Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13 petitions and more

  1. Tell EPA to protect the Pacific from fracking (US)
  2. Pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat.
  3. UK live exports must end
  4. Congress: It makes NO CENTS to cut down the Tongass
  5. President Obama: Your climate legacy starts by saying no to Arctic drilling!
  6. Ask USDA to Ban Cub Petting (US)
  7. USA: Federally Licensed Animal Facilities Must Have Disaster Plans! (US)
  8. Tell U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Keep Gray Wolves Listed Under the Endangered Species Act - Delisting the wolves will effectively cut off further recovery and reintroduction of the gray wolf into its former territory! Do NOT delist!
  9. Stop Killing Turkeys and Quails for Museum Exhibit
  10. Protect the Boulder-White Clouds
  11. Eradication of Free-Roaming Cats Planned in PA, Sept 7-8
    Township's Board of Supervisors has rejected proposals that would allow feral cats to be trapped, neutered, rabies vaccinated and returned to their original locales. Sign petition (South Newton Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania: Stop their plans for the killing of all feral cats by a paid trapper!) and please send your protest mail to sbloom@pahousegop.com; vancestaff@pasen.gov;
  12. Tell the EPA: Keep Our Water Clean and Safe
  1. Save Endangered Albatrosses From Deadly Fishing Lines
  2. Stop Illegal Logging and Illegal Trade
  3. Don’t Let Dominican Republic Destroy Biological Reservation
  4. Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the Atlantic
  5. Protect the World’s Smallest Marine Dolphins from Extinction
  6. Applaud Conservation of African Lions
  7. Applaud Costa Rica for Closing Zoos
  8. Condemn Man for Shooting Dog
  9. Condemn Energy Company for Destroying BP Oil Spill Evidence
  10. Ask Department of Education to Eradicate Traditional Dissection in Classrooms
  11. Demand Justice for Mutilated Foal
  12. Protect California Ground Squirrels From Poisoning
  13. Stop Brutal Dehorning of Dairy Cows
  14. Cancel Elephant Show at Fair
  15. Demand Chinese Coal Company Stop Releasing Toxic Water
  16. Demand Safe Cleanup of Oil Spill
  1. Stoppt die subventionierte Züchtung und Schlachtung von Fohlen
    EU: Stop subsidized breeding and slaughter of foals under the pretext of preserving rare breeds in Germany and neighboring countries!
  2. Governments all over the world: Conserve Tigers and Save their Habitat (target?!)
  3. Minister Of Forestry Zulkifli Hasan: Stop Tiger Factories - Please No 'Legal' Tiger Breeding For Pets
  4. Taean, S. Korea! Revoke the permit for illegal dog meat farm immediately and protect the welfare of Taean residents!
  5. EU and UN: Stop Korean sadist- barbaric tradition in Russia
  6. FISU and EU: Boycott Kazan Mafia killers of Strays and Universiade on blood
  7. General Russian Prosecutor General Yury Yakovlevich Chayka: Send heartless barbaric killers to prison!
  8. Enrique Peña Nieto, Juan José Guerra Abud Y Francisco Moreno Merino: Detengan Al Grupo "Hunter Mexico" Por Caza Ilegal Y Crueldad Extrema
    STOP the group 'Mexico Hunter' for their illegal hunting and extreme cruelty!
  9. Stop dogs massacre in the city Kutaisi (Caucasus, Georgia)
  10. Shenzhen Government, Guangdong Province, PR China: Stop forced demolitions of stray dog shelters in Nanshan District
  11. Letter to China ~ Dear China...
    Needs much more attention, please sign and share also!
  12. Les chevaux Waler au Patrimoine Culturel et Naturel mondial
    Australia, Unesco: Add Waler Horses to the World Natural and Cultural Heritage (to let them regain their original dignity)
  13. Governador Sérgio Cabral: Crie uma Delegacia de Proteção aos Animais no (Rio de Janeiro) - Governor Sérgio Cabral: Create a Police Office for the Protection of Animals in Rio de Janeiro (to speed up investigations into and prosecutions of crimes against animals)
  14. Abolish Animal Abuse in the horse parade of the Cali Fair #StopCabalgata
  15. Basta crudeltà con la caccia alla volpe nella Provincia di Grosseto
    Italy: Stop the cruelty committed against foxes during fox hunting (with dogs)
  16. Gobierno de Mexico y poblacion : Ayudame a prohibir la caza como deporte o diversion - Mexico Government and Citizens: Help me ban hunting as a sport or diversion
  17. Shami Dog: Find the people who committed this act of animal cruelty!
  18. Federal Definition of Bestiality as Obscene and Federal Crime
    UPDATE for Wild horse supporters: Much sincere thanks to each of you who have taken the time to sign this petition. We are making our voices heard, together, without boarders! We have reached an amazing 4,158 signatures. Each one emailed directly to the political powers in Canada who have the ability (and responsibility) to change the law and protect these wild horses as heritage animals and wildlife. Without the natural world around us, healthy and sustained in its balanced state, we as a race are at great danger.
    For all Canadians who have signed this petition, I ask you to take your support one step further and download the formal federal petition. Each petition mailed back with signatures will be submit to the House of Commons this Fall. The government is then obligated to respond to our request within 45 days. The link for the petition download can be found below. The cut off dead is August 31st (ignore the August 1st deadline in the petition cover letter, we have extended it).
    PETITION DOWNLOAD (English) http://tinyurl.com/ottkxag
    PETITION DOWNLOAD (French) http://tinyurl.com/okxtqdw
    Another initiative is a crowd funding campaign to produce a documentary about our wild horses in Alberta, "Lost in the Wind". Every dollar raised will go towards production costs. Please watch the trailer and donate if it touches you. Imagine, taking our wild horses story and fight to the world. Included in the production costs is a budget to enter the documentary in 200 film festivals. Link below to the indiegogo page. http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lost-in-the-wind
    Finally, if you haven't joined me on Facebook or Twitter, I invite you to do so and stay up to date with this wild horse campaign and progress on these vital initiatives.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/CanadianWildHorseFoundation.FederalPetition
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CDNwildhorses
    One year ago I would never have imagined to be so engulfed in this fight for wild horses. I am humbled and forever thankful for your support, efforts and unwavering dedication to this cause.
    Sincerely, Adrienne
  1. 11th Hour for Wolves
  2. Saved once, please help save again! Two deer, four raccoons, and their rescuer needs help!
  3. Abolizione della Caccia in Italia - Abolition of hunting in Italy!
  4. Investigate The Elko Animal Shelter
  5. Help dogs in hot cars
  6. Pit bull and all bull terriers are good dogs.
  7. Remove Article Against Bull Breeds & Abolish BuyBack Scheme Plans!
  8. Urge Coles To Say No To Battery Cage Eggs!
  9. Save the Iriomote Cat
  10. Save the Addax
  11. Focus more on saving the ugly animals that are endangered
News & Polls
  1. Groups join in effort for new Maine bear hunting referendum - Do you think Maine should outlaw hunting bears with traps, hounds or over bait? Vote YES!
  2. Right now, the Michigan Humane Society has a Matching Gift Challenge. Any amount you donate through Sept.15 will be doubled.
  3. Vote: Is it time for America to close its zoos?
  4. Vote: What is your stance on how to deal with unwanted shelter animals?
  5. Smugglers drive Thailand's grim trade in dog meat
  6. Hong Kong needs stiffer sentences for animal cruelty
  7. Kiev's dog hunters go on the attack to rid the city of strays
  8. Manual for Sabotaging Wolf Hunts Released
  9. Gesetzlose Jäger dürfen im Vandalur Zoo in Indien erschossen werden
    Lawless hunters may be shot in Vandalur zoo in India (use translate option)
  10. Chinese customs seize 645 wolf skins from Greece - Customs officials in China on Thursday seized almost 650 pieces of wolf skins that arrived on a flight from Greece last month.
  11. SoiDogs Bonnie & Clyde are safe from harm... [VIDEO]
  12. Marching for the Animals
  13. Victoire : Stop à un plan de capture de chats pour euthanasie mis en place illégalement versus plan pour stérilisation - Victory for these Cats achieved from the petition "Stop a catch plan for euthanasia of cats introduced illegally versus plan for sterilization". Use translate option.
  14. Boy lost in the Australian bush says he was saved by a friendly kangaroo
  15. Incredibly Smart Bird Sings a Cute Duet with Owner

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