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STOP the senseless and barbaric killing of precious marine wildlife‏


Brutal Death and Suffering; Business as Usual in The Faroe Islands
And the Bloodlust Continues in the Faroe Islands...
Clive Standen, Star of TV’s “VIKINGS,” Says “REAL Men Don’t Whale”

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To whom it concerns,

It’s been an extremely bloody few weeks in the Ferocious Isles, even by Faroese standards. On August 8, 107 Long-finned Pilot whales were slaughtered in Sandavágur.
On August 11, 21 were butchered in Leynar and on the 13th, 135 lost their lives in Húsavík.

Pilot whales are currently classified in the family Delphindae and are therefore dolphins. In the end they are all cetaceans, mammals, intelligent sentient beings.

Know that I strongly oppose the senseless and barbaric killing of precious marine wildlife.

Killing for food is not an excuse for cruelty in the same way as the need for labor is not an excuse for slavery. Further, Pilot whales are unfit for food as stated in this link: Dietary recommendation on the consumption of pilot whale meat and blubber and in this one: Faroe islanders told to stop eating 'toxic' whales

The Faroe Islands don’t need to kill dolphins for food as the era of isolation and dependence on maritime resources is far behind us. There is a high standard of living in the islands and supermarkets are everywhere.

As I am very upset by the grinds, I will not buying your products and I will urge my supermarkets and governments not to import them.



The chase and beaching of the animals is extremely stressful and inhumane for them, and once its spinal cord has been cut, it can take several minutes for the animal to die. No discrimination is made as to mothers and babies, pregnant females, family units — all are slaughtered.

A morbid scene: Children sit upon a newly killed
Pilot Whale after a Grind in The Faroes.

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