Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 07 petitions and more

  1. US Government: Give Panthers Room To Roam!
  2. California's Great White Sharks Need Our Help, Not Our Fear
  3. Write Wild - Keep the Upper Lillooet River Wild!
  4. Ohio: Take Action for Dogs (OH)
  5. Support Protections for Gray Wolves (US)
  6. MD: Prince George's County Citizens, Please Take Action for Safe Communities for People and Pets (MD)
  7. Shell, Clean up your mess in Ogoniland (confirmation needed)
  8. Help End Private Ownership of Primates (US)
  9. Declaration of Rights for Cetaceans: Whales and Dolphins
  10. Support USFWS' Endangered Listing for Captive Chimpanzees (US)
  11. Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act (US) (two actions)
  12. Support H. Res. 208 to Encourage States to Abandon Gas Chamber Euthanasia in Animal Shelters (US)
  13. Tell the EBRD: No more funding climate chaos!
  14. We Have a Right to Know About GMOs
  15. Tell Congress: Give K-12 public school students an environmental education (US)
  16. Demand Skamania County charge Christopher Dillingham with Animal cruelty!
  17. Raise Public Awareness Of The Genocide Being Committed Upon America's Last Remaining Wild Horses/Burros
  18. Stop poaching in Danube Delta and Romanian Carpathians
  19. Tell Secretary Jewell: Protect Wolves From State-Led Hunts (US)
  20. Man accused of blowing up dog and is not facing animal cruelty charges
  21. Withdraw Order Banning Cycles from 38 Kolkata Roads
  22. America's Wolves Are Under Attack
  1. Demand Pet Store be Shut Down after Snake Killed Two Young Boys
  2. Applaud Restoration of Oyster Population
  3. End Horse Fighting in the Southern Philippines
  4. Prevent the Food and Drug Administration From Allowing Canine Poisoning
  5. Demand Zimbabwe Stop Selling Wild Baby Elephants to Chinese Zoos
  6. Stop Company from Killing Pets with Dangerous Flea and Tick Products
  7. Encourage Mongolia to Scale Back on Cashmere
  1. Bali Governor Mangku Pastika: Revoke the reclamation permit of Benoa gulf, immediately!
  2. Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman (@Gov_Heineman): STOP Mountain Lion HUNTING in #Nebraska!
  3. Stop the Bull Run in United States which will generate lawsuits, injuries, deaths.
  4. Florida: NO PLEA DEALS for Ivins Rosier who murdered retired K9 Drake!
  5. Justice for Freckles! Victim of animal control abuse! Dead!
  6. Obama Administration: Don't pass a law that could cause grey wolves/other wolves to go extinct!
  7. Save the Tiger: Heed its "Leave Me Alone" call
  8. Diesem Menschen "Flavius Barbulescu" muss endlich sein Handwerk gelegt werden. Bitte unterschreibt und leitet die Petition weiter. Danke!
    Romania: get rid of Flavius Barbulescu
  9. Stop the use of inhumane steel leg hold traps on Coyotes in Texas Immediately!
  10. Congreso de los Diputados: Legislar el maltrato de animales domésticos
    House of Representatives: Legislate domestic animal abuse
  11. Veracruz: Que el maltrato animal ingrese al código penal: Que el maltrato animal sea delito en el código penal en Veracruz. - Mexico: Animal abuse has to become a crime under the penal code in Veracruz
  12. Congreso De Los Diputados: Votar En Contra De Declarar Los Toros Como Bien De Interes Cultural - House of Representatives: Vote AGAINST Bullfighting being of cultural value!
  13. Al Congreso de los Diputados: Exigimos la no aprobación de la ILP Taurina
    House of Representatives: Do not approve the ILP Taurine! A society that mistreats animals and enjoys watching them die is a sick and unhealthy society.
  14. Congreso de los Diputados: Anulación de la declaración de Bien de Interes Cultural de los toros - House of Representatives: Do not declare bullfights as a cultural value
  15. Congreso de los diputados. Cultura: Que no se vuelvan a permitir las corridas de toros en Catalunya - Spain: Do not re-enable bullfighting in Catalonia
  16. Congreso del Estado de Puebla, México: Prohibir las corridas de toros en el Estado de Puebla - Mexico: Ban bullfighting in the State of Puebla!
  17. Congreso Nacional, Estado Nacional, Gobierno Argentino: Nueva Ley Proteccion A Los Derechos De Los Animales
    Argentina: Introduce a new Law for the Protection of Animal Rights
  18. An das Bundesverfassungsgericht: Verbieten von Hallal Fleisch in Deutschen Märkten - Germany, Federal Constitutional Court: Ban Halal meat in German markets. (Against unstunned Slaughter)
  19. The Retail Council of Canada: Say “no” to cruel confinement of mother pigs!
  20. STOP Running of the bulls at Canterbury Park-Shakopee, MN
  21. Citizens to the Rescue of Jackson,TN Animals: Change the conditions and treatment of animals in Jackson Rabies Control
  22. Ministerio de Gobernación de El Salvador: Prohiban los circos con animales en El Salvador. - Ministry of Government: Prohibit animal circuses in El Salvador.
  23. Secretaría De Gobierno Municipio De Pasto: No Al Circo De Los Hermanos Gasca En Pasto - No Al Maltrato Animal
    Colombia, Municipality of Pasto: No to Brother Gasca's Circus with Animals.
  24. merial laborat, de productos veterinarios en pequeños y grandes animales: 1000.000 dosis por año,contra moquillo-hepatitis-parvo para perros cubanos
    Cuba: Merial Research Labs we ask for veterinary products against distemper, hepatitis and parvo.
  25. Redland City Council: Reistate dog off-leash Monday to Friday at Wellington Point Queensland
  1. Save the Italian dogs from starvation and sufferance
  2. Pledge To Take Time For Nature
  3. Call for Federal Investigation of Wolf Management Plans
  4. Prosecute New Jersey Woman & All Animal Abusers With More Severity!
  5. Charge Christopher Dillingham with animal cruelty!
  6. Stronger laws against dog fights! Stronger punishments for spectators of dog fights!
  7. Major Fur Broker? EBAY!!
  8. Save the Tiger
  9. Hold Animal shelters responsible for reporting abuse or neglect for all animals brought in.
  10. Stop Civet Cruelty
  11. Ban Live Animal Circuses from Performing in Nashville
  12. No More Pythons as Pets
  13. Cease the Smuggling of Tortoises into Madagascar
  14. Save America's Crops From Bee Extinction!
  15. PET FOOD COMPANIES: Please offer food for unadoptables too!
News & Polls:
  1. Pensez vous que la réglementation sur la maltraitante des animaux doit être plus punitive?  Vote YES! OUI! Do you think punishment for animal abusers should be more severe?
  2. IFAW signs historic Kitenden Corridor agreeement for elephants in Kenya [VIDEO]
  3. Charity expose true level of animal experiments in Scotland.
  4. Doctors fear animal experiments endanger patients
  5. Judge orders state jail sentence for dog beater
  6. Cruelty charges likely in dog killing
  7. Putin Establishes Tiger Conservation Fund
  8. Hisses and Purrs!
    Each week Hissy Fit Jones and June Buggie share the good, and not-so-good, news about animals and their plight around the world.
  9. Italy Bans All Animal Testing of Recreational Drugs
  10. Communicating with the Animals – Interview with Bernie Siegel
  11. SERBIA: New appeal for help, August 2013
  12. Website: Worldwide Veterinary Service
    Supporting animal welfare charities across the globe with volunteer teams, veterinary drugs, equipment and advice.
  13. Bear Steals Restaurants Entire Garbage Dumpster [VIDEO]
  14. Wonderful Life Lessons Dog Teach Us
  15. Dog Cries with JOY After Her Soldier Returns From Long Deployment

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