collapsed last Saturday while pulling a carriage in downtown Salt Lake City, has died. The carriage company tried at first to deceive the media and the public with a photo of a standing horse on Wednesday, but it was not Jerry. Only after they were called out on the photo discrepancy did they tell the media Jerry was retired to a farm, but refused to say where the farm is or allow them to see Jerry. No one had seen Jerry since the accident, including Salt Lake County Animal Services, but the company claims Jerry did not die until Friday. I, for one, do not find Carriage for Hire to be worthy of anyone's trust after all their lies this past week. Jerry's collapse and death are tragic evidence that we need to ban horse carriages on SLC streets. For more on this story see: Jerry the carriage horse died Friday after collapsing in Salt Lake City We will not let Jerry's death be forgotten. Please join us this TUESDAY, August 27 at 5:00 for the 'Justice for Jerry' vigil on the Northwest corner of the Salt Lake City County Building. Signs and leaflets will be provided for this silent protest to let Salt Lake City residents and City Council know why we want a complete ban of horse carriages on the streets of SLC. Just before 7:00 pm, we will walk in to the City Council meeting to present the signers of our change.org petition to the Salt Lake City Council and offer our input during the public comment time. Please dress appropriately and be sure to be polite in your comments. Keep in mind that the City Council is taking this issue very seriously and we should respect that they must have a deliberative process before enacting any ordinance. For more information about the 'Justice for Jerry' vigil, see 'Justice for Jerry' Vigil. You can also contact amy.meyer2009@gmail.com if you have questions regarding the event. Thank you for taking a stand for horses in Salt Lake City.
  10. Save Our Marine Life – The future of our marine life is in the balance
  11. Petition: declaration of origin and method of fishing! (Please use translator)
  12. Sign Petition - I support a Constitutional amendment saying that corporations are not people and they do not have the right to spend money to buy our politicians.
  1. End Captivity of Sea Mammals at Theme Parks
  2. Respect Residents’ Protests – Stop Fracking of English Village
  3. Tell Guam That We All Have a Say In Coral Reef Conservation
  1. Tell Secretary Jewell: Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts
  2. Bureau of Land Management & U.S. Fish and Wildlife: Cease plans to euthanize desert tortoises
  3. U.S. Attorney George Beck: Donate Seized Funds From Dog-Fighting Rings To Humane Societies
  4. EU and UN: Stop Korean sadist- barbaric tradition in Russia
  5. Alcadesa de San Luis de Cañete Perú: prohíba el consumo de gatos en el festival Curruñao - Mayor of San Luis de Canete, Peru: Prohibit the use of cats in the festival Curruñao
  6. Claire Perry MP: Highlight this cruelty, apply pressure to get this stopped
  7. Presidente Obama e tutte le associazioni a favore degli animali.: Far smettere di uccidere, i cani in Romania, Spagna, Ucraina, ecc
    President Obama and all associations in favor of animals: Dog massacres in Romania, Spain, Ukraine, etc. should be stopped!
  8. Consul-General of Japan in Hong Kong: Please STOP the annual Taiji slaughter and capture of cetaceans.
  9. Save the Slender Loris: Stop illegal use in black magic rituals
  10. Neville Greeley, Mayor of Cornerbrook, Newfoundland: Allow the dump site cats to be helped.
  11. The Kennel Club, UK: Ban irresponsible exhibitors for life that leave dogs in unsuitable vehicles on hot days
  12. The People and City Council of Oshawa, Ontario: Ban the Sale of Non-Rescue/Shelter Pets in Oshawa, Ontario Pet Stores
  13. Gladstone Regional Council Environment and Regulation Councillor: Ban circus's that use exotic animals
  1. Save cats from torture and slaughter in Peru
  2. Stop Barbaric Torture and Consumption of Domestic Animals!
  3. Save the Coyotes in San Bernardo, CA
  4. Stop Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji
  5. Urge Texas Tech University leaders to install a one-way excluder door at Drane Hall immediately on behalf of the stray cats
  6. Help Stop Horse Slaughter! (target?!)
  7. Stop met het aanbieden van gratis dieren op marktplaats
    Netherlands: Stop offering free animals on marketplace
  8. Stop cruelty against animals in Morocco
  9. China: Stop Massacring Turtles in Foreign Waters!
  10. Stop Bear Farming For Furs And Bile (no target)
  11. Tell First Responders to Carry Pet Oxygen Masks
  12. Stop tying of dog  ...
  13. Save Malaysia's Rainforest
  14. Save the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center
News & Polls
  1. It's Like Living in an Airline Seat
  2. FB album: SOS! Save the animals in Russian Federation (and in CIS countries)
  3. More on Russia: Noble Assembly - Imperial Society of Cruelty to Animals  (use translator please) Send a letter to the President - Ask to sign and ratify the treaty for the protection of (pet) animals! European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals - Treaty open for signature by the member States and for accession by non-member States (Status as of: 27/8/2013) - Russia did not sign nor ratify this.
  4. Faut-il interdire la corrida? - France, Should bullfighting be banned? YES! OUI!
  5. Light a Candle for the Pilot Whales, Faroe Islands
  6. Roger project by AsND [VIDEO] Adopt Roger! Nobody Dogs, Romania
  7. Urgent Cats at Jasper Animal Control in Monticello GA
  8. Chris and her puppies for adoption (use translator please)
  9. FB group: Activists against CAT abuse 
  10. Catification Makeover Voting Please vote for Puffy Paws!
  11. Cat Sells “Pawtographs” to Raise $1,000 for Homeless Pets
  12. Little Girl and Baby Gorilla Become Friends [VIDEO]
  13. Newsletter: Celebrate National Dog Day with a Victory for WV greyhounds
  14. The Most Inspiring Dog Rescues You'll Ever See - a Must-See Compilation

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