Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16 petitions and more

  1. Tell Congress: End Big Oil Handouts
  2. Take Action: End Gulf Pirate Fishing
  3. It’s time to protect Pacific forage fish
  4. Vote For Badgers
  5. Great white sharks off the coast of California are in big trouble.
  6. Help Get Anti-Trapping Legislation Across the Finish Line In CA (CA)
  7. Butler Hunt Waters | Protect Our Laws
  8. Stop the “New Prosperity” Mine at Fish Lake
  9. Protect Chimpanzees Under the Endangered Species Act
  10. Støt kampagnen mod dyreshows - Support the campaign against animal shows
  11. Petition against bird slaughter in Egypt
  12. Save Fish Lake - Stop the New Prosperity Mine!
  13. Tell the Manitoba Government to Say "No" to Northern Oil Shipments by Rail
  14. Urge Sportscraft to Show Some Love to Sheep
  15. On Becoming a Wolf Activist—Do the wolf waltz
    send a letter, sign 2 petitions and tweet.
  16. Tell the USDA Organic Program to Make Animal Welfare a Priority
  17. Shocking Cruelty Uncovered at Animal Shelter in Serbia
  18. Help millions of pigs, sign the petition!
  19. NAVS Newsletter - Take Action Thursday
  20. Speak out against the lake Sammamish goose kill
  1. Stop Killing Wildlife at the Taxpayer’s Expense
  2. Save Bolivian Species from Ranching and Fires
  3. Don’t Build Oil and Gas Wells Near School
  4. Applaud Nepal for Conserving Tigers
  5. Save Critically Endangered Wildlife in Indian River
  1. STOP Horse Slaughter in Canada and Adopt Bill C-322
  2. Kiev's dog hunters go on the attack to rid the city of strays: Stop Killing homeless animals
  3. Fermare Marshall Pet E Il Business Della Vivisezione
    Green Hill is owned by the U.S. multinational Marshall Bioresources. In addition to breed beagle, mestizos and ferrets for laboratories/vivisection, they also has a division called Marshall Pet Products with markets all over the world.
  4. Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig and your local MP's and Senators: Halt immediately the brutal inhumane live animal export trade.
  5. Hayvanlarımız: sokak hayvanları korumaya yönelik bir yasa talep ediyorum.
    Turkey. I demand a law to protect stray animals (from being tortured and killed)
  6. Soreso® Design: Schürze, die Zoophilie/Tierquälerei verharmlost, aus dem Sortiment nehmen
    Soreso® Design: Take apron that belittles zoophilia / cruelty to animals, from the range! -- Horrified, we discovered a provider (Soreso® design) on, which offers a barbecue apron making fun of zoophilia /cruelty to animals.
  7. T.C. Genelkurmay Başkanlığı: 4982 ve 3071 sayılı kanun gereğince yanıt verilmesini rica ederiz
    Turkey: Please give response to Law No. 4982 and 3071; in Dağlıca district of Hakkari Yüksekova, a S4 officer, rank of Major, killed close to 40 dogs by shooting them.
  8. Al Gobierno y a las Cortes: Una nueva Ley para prohibir sacrificar animales abandonados. EN ESPAÑA. - Spain, Government and Courts: A new law to ban killing of abandoned animals in kennels
  9. Stoppt die subventionierte Züchtung und Schlachtung von Fohlen
    EU: Stop subsidized breeding and slaughter of foals under the pretext of preserving rare breeds in Germany and neighboring countries!
  10. TUAPA Shelter in Taiwan: Stop Animal Cruelty inside the shelter!
  11. Tüm Belediyeler: Sokak hayvanları için su kapları
    All municipalities in Turkey. Water bowls for dogs and cats in the streets
  12. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Animals @ Animal Care and Control of NYC
  13. Schützt die Kormorane - "Gegen eine europaweite Regulierung der Bestände."
    Protect the cormorant against an European-wide regulation.
  14. Deutschland: In allen Miethäusern dürfen ohne Rücksprache kleine Hunde gehalten werden! - Germany: We want the right to keep small dogs in all apartment buildings without having to ask.
  15. Turkish Government and Animal Lovers (Türk Hükümeti ve Hayvan Severleri): We want Turkish SPCA (Türkiye Hayvan Koruma Polisi Kurulsun)
  16. Chiediamo a "Jovanotti di essere Portavoce dei Diritti degli Animali" Stop Vivisection
    We ask Lorenzo Cherubini "Jovanotti" to be Spokesman of Animal Rights and invite his fans to sign the Petition circulating in the European Union "Stop Vivisection", and propose a non-violent veg food for the entire planet.
  1. Grow Organics!
  2. Ban Fracking in George Washington National Forest!
  3. Australia – Stop Nuclear Waste Dump in Northern Territories
  4. No al sacrificio de gatos en Cañete, Lima-Perú
    100 cats will be sacrificed on the third Saturday and Sunday of September as part of the feast of St. Iphigenia, also known as "Cat Party" or "party curruñao". This happens in the village La Quebrada in San Luis de Canete (south of Lima).
    Google translation: About 100 cats are killed between Saturday and Sunday in the town of La Quebrada in San Luis de Canete (south of Lima) to develop a series of popular dishes in honor of the Black Madonna Santa Efigenia, patron of the town, organizers said. The tradition of eating cats during the celebrations of Santa Iphigenia-virgin who was brought in the 17th century by the Spanish to La Quebrada to black slaves revere-has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists. The feast of St. Iphigenia also known as the "cat party" or "party curruñao" is performed on the third Saturday and Sunday of September. The cats are bred to be slaughtered "with great care and tenderness" by villagers whose homes become restaurants. This year offer dishes like "cat vegetables baked with the olive oil", "carapulca cat", "cat fried marinated in pisco and wine", "grilled cat", "cat marinated", among others. One of the secrets told by old residents of La Quebrada is that after eating the animal should have a glass of wine or pisco "for kitty to grip well."
  5. Demand Proper Punishment for Kids Enjoy Abusing Animals
  6. Stop "pleasure" hunting safaris of elephants and lions in South Africa.
  7. Save our American Horses
  8. Barnegat man faces eviction for feeding cats outside
    Article: Barnegat man faces eviction for feeding cats outside
  9. Save Yasuni National Park in Ecuador
  10. Shut Down Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus
  11. Urge Woolworths to only stock free range eggs
  12. Stop allowing dogs to cruelly live their lives on chains!
  13. Stop the unnecessary and inhumane killing of over 250 million male chicks every year!
  14. Save Longmont Humane Society! Wells Fargo please renegotiate LHS loan!
  15. New York Economic Development Committee: Pass Assembly bill A6082-2013--Pet Grooming Licensing
  16. Support Monitoring the Hawaiian Monk Seal to Prevent Their Extinction (target?!)
  17. Stop the greased pig contest @ Grand Valley Fall festival hurry please! Event is Aug. 16-19
News & Polls
  1. Meat & Poultry | Iowa processor drops plans to slaughter horses
    Read comments please.
  2. Bok-Nal (“dog-eating days”) in Seoul
  3. 狗兒實驗狂犬病!家衛所:若發病,人道安樂死
    Rabies Experiments on Beagles in Taiwan. (use translate)
  4. Taiwan restocks human-use vaccines as island's 1st rabies outbreak detected in 50 years
  5. Nepali Ranger Strives for Another Year of Zero Poaching
  6. Albany man sentenced to jail for abandoned pups on railroad
  7. Starving pooch saved by Martin County Police Officer making progress
  8. Animal Advocates Declare Victory in Federal Foie Gras False Advertising Suit

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