Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 24 petitions

  1. Take Action Today! with Rainforest Site
  2. Bringt kriminelle Tropenholzhändler ins Gefängnis
    Bring criminal Tropical Timber merchants in jail.
  3. Don't Waste Our Oceans
  4. Stop the Indiscriminate Wildlife Slaughter
  5. Protect the Atlantic Coast From Dangerous Oil Drilling
  6. Urge Nevada Prison to Halt Use of Glue Traps and Poisons!
  7. Don't Let Arizona Unfairly Tax Solar Energy
  8. Ask your candidates to protect Australia’s wildlife
  9. Tell President Obama to Protect the Atlantic
  1. Speak Out Against New USA Running Of The Bulls
  2. Urge Chinese Government to Relocate Hazardous Waste Landfill
  3. Commend Company for Abandoning American Nuclear Power
  4. Protest Marine Mammal Abuse for Entertainment
  5. Condemn Shark Wrestling for Sport
  6. Commend Wildlife Commission for Protecting Giant Pacific Octopus
  7. Demand Oil Company Continue Making Settlement Payments
  8. Decline State’s Request for Relaxed Air Pollution Regulations
  9. Support Endangered Iberian Lynx Breeding Program
  10. Stop Plan to Rent Endangered Tigers to Wealthy Citizens
  1. City of Bakersfield: Revoke 40-day eviction notice on Kern County Animal Control Shelter
  2. Stop the cruel bull run in the Dallas area!
  3. Frito Lay: Add pet suffocation warning labels to your chip bags!
  4. Harbor Humane Society: Stop the animal abuse and make the Board of Directors responsible for their actions.
  5. Jacob's Dream Investigation
  6. City of Ottawa, KS: Repeal the Breed Specific Law on Pitbulls
  7. Ban Bullfighting
  8. Texas Hunt Lodge: Stop hunting zebras and other exotic animals.
  9. Stop slaughtering American horses in Mexico (no target)
  10. Solicitud de Iniciativa de Ley para Sancionar el Maltrato Animal en Baja California, México. - Request Bill for Animal Abuse Punishment in Baja California, Mexico.
  11. Генпрокуратура РФ: ТРЕБУЕМ НАКАЗАНИЯ ДЛЯ ЖИВОДЕРОВ!/we demand the punishment of the murderers of the dog
    Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation: DEMAND FOR PUNISHMENT!
  1. Stop shark's slaughter in Quintana Roo, Mexico
  2. Koalas killed to make paper in Japan and China.
  3. There's no need for cruelty!
  4. Remove dog fighting video's on Facebook.
  5. Protect West Virginia From Mining Devastation
  6. Tell Washington University to Stop Hurting Cats

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