Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31 petitions

  1. Help Protect Orcas from Dirty Coal
  2. The Flathead: Protect it, Connect it!
  3. Send your marine park message to Tony Abbott
  4. NO PIG WRESTLING In Wisconsin (WI)
  5. Oregon's Dirty Little Secret (OR)
  6. Say no to recreational hunting in NSW National Parks.
  7. This is "the world's greatest county fair"? (US)
  8. Tell USDA to Stop Public Contact with Captive Wildlife
    copy/paste the sample comment in the link provided
    and there is a petition, too - Ask USDA to Ban Cub Handling
  9. Contact Danish Embassies: STOP the senseless and barbaric killing of precious marine wildlife
  10. Help change the odds for greyhounds
  11. Write Wild - Say NO to mining in Clayoquot Sound!
  12. WA: Yakima Citizens, Please Take Action For Safe Communities (WA)
  13. ASP! Don't Let this Bill Kill Eco-Progress
  14. Boycott SeaWorld!
  15. Another victory for the Tasmanian Forest Agreement
    Call, Email or Tweet (sample letter is provided)
  16. Peta Deutschland e.V. - Tyke – Der letzte Auftritt - Dokumentation
  17. Horses Aren’t Food! Pass the SAFE Act
  1. Stop Police Officers From Shooting Dogs And Cats
  2. Declare the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge's coastal plain a National Monument.
  3. Enforce current, established Animal Welfare Act regulations for the housing of the orca whale Lolita.
  4. President Obama please enact the Recommendation of the National Academy of Sciences and Stop the removal of Mustangs.
  5. Intercede immediately in the Fukushima Nuclear crisis and lead a global effort to contain the poisoning of the earth.
  6. Make BSL's illegal across the United States, and Dissolve existing BSL's that are in standing.
  7. End dog breed discrimination in military housing
  8. An Animal Abuse Registry is just as important as a Child Abuse/Pedophile Registry.
  9. Put a price on carbon pollution and make the polluters pay for the damage they are doing to our environment.
  10. Ban Monsanto's Genetically modified Food products in the United States.
  1. Increase Conservation Efforts of Indochinese Tiger
  2. Save Tiger Habitats from Coal Mining Operations in India
  3. Ensure the Protection of Myanmar’s Forests
  1. Stop the Great Bull Run in the Houston area
  2. Lawrence County Alabama: Build a county owned Animal Shelter And Hire Animal control officers
  3. Elanco, FDA and Eli Lilly: RECALL Trifexis - Flea & Heartworm treatment for dogs
  4. Plea for Puffins! Heartworm preventative meds killed my Puffins!
  5. NJ Authorities Dredging Delaware Raritan Canal: Help Save Wildlife.
  6. Mayor Frank Jackson: Take steps to immediately improve conditions at the City Kennel
  7. The U.S. Senate: Stop the Continued Attacks on the Clean Water Act
  8. Tell Secretary Jewell: No Drilling in the Arctic Ocean
  9. Stop Raising our Rates for Dirty Energy
  1. Tell the General Assembly to Protect Clean Energy in North Carolina!

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