Friday, August 2, 2013

August 2nd petitions and more

  1. Clean Water, Not Clearcuts, from Oregon's Public Lands (OR)
  2. Compulsory Microchip Scanning on pets to be introduced alongside Compulsory Microchipping with a microchip proving ownership. (UK)
  3. Demand justice for communities robbed in a huge illegal land grab
  4. Keep Oil Exploration Out of Virunga National Park
  5. Help End Private Ownership of Primates (US)
  6. Oppose Harmful Beaver Trapping Legislation In NJ (NJ)
  7. Tell the U.S. Government to Declare All Chimpanzees “Endangered”
  8. Ask Sears to Stop Using Wild Animals for Advertising
  9. Federal: Chemical Safety Improvement Act Proposes Adopting Non-animal Test Methods
  10. Prevent the overfishing of Pacific Herring (California only)
  11. Why Don't The Bugs Bite Your Apples? (US)
  12. Tell the Government To Improve Their Fracking Rules to Protect Parks
  13. Help end long distance live transport
    Live Transport of Farmed Animals
  14. Speak Up for Big Cats and Public Safety!
  15. US friends, tigers and lions need you!
    Tell the Senate to protect people and big cats
  16. Let's Stand Up for BC's Provincial Parks!
  17. Stop crush!
  18. Bring Dans Family home END BSL!
  19. International Petition: Ban Crush Videos Globally
  20. Help Ban Crush Videos
  21. BAN These Cruel Animal "Crush" Movies NOW!
  22. Your immediate action needed to protect animal welfare laws (US)
  23. Oppose the King Amendment to the 2013 Farm Bill (US)
  24. MI: Save Lives by Supporting HB 4168 (MI)
  25. Say no to the suffering of millions of EU pigs!
  26. We call for a Parliamentary enquiry into the NSW RSPCA.
  27. Tell Montana: Let Wild Buffalo Roam!
  28. Please Take Action For The Bears!
  29. Michelle Obama: Stand up for bees in the White House garden and beyond
  30. Tell Congress: Stop the pesticide that is killing bees
  31. Montana’s Smith River At Risk
  1. Stop Pushing Sumatran Tigers Toward Extinction
  2. Commend World Bank For Sustainable Energy Strategy
  3. Thank Government Commission for Promoting Clean Energy
  4. Investigate the Killing of Mexican Gray Wolf Mother
  5. Thank State Troopers for Rescuing At-Risk Animals
  6. Criminalize Cruel ‘Crush’ Videos in the Philippines
  7. End Cruel Animal Trapping in California
  8. Protect Great Barrier Reef From Industrialization
  9. Prevent Arctic Drilling
  1. NO to slaughtering horses on Indian land (target?!)
  2. Congress: Stop congress from slaughtering horses
  3. State of Oklahoma: Increase the penalties for dog fighting
  4. Hobby Lobby: No more fur
  5. Остановите массовое убийство бездомных собак, которое устроили коммунальные спецслужбы в г. Комсомольске-на-Амуре
    Russia, Stop mass shooting of stray dogs with poison darts because of 2 rabies cases! Vaccinate! Dogs die in agony from paralysis and suffocation! Numerous protests of citizens and journalists are simply ignored and the carnage continues. City of Komsomolsk-on-Amur
  6. Presidente De Ecuador - Rafael Correa Delgado: Que Se Condene Todo Tipo De Maltrato Animal - Pres. of Ecuador: Condemn any kind of Animal Abuse
  7. Belleville City Council: Stop the rodeo from coming to town
  8. Stop Rodeo Cruelty - Make It Illegal All Over Australia
  9. The community of Orangevale, California, USA: Stop the “Pee Wee Rodeo” planned for May 19 this year. (May 19 has passed.... maybe it's an older petition ?!)
The following 6 petitions all need more signatures!
  1. Asan, S. Korea! Shut down the illegal hell hole dog farm and slaughterhouse in Tangjeong-myun now!
  2. Millions of Dogs Tortured & Butchered in S. Korea. Boycott 2013 9th International MDPD Congress in Seoul, S. Korea!
  3. FAO, WHO, UNESCO, UNWTO, WTO of the United Nations: Sanction S. Korea for horrific cruelty of dog meat trade!
  4. EU and UN: Stop Korean sadist- barbaric tradition in Russia
  5. Prevent cruelty to dogs and cats in China!
  6. Tell the White House: Stop Delisting and Keep Wolves Protected
  1. Stop Animal Cruelty at Dover Port!
  2. Save the dogs and cats in the shelter
  3. Help us put a stop to self admitted animal abuser Raoul T Coleman
  4. Impose heavy fines on restaurants selling dolphin and whale meat!
  5. Save the Vaquita Porpoise!
  6. Punishment for veterinary doctor!
  7. We Want Healthy Rivers - Prioritize Water Conservation!
News & Polls
  1. Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has created a free mobile phone app for iPhone and Android that will locate and report animal abuse to your local authorities anywhere in the U.S. as soon as you report witnessing it. Use this link below to get to the ALDF page where you can read about and download this wonderful app: ALDF Crime Tips: Mobile App to Report Animal Cruelty
  2. Website: STOPCRUSH.ORG
  3. Website: Howling For Wolves
  4. Man hit girlfriend, killed cat
  5. A Thai Buddhist Monk Beats Dog Against The Stairway
  6. Finding Diesel: Reward offered for missing Pensacola area pit bull (Photos)
  7. Tragic Death of Mars, Beloved Golden Retriever, Leads to Outrage in China
  8. Watch Inspiring Footage of Two Children Leave the Circus After Peaceful Protest!
  9. 2013 Legislative Season Ends with ‘Ag-Gag’ Bills Defeated in 11 States
  10. Off-duty police officer helps locate, reunite stolen dog with guardian
  11. East Coast Rescue #2 - The DC 7 [Beagle Freedom Project]
  12. Pony’s New Life! Update on prostitute Orangutan Pony!
  13. Hilariously Excited Puppy Does a Balancing Act While he Eats
  14. The 18 Greatest Dog Smiles Ever

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