Friday, August 16, 2013

August 17 petitions

  1. Save Milos Island from being polluted by Gold mining
  2. Tell the USDA Not to Approve GE Apples
  3. Survey - New Mexico's New Nickname
  4. Live exports: Tell David Heath to stop hiding behind EU law
  5. Stop The Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter (US)
  6. Help Us to Stop Destruction for Coal!
  7. Elephant Was Reportedly Beaten and Screaming in Ohio
  8. STOP Ferrets From Being Tortured!
  9. Help Polar Bears Win Against Big Polluters
  10. Tell EPA’s new leader: Step up & protect bees
  11. Tell the President and the BLM: Don't Frack America’s Public Lands!
  12. Livestock Waste Threatens Clean Water
  13. Protect the Atlantic Coast From Dangerous Oil Drilling
  14. Tell Home Depot and Lowe to stop selling poisoned plants! (US)
  15. Take action for the orangutans!
    More (6) petitions under "help create legislative protection for orangutans"
  16. Help us end bear bile farming and the torture of dogs and cats in China (2 petitions)
  17. Please Stop Bear Bile Industry
  18. Stop Bear Farming and Bile Extraction From Bears.
  1. Protect Farm to Table Transactions
  2. Ban Unsporting Captive Hunting Once and for All
  3. Stop Interstate Commerce of Primates
  4. Celebrate Unique Strategy to Save Gorillas
  5. Commend Actor for Anti-Deforestation Innovation
  1. Change The Laws For The Protection Of Our Animals
  2. JUSTICE FOR TANK!!!!! Bennettsville Police Department and State of South Carolina : Impose maximum charges allowable by law.
  3. Utah County Fair: Stop pig wrestling at the Utah County Fair
  4. Sonoma County Fair: Stop giving goldfish away as fair prizes
  5. American Electric Power Company: Please do not condemn Safari 4 of the Gentry Wilderness Drive Thru Zoo.
  6. Walt Disney World - EPCOT : Please remove all captive Dolphins and Whales from the Finding Nemo Ride
  7. Rights For the Animals In The Petersburg, Virginia Animal Shelter: Stop euthanizing, killing and cruelly treating the animals in the shelter.
  8. Monsters
  9. Mayor Stephen Mandel and Council Members: Send Lucy to PAWS or the Elephant Sanctuary
  10. Stop the sacrifice of goats at the Khokana Festivals in Nepal
  11. Government Of British Columbia: Enact a law to make Animal Abuse Illegal and ALWAYS Punishable with jail.
  12. Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India: Protect the Forests of Buxa
  13. SC Hwy Patrol: Having dog transported behind a moving vehicle is not OK: Provide "best practices" training for handling situations involving dogs
  14. Facebook: Chiudere la pagina "Esperimenti divertenti sugli animali"
    Facebook: Close the page "fun experiments on animals"
  15. Stop roundup and slaughter auctions of wild horses now!
  1. Stop Pig Torture and Violent Abuse at Upcoming Event Scheduled for September 6 and 7
  2. STOP abuse of animals - Adopt NOT Shop, UK
  3. Stop Michael Harrington of Irish Equinewelfare having any access to animals
  4. Save innocent beagles from meaningless rabies testing in Taiwan

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