Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14 petitions and more

  1. Bees are facing a global die-off: take action to help save them!
  2. Ask oil giant to withdraw from uncontacted tribes' territory
  3. PETA's appeal to President Putin: Please leave beluga whales free again!
    Rein in Wisconsin's Trigger-Happy Wildlife Officials Who Killed Deer Fawn "Giggles"
  5. Thailand Oil Spill | Greenpeace International
  6. Virunga: jewel of the Africa's nature or a new oil field?
  7. Action Alerts from
  8. Don’t Let the Obama Administration Abandon Wolves!
  9. Stand for Wolves
  10. Instagram Allows Sale of Animals for Pets, Slaughter and Sacrifice
  11. Puppy Mill Bills Await Gov. Cuomo!
  12. Save our Lions from canned hunting  + updates....
  13. Pour un vrai contrôle de l’expérimentation animale à Fribourg
    For a real control of animal experimentation in Fribourg
    Petition is in .pdf format to download, where it says 'Signez la pétition'
  1. Demand City Take Animal Abuse Seriously
  2. Demand Enforcement of Anti Dog Meat Laws in the Philippines
  3. Applaud Vatican’s Rainforest Conservation Efforts
  4. Praise Governor for Letting Students Opt Out of Animal Dissections
  1. Canadian dog lovers: Shut down puppy mills across Canada (target?!)
  2. SAIL: Stop selling Canada Goose jackets
  3. Skinning live animals - Stop the unthinkable!
  4. Stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa - NOW
  5. Premier Campbell Newman and the Queensland State Government: Instigate a Task Force to investigate the disappearance of companion pets
  6. Facebook: Remove the page 'We like fox control'
  7. Ban Animal Gas Chambers in Illinois
  8. To the King and Ambassador of Spain: Stop the bullfighting culture in Spain.
  9. Ban the sale of ivory in China to save the elephant species
  10. Gobiernos del mundo, ONG, ciudadanos en general: Denunciar a estas personas y medidas legales en relación a la caza - World governments, NGOs and citizens in general: Report these people and force legal measures relating to (illegal) hunting.
  11. California - Stop the Great Bull Run
  12. China, Korea and the Philippines: Stop torturing and brutally killing innocent dogs and cats to eat them
  14. All companies that use palm oil: Stop using it in your products
  15. Safari Pet Center: Stop Selling Puppies
  16. Indiana Medical Exemption for Rabies
  17. Environmental Sustainability: STOP forest burning and land clearing
  18. Gov Haslam: Please Return Rebekah the baby raccoon to her family
  19. Major Cosmetic Companies: Covergirl, Maybelline, Revlon, L'oreal: Stop outdated, unnecessary, and cruel animal testing
  20. Kirche am Beethovenplatz in Frankfurt am Main: Hören Sie sofort mit diesen Tierquälereien auf!
    Church on Beethoven place in Frankfurt: Stop immediately with this cruelty!
  1. Nosey The Abused Elephant Needs Your Immediate Urgent Action
  2. Keep The Keystone XL Pipeline Off Our Land
  3. Prosecute New Jersey Woman & All Animal Abusers With More Severity!
  4. Pledge to Boycott China for Animal Cruelty and Demand Animal Abuse Laws!
  5. Boycott China... End its animal terror!
  6. Stop Burning Live Bulls - End Sadistic Festivals
  7. Wolf Baiting - Shame Of Kyrgyzstan
  8. Stop the torturing of the bull by hand at the First Fruits Ceremonies
  9. Let Amazon know that selling a Coyote fur hammock is not ok!
  10. Ban Greyhound Racing
  11. Stop Animal Sales At The Jockey Lot In Anderson County, SC
  12. Stop Fish and Wildlife of WA state from killing hundreds of barred owls!
  13. Stop Grouse Hunting Season in the UK!
  14. Miserable animals Circo Francia /animales miserables
  15. Stop Genetic Testing: No More Fluorescent Rabbits!
  16. Amending Bylaw No. 28-1999 Schedule A: Prohibited Animals‏ (target?!)
  17. Sign the Petition: Don't Frack Public Lands
  18. Tell Harper: We Will Not Be Silenced on Tar Sands
News & Polls
  1. Groups join in effort for new Maine bear hunting referendum - Do you think Maine should outlaw hunting bears with traps, hounds or over bait? Vote YES!
  2. Aerial culling declared humane
  3. Update - local Law still dont want to charge men for the dragging death of Bear.
  4. The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus joins Cruelty Free International to end cosmetics animal testing
  5. Indian Activist Beena Mashi & Her Stray Animals.
  6. Smart Three Legged Dog Does Something Awesome for His Friend
  7. NFL Coach Rescues Puppy From Dangerously Hot Car - What a Hero!

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