Friday, August 23, 2013

August 23 petitions and more

  1. Help End Iceland's Illegal Whale Hunt!
  2. Keep California's Bright Spot Shining: Say No to AB 327 (CA)
  3. Help protect whales from entanglement
  4. Support an audit of the USDA Wildlife Services Lethal Predator Control Program
  5. Don't Let Ag-gag Bills Hide Animal Cruelty
  6. Stop the Dumping of Rodenticides on the Farallon Islands 2013
  7. Thank President Obama & Help Military Families (US)
  8. Tell Washington University to Stop Hurting Cats
  9. Tell Producers to Cut SeaWorld Scenes Out of 'Anchorman' Sequel
  10. China: Stop the Cruel Dog and Cat Fur Trade!
  11. Stop the slaughter of stray dogs by MSPCA in Mauritius
  12. Introduce foster homes to save stray dogs life
  13. Stop live animal trauma training in the military
  14. Tell Secretary Jewell: Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts
  15. Latest animal killing contest proves decisive action needed
    Find out how you get involved in banning kill contests
  16. Congress: Elephants are on the brink
  17. Captive Primate Safety Act (S.1463)
  18. Action Alerts |
  19. URGENT: Pigs Abused at Events Need Your Voice
  20. Protect West Virginia From Mining Devastation
  1. Protect the Andean Mountain Cat
  2. Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws
  3. Praise Cuba’s Adoption of First Solar Farm
  4. Commend Montana for Protecting Yellowstone’s Wolves
  5. Don’t Forcibly Remove Feral Cats From Their Natural Home
  6. Applaud Efforts to Prohibit Primate Trade
  7. Hold Chevron Accountable for Polluting the Amazon
  1. Don't Let the Oil and Gas Industry Write Its Own Rules for Our Public Lands
  2. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MOF): Stop the proposals for clearcut logging on Gambier Island
  3. Governador Jaques Wagner e Prefeito Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto: Criem uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais na Bahia
    Governor Jaques Wagner and Mayor Antonio Carlos Magalhães Neto: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Bahia
  4. Governador Cid Gomes: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Ceará
    Governor Cid Gomes: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Ceará
  5. Governador Agnelo Queiroz: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Distrito Federal - Governor Agnelo Queiroz: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in the Federal District
  6. Renato Casagrande: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Espírito Santo
    Renato Casagrande: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in the Holy Spirit
  7. Sr. Governador Beto Richa: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Paraná
    Mr. Governor Beto Richa: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Paraná
  8. Governador Eduardo Campos: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais em Pernambuco - Governor Eduardo Campos: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Pernambuco
  9. Governador Tarso Genro: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Rio Grande do Sul - Governor Tarso Genro: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in Rio Grande do Sul
  10. Criação de uma Delegacia Especializada de Proteção aos Animais em Natal-RN
    Create a Specialized Animal Protection Police Department in Natal-RN
  11. Governador Raimundo Colombo: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no Estado de Santa Catarina - Governor Raimundo Colombo: Create an Office for the Protection of Animals in the State of Santa Catarina
  12. Ayuntamiento de La Garriga / Generalitat de Catalunya: Acabar con los maltratos de perros de cazadores en La Garriga. - Spain, City of La Garriga / Generalitat de Catalunya.: Stop the abuse of hunting dogs in La Garriga
  13. Prou de maltractament de gossos de caçadors a la Garriga. Volem que les administracions actuïn. - Spain: Stop abuse of hunting dogs in La Garriga. We want the government to act.
  14. Gobierno: Modificacion De La Ley De Proteccion A Animales
    Government of Spain: Amendments to the Animal Protection Law
  15. Turkey plans to kill all stray animals!
  16. Prime Minister of Turkey: please drop the 2012 amendment
  17. The Prime Minister of Turkey: Stop Turkey’s proposed Death Camps for stray animals!
  1. Stop the Slaughter of the American Gray Wolf
  2. Save the Asiatic Wild Dog
  3. Save the Golden Lion Tamarin
  4. Tell the EPA: Adopt Strong Limits on Toxic Coal Ash Today!
  5. Urge Gov. McCrory to Veto House Bill 74
  6. Federal Government: Stop Feeding Wild Elk!
  7. Vogliamo Richiamare L'attenzione Dell'italia Affinche' Respinga La Proposta Del Sudafrica Di Liberal - South Africa announced the intention to authorize the farms for breeding and selling of rhino horn. It's preparing a proposal to lift the ban on the trade in rhino horn for Cites Cop 17, to be held in South Africa in 2016. Sign to show you are against this.
  8. Retten Sie die Nashörner mit einem NEIN zur Legalisierung des Handels mit Rhinozerus Horn - Save the rhino with a NO to the legalization of the trade in rhinoceros horn
  9. No al sacrificio de gatos en Cañete, Lima-Perú
    NO to sacrificing cats in Cañete, Lima
    100 cats will be sacrificed on the third Saturday and Sunday of September as part of the feast of St. Iphigenia, also known as "Cat Party" or "party curruñao". This happens in the village La Quebrada in San Luis de Canete (south of Lima).
    Google translation: About 100 cats are killed between Saturday and Sunday in the town of La Quebrada in San Luis de Canete (south of Lima) to develop a series of popular dishes in honor of the Black Madonna Santa Efigenia, patron of the town, organizers said. The tradition of eating cats during the celebrations of Santa Iphigenia-virgin who was brought in the 17th century by the Spanish to La Quebrada to black slaves revere-has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The feast of St. Iphigenia also known as the "cat party" or "party curruñao" is performed on the third Saturday and Sunday of September. The cats are bred to be slaughtered "with great care and tenderness" by villagers whose homes become restaurants. This year offer dishes like "cat vegetables baked with the olive oil", "carapulca cat", "cat fried marinated in pisco and wine", "grilled cat", "cat marinated", among others. One of the secrets told by old residents of La Quebrada is that after eating the animal should have a glass of wine or pisco "for kitty to grip well."
  10. Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in the USA
  11. End Animal Sacrifices at Football Matches!
  12. Bring Back the Animal Control Commission
  13. Send Mac to Hollywood!
  14. Change the law that bans specific breeds of dogs in Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada.
  15. Pledge to Stop Illegal Wildlife Poaching
  16. Stop Illegal Wildlife Trade
  17. Saving The World's Remaining Lions (no target)
  18. Help Save the Frogs: Crack Down on Pesticide Use
  19. President Obama: Protect the Arctic Ocean from Oil Drilling!
News & Polls
  1. Catification Makeover Voting Please vote for Puffy Paws
  2. Horse collapse fuels Salt Lake City carriage-ban debate
    Should horse-drawn carriages be banned in Salt Lake City? Vote YES!
  3. Unscrupulous Rescuer - Please Crosspost
    She's trying again! Taunton woman being investigated for illegal dog sales 
  4. Website: International website of the Party for the Animals. 
  5. Newsletter from Elephant Family A Ray of Hope for the Sumatran Elephant
  6. Take Action with Animal Defenders International
  7. Working to end the use of animals in science - The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS)
  8. News : The Humane Society of the United States
  9. Woman finds cat stuck 'bottom up' in van engine after investigating strange noise
  10. Blacky - found on the side of the road - Rescue story from Romania
  11. Obama Comes Out Against Dog Breed-Specific Legislation, Joins The Fight For Pit Bulls
  12. These Dogs Love Water So Much, They Can't Contain Their Joy
  13. 11 Animals That Mate for Life - Proof That Marriage is Natural
  14. 9 videos of cats meeting wildlife
  15. Cougars, Coatis & Bears (Oh My) on Wildlife Cam
    Video taken by the Center for Biological Diversity in Southern Arizona.
  16. Too beautiful to be real? 16 surreal landscapes found on Earth
  17. Ocean Views  just click on the thumbnails :)

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