Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 15 petitions and more

  1. Californians Can Protect Lake Tahoe (CA)
  2. California: Restrict the Sale of Harmful Rat Poisons (CA)
  3. Save the honeybee! Ban bee-killing pesticides! (US)
  4. Tell President Obama to keep oil companies out of the Arctic (US)
  5. Tell President Obama to Include Appalachia in the Climate Action Plan (US)
  6. Help protect African lions from hunters
  7. Save the Elephants: STOP BLOODY IVORY
  8. Join the movement for Canada's parks!
  9. Action alert: Tell Faroese Govt to end slaughter of whales
  10. URGENT: Pigs Violently Abused at Events Need Your Voice!
    Dear Sir,
    Social, gentle, intelligent, and loyal, pigs are highly sensitive animals who enjoy communicating with each other, making nests, and relaxing in the sun.
    However I have learned that Man Games, an obstacle course competition held across the United States, is hosting "pig wrestling" challenges.
    These are cruel events during which young, docile animals are frantically chased, grabbed at, and tackled, then roughly crammed into a barrel drum—all while trapped in a pen lined with screaming crowds.
    Being trucked to and fro and subjected to the inherent noise, violence, and chaos of these events is obviously a terrifying and hazardous ordeal for the pigs, who often sustain severe injuries, such as broken limbs and backs.
    I urge you to cancel the pig wrestling during the next event which is scheduled for September 6 and 7 in Heber, Utah.  The Please urge Man Games to forgo "pig wrestling" events in the future—then forward this alert widely!
  11. Stop Plans to Build Intensive Factory Farm in Worcestershire
  12. Protect Our Nation's Horses and Keep the Food Supply Safe
  13. Please urge law to apply charges against man who dragged dog to death
  14. Suspend Wolf Hunting In Minnesota (US)
  15. Stop The Animal Abuse On Factory Farms
  16. Shocking footage: Irish Pig Farming Investigation
    Please email the Irish Minister for Agriculture today to demand that he stops this cruel abuse of pigs.
  17. Greyhound Breeders Fight WV Anti-Cruelty Policy
    WV Racing Commission - Contact Form
    Make your comment: I voice my support for the proposed animal cruelty policy.
  1. Thank Judge for Protecting Horses from Abuse
  2. End Inhumane Slaughter of Whales and Dolphins
  3. Stop the Opening of Horse Slaughter Plants
  4. Urge Landlords to Be Pet-Friendly
  5. Punish Dog Food Company for Sponsoring Animal Cruelty
  6. Stop Contaminating Farmland with Toxic Chemicals
  1. Shanghai Wild Animal Park, in China: Stop the cruel treatment and circus acts towards animals
  2. Stop the senseless & unnecessary creation of a new breed of dog
  3. Pena De Carcel Para Aquel Que Maltrate A Un Animal: No Mas Abuso Y Maltrato Animal
  4. Urge The Cherokee Bear Zoo to Close Cruel Bear Pits
  5. Department of Veterans Affairs: Provide veterans struggling with PTSD/TBI with service dogs
  6. Stop The Dog Meat Smuggling Trade!
  7. Stop the use of inhumane steel leg hold traps to trap and destroy coyotes in Blunn Creek
  8. FIBA EUROPE Basketball: NO Eurobasket 2015 in Ukraine!
  9. Burberry: Please stop selling fur!
  10. Non aux pièges tuants | Ban the fox snare | Geen vossenstrop
  11. UK Government: Please ban the importation of foie gras into the UK!
  12. Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society - STOP whaling in Norway
  13. Endangered Orcas Need Laws and Enforcement Funds for Protection
  14. SPA : Le Refuge STAM, doit continuer de fonctionner dans le respect des chiens!
    SPA: The STAM Refuge, should continue to operate in compliance with the dogs!
  15. Refuge-Fourriere-Dechetterie D'Uzerche. Honte!
    France: No agreement has been signed with an association like SPA for abandoned dogs and cats. Dogs are euthanized rapidly.
  16. Parc Astérix, France : Fermer le delphinarium
    Parc Asterix, France: Close your dolphinarium
  1. Tell President Obama to Reject the Keystone XL!
  2. Stop Endangered Seabird Cull in the UK
  3. Nutrire Gli Uccelli Affamati - Feeding the hungry birds
  4. Protect Farm Animals
  5. Save Horses from Slaughter
  6. Informer les Citoyens Europèens de la pètition anti vivisection
  7. Stop the "Backyard Breeder"
  8. Stop tethering dogs in St. Albans WV
  9. Stop Badger Suffering in the UK
  10. Help make National Sustainable Seafood Day official in Canada
  11. Stop building windfarms on peat bogs
  12. Stop Trade Me Selling Ivory
  13. Give Laying Hens Back Their Space
  14. Urge Authorities to return monkey to its family!
  15. Stop the use of Heartstick Euthanasia
  16. Save the Marbled Cat
  17. Save the Flat-Headed Cat
News & Polls
  1. A Pig's Tail - short film about a pig’s perspective of factory farming
  2. Hunting to be banned in January - Tshekedi
    The Minister of the Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Tshekedi Khama, says a ban on hunting of wildlife in all controlled hunting areas in Botswana will be effected from January 2014.
  3. 10 Photos That Will Make You Never Want To Buy Palm Oil Ever Again
  4. Guilty! Four hunt staff admit illegal hunting after trapped fox flushed to waiting hounds
  5. DC residents determined to halt upcoming planned deer kill in Nation's Capital
  6. Animal Liberation Front-line: ALF news
  7. Man Mowing Vacant Field Makes Miraculous Discovery
  8. Puppy With Mouth Tied Shut in -35 Cold Steers Toward Happiness
  9. One Man Stops, Dozens of Others Walk Past Shivering Dog
  10. Vote For Your Favorite Chimpanzee Artwork
  11. Dog-Friendly Skies: San Diego Airport Opens a Dog Restroom
  12. The Twist at the End of This Rescue Will Surprise You - a Must See
  13. Rejected Puppy Finds a New Mom... And She's a Cat

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