Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18 petitions and more

  1. Petição Pelo Fim dos Subsídios Públicos à Tauromaquia nos Açores
    Petition to End Subsidies to Public Bullfighting in the Azores (confirmation needed)
  2. Dolphins Call Each Other Out by Their Names
  3. Rodeo Horses need your help!
  4. Save the Cameroonian rainforest -- stop the Herakles Farms' project!
  5. Monsanto go home
  1. Please help to change Animal Welfare laws in NL so that sick people like Franz Kamp do not walk free
  2. Stop slaughter auctions of wild horses now!
  3. Strict control of the sale of pets on the internet
  4. Urge China to introduce an Animal Protection Law
  5. Give Farm Animals Worldwide Protection
  6. Ask Canadian Retailer #SportingLife to stop selling cruel FUR PRODUCTS
  7. Help donkey that was abused by Military man on video
    no target but there is a FB link to the video
  8. Hogdog fighting (target?!)
  9. Stop Taiwan Council of Agriculture to Inject Rabies Virus to Dogs
  10. Impeachment, removal from office
  11. Stäng av Gert Fylking från hans arbete som programledare
    Fire Gert Fylkinggatan from his work as a hostess at MTG Media. He exceeded all limits of what is acceptable when he expressed that the public should kill or drown summer cats.
  12. Justice for Bunny and Pippin: Close Barrow County Animal Control
  13. Demand the Great Bull Run Comply with the Animal Welfare Act
  14. Please relocate only, do not kill this gentle guest!
  15. Protect orangutans habitat
  16. Estudante e designer holandesa humaniza animais para desfiles
    Student and Dutch designer named Cecilia Valentine decided to make public what she said would be an innovative way of using animal skins, although they are still alive. Premiered at the graduation parade at Rietveld with a line "Fur is Alive", which according to the artist is an alert for mortality caused by the fur industry while showing the natural beauty of each animal.
  17. Evitar la intervención petrolífera en el bloque 31 de la reserva natural Yasuní (en Ecuador) - Avoid oil exploration in block 31 of the Yasuní Nature Reserve, Ecuador, a mega-diverse ecosystem unique in the world. Fragmentation of a smaller ecosystem is devastating, taken into account the diversity per unit area of ​​the reserve.
  18. Stop Animals Performing in Circuses USA
  19. Elephant Abuse in Ohio Needs Your Immediate Action
    PETA petition inside this petition is closed/deleted.
  20. Stop catching wales and sharks by Japanese and others
  21. Stop the extinction and overfishing of seahorses in its tracks before it's too late!
  22. Save The Dogs! End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)
  23. Save the Tarkine
    The Tarkine is the largest area of Gondwanan Temperate Rainforest in Australia. A second mine has just been approved by the Federal Government. It must be stopped!
  24. Stop Nestle's Free Extraction of BC Water
News & Polls
  1. The Obama Administration’s Stealth Horse Slaughter Program
  2. American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
    Latest Update: Final update from ‪#‎FallonSlaughter‬: 316 horses sold at auction. Kill buyers probably got 200. We got 149 unbranded horses pulled from the auction. This was a nightmare day. All we can say tonight is that we're going to double down on our campaign to ‪#‎KeepWildHorsesWild‬. We hope you'll keep fighting with us.
  3. Animal Welfare: New article on animal welfare in Romanian Constitution
  4. Victory! Army to Stop Tormenting Ferrets
    related: STOP Ferrets From Being Tortured!
    Urge Lackland Air Force Base to Stop Tormenting Ferrets
  5. ALBUM: Cartersville, Georgia area URGENT ANIMALS
  6. Oliver, the Broken Bear
  7. England (UK): SAV Works With Very Supportive English Green Party MEP To Ask Serbian Authorities About Serbian Animal Welfare – Especially Shelter ‘Azil Alex’.
  8. Companion Animal Rescue Effort (CARE)  is a network of safe havens for the animals of domestic violence victims in New Mexico. CARE empowers individuals to leave abusive home environments by providing temporary housing for companion animals, livestock and exotic animals.
  9. Gun shop has prairie dog hunt contest
  10. HidroAysén Not the Right Future for Chile
  11. FB Page: Help Save Jack
    Jack will be released next weekend... read more here
  12. Victory! Puget Sound’s Orcas Will Stay Protected
  13. See What This Dog's Hilarious Morning Routine is =)
  14. Heroic Police Officer Carries Injured Dog to Safety - Incredibly Touching Scene
  15. Hilarious Kitten Does the Cutest Things When it Sees a Camera
  16. Tourists Rescue a Suffocating Seal Found Trapped in Nets
  17. The Ending of This Video Will Stun You - There is Power in Words

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