Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29 petitions and more

  1. Stop the Dumping of Rodenticides on the Farallon Islands 2013
  2. Tell President Obama he doesn't need to wait. He can Kill the Keystone XL pipeline right now!
  3. Protect Appalachia from Toxic Selenium Pollution! (US)
  4. Climate Change Coverage Is Not for Sale
  5. California: Restrict the Sale of Harmful Rat Poisons (CA)
  6. Virginia Residents: Speak Out in Favor of Trap-Neuter-Return! (VA)
  7. Stop Trapping Silver River Monkeys!
  8. Animals in Entertainment (easy to send a protest mail)
  9. Tell Senator De Leon to Require Non-Lead Ammunition and Support AB 711 (CA)
  10. Save Sea Turtles from Blast Fishing in El Salvador
  11. Pledge Now: Help Save the Colorado River
  12. Tell Alaska: Don't Send Sarah Palin to the Senate
    more petitions when you sign this, but don't sign anything having to do with scientific animal research
  13. FB Event: Romanian Public Shelter Dogs in Crisis (Romania, Valcea Shelter)
  1. Stop the brutal killing of large sea turtles
  2. Stop Killing Dogs In Chile
  3. NO to Mega Mining in Uruguay
  4. Wir fordern ein komplettes Jagd- und Tötungsverbot am Torfmoorsee!
    Germany, we request a complete Hunting Ban around Torfmoorsee!
  5. Yahoo: Stoppt den Verkauf von Delfin- und Walfleisch!
    Yahoo, Stop the Sale of Dolphin and Whale Meat!
  6. Castigo a gerente y empleado de Plaza Náutica Mazatlan - Mexico, Punish the manager and employee of Plaza Nautica Mazatlan because of animal abuse
  7. Petizione contro le concerie scoperte in Svizzera che vendono pelle di gatto
    Petition against
    the tanneries in Switzerland discovered that sell cat skin
  8. Interdisons la production et la vente de fourrure en France
    Ban the production and Sale of Fur in France!
  9. La protección del Lobo Ibérico (canis lupus signatus), en TODO el territorio nacional
    Spain, We demand Protection of the Iberian Wolf in the whole National Region!
  10. Defende la vida ! Pidamos a la presidenta c f kirchner que vete el decreto 1088 ! No a la eutanasia - Argentina: Defend the Right to Life! President Kirchner, handle according to Decree 1088. NO to the killing of Cats and Dogs!
  1. Criminalize Cruel ‘Crush’ Videos in the Philippines
  2. Protect India’s Tigers from Harmful Human Activities
  3. End Exploration for Natural Gas
  4. Urge Yoplait to Change Yogurt Container Design to Protect Wildlife
  5. Tell Domino’s Pizza to Stop Using Cruel Gestation Crates
  6. Stop Illegal Sand Mining in India
  7. Commend Efforts to Connect Children with Nature
  8. Applaud Conservation of Threatened Rare Bird
  9. Support Federal Wildlife Agency for Saving California Sea Otters
  1. Stop the Dog and Cat Meat trade in S. Korea!
  2. Kiev's dog hunters: Stop Killing homeless animals
  3. Que se deje de perseguir y matar al lobo ibérico en Cantabria
    Discontinue the killing of the Iberian Wolf in Cantabria!
  4. Pour la mort de Whisky et tous les autres animaux martyrs Corses
    Corsica: Justice for Whisky and all other animals!
  5. Bundesregierung: Die Tierschutz-Verbandsklage per Gesetz auf Bundesebene einführen.
    Federal Government: Insert the welfare class action by law at the federal level.
  6. Sir Malcolm Bruce: Ban the use of crop-based biofuels in the UK!
  7. Leopoldo Rubido Ramonde, alcalde de Cedeira: Que se prohiban las atracciones con ponies, basta de maltrato animal - Leopoldo Rubido Ramonde Mayor of Cedeira, Spain: Prohibit the use of ponies at fairs.
  8. Comune di Siena: Abolire l'uso degli animali nel Palio
    City of Siena: Abolish the use of animals in the Palio
  9. PETROLIO NEL CANALE DI SICILIA? NO GRAZIE! No alle trivelle, Sì al Parco di Pantelleria! - Italy, NO to Oil Drilling around the Isle of Sicilia, we want a Marine Park
  1. You can help change the odds for greyhounds (no target)
  2. Tell UK Prime Minister David Cameron to Stop Deer Hunting
  3. To stop the hunting and slaughter of wild horses in the USA
  4. Stop the death sentence against community dogs in Turkey.
  5. Investigate Big Cat Killed in Detroit!
  6. "Whomsoever is kind to the Creatures of Allah is kind to himself."
  7. Badger Culling In The UK
  8. Help Stop Roadside Zoos
  9. Stop allowing people to allow their pets to ride freely in the back of trucks
  10. Dodge City needs a Doggie Daycare!
News and Polls:
  1. The not-so-pretty history of wolves in America
  2. Allegations prompt inquiry into greyhound industry
  3. Emily Deschanel: Behind the Scenes in the Dairy Industry
  4. Chicken Kaporos Demos in Brooklyn: Please Join!
    Protest 'Kaporos Rituals' with chickens...!
  5. - Cats falsely accused...
  6. Website: Hong Kong Dog rescue
  7. Donation project: Caring for Felix Kitties
  8. Baby Sea Turtles Saved by Compassionate Cop
  9. Ft. Lauderdale rescued bait dogs offered new lives by Miami advocates
  10. Puppy calls 911 - Hot Videos @
  11. Extremely Guilty Kitty Gets Caught Snooping - What a Reaction!

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