Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3rd petitions

  1. Thank Premier Clark for Opposing the Northern Gateway Pipeline!
  2. Oppose the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill (US)
  3. Rio Grande: Living River or Dead Ditch? (US)
  4. Add Your Name to Protect the Indian River Lagoon
  5. 1 Million to Save Bengal Tigers
  6. India: Save our tigers
  1. Commend Philippine Airlines for Ceasing Primate Shipments
  2. Stop Florida Bull Run
  3. Reprimand Meat Company for Inhumane Treatment of Pigs
  4. Demand Justice for Puppy Clubbed to Death
  5. Refuse McDonald’s Genetically Engineered Fries
  6. Ban the Sale of Horse Meat in the U.S.
  7. Protect Wildlife from Lead Ammunition
  8. Stop Destroying Wetlands to Build Unnecessary Bypass
  9. Urge Conservation of the White-Lipped Peccary
  1. Hillsborough County Animal Services & County Commissioners, Tampa, Fl.: Change input handling of "Owner Surrender Cat(s)
  2. Stop the use of inhumane steel leg hold traps to trap and destroy coyotes in Blunn Creek
  3. Kenosha County Officials: Conduct an investigation into the killing of baby Deer Giggles
  4. New York Economic Development Committee: Pass Assembly bill A6082-2013--Pet Grooming Licensing
  5. Remove the Fur-GO-Pet Deshedder for Large Dogs from the Market
  6. Mandate Mandatory Microchips and Scanning of all Pets
  1. Save the wildlife in Taiwan
  2. Verhoog de boete voor het achterlaten van dieren in hete auto's
    Increase the penalty for leaving animals in hot cars
  3. Tell CTV to stop running commercials that promote animal slavery (Marineland)
  4. Make Animal Abuse a Felony
  5. Stop Wisconsin DNR 's abuse of Power
  6. Save Nosey from Decades of Torture
  7. Dile al parlamento de la India que detenga la matanza de las vacas sagradas
    Tell the Parliament of India to stop the slaughter of sacred cows
  8. Please stop the overflowing from Fukushima nuclear power plant to protect marine animals.
  9. Ban Ringling Bros. from Arizona!
  10. Stop The Pollution In Saint Lucie River
  11. Clean Up/Stop Illegal Dumping
  12. Stop energy company Cuadrilla drilling/fracking for oil in West Sussex
  13. Provide glass recycling to East Peoria

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