Sunday, August 25, 2013

August 25 petitions and more

  1. CLICK ON LINK and please read this article and SIGN petition and the attached letter to Mr. Dan Ashe, Director US Fish and Wildlife Service - See more at: Help Maintain Federal Wolf Protections --- PLEASE SHARE! There is only less than a month to comment! On Becoming a Wolf Activist—Do the wolf waltz
  2. Suspended sentence given for this horrendous Animal cruelty.
    A pledge to tell the Judge to JAIL the owners for Animal Cruelty.
  3. Stop the Indiscriminate Slaughter of Wildlife
  4. Trek de grens: tot hier en niet verder!
    Kongo, No to Oil drilling in the Virunga Park
  5. Polluting our Last Hope (US)
  6. Stop schaliegas - teken de petitie! - Stop Shale Gas, the Netherlands.
  7. Love Spain, Hate Bullfighting?
  1. Protect Indian Elephants From Being Hit by Speeding Trains
  2. Thank Primate Sanctuary for Keeping Monkeys Safe
  1. Генпрокуратура РФ: требуем наказания живодера /we demand the punishment of the murderer kittens - We demand Justice for murdering Kittens!
  2. Halal meats and slaughtering in Australia: Ban it in Australia
  3. St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office: Maximum punishment to Adrienne Martin for the killing of Brownie
  4. 박근혜대통령각하님: 잔인한 악습 개식용은 하루빨리 법적으로 금지되어야 합니다. President Geun-Hye Park: Please Ban the Dog Meat Trade in S. Korea
  5. Say NO to Using Ivory in Religious Art
    Article: Elephants killed for their ivory
    FB page: One World Wildlife
  1. Stop Ashley Nicole Richards From Torturing And Brutally Murdering Anymore Innocent Animals
  2. Make Animal Abuse a Felony
  3. Stop Approving Hunting Licenses for Children
  4. STOP Retail/Online Puppy Sales in San Diego County!
  5. Tell All Vet's And Animal Control People In Canada To Stop Killing (Euthanizing) Healthy Dogs And Cats
  6. Stop The Discovery Channel from airing The Last Huntsmen
  7. Stop British Army Shooting Live Pigs
  8. Stop Papanack Zoo!
  9. Keep Liz at Knox County Humane Society!
  10. Stop The Sale Of Animals On Etsy
  11. Starbucks Lovers Want Vegan Options (target?!)
  12. Save Yasuni National Park
  13. Demand that the Super Trawler stays out of Australian waters
  14. Save 12,422 trees every year! Tell the MLA to change its environmentally-unfriendly standards!
  15. Stop the line 9 reversal through the Waterloo Region (target?!)
  16. Say No to more oil drilling in Norway
  17. Grow trees on Altamont Pass hills
  18. Demand Full, PUBLIC Disclosure of Fracking Chemicals
News and Polls
  1. Cornwall ~ Please Help To Catch The Scum That Threw Kittens From Car Onto Penryn Falmouth Bypass
  2. U.S. Navy to Increase Sonar Training and Underwater Detonations Despite Injury to Marine Mammals
  3. The Journey Yet to Be But Not Forgotten - A cruel story with hope.
  4. The Double Life of Dr. Lawrence A. Hansen
  5. Urgent: Help us save the Fallon slaughter-bound horses!
  6. Newsletter - Farm Sanctuary News
  7. Please vote $1,000 Catification Makeover Finalists
    Please vote for Puffy Paws Kitty Haven – Englewood, FL
    also vote on the Shelter Challenge
  8. Small Business - Big Game
    Please vote for Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary, German Valley, IL
    also vote on the Shelter Challenge
  9. Welcome to the Team Viva! The elite fundraising force for animals!
  10. Dinner for Justice - Join DFW Rescue Me for a three course dinner from the chefs at Sambuca to remember Justice and raise money for the Justice Fund benefiting injured and abused dogs.
  11. Survival of Florida Panthers: The Hope Continues
  12. Veteran's service dog 'Dutch' is finally free
  13. Lily The Lamb And Shekel The Dog Are Best Friends (VIDEO)
  14. When Animals Adopt Other Animals - This is So Heartwarming
  15. How One Silly Cat Saved the Lives of Strays All Over the Country
  16. Things Cats Teach Us [VIDEO]
  17. Kittens First Day Outside [VIDEO]
  18. Fat Cat Doesn't Want To Go On A Diet [VIDEO]
  19. Something Awesome Happens When Animals Use a Trampoline

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