Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 06 petitions and more

  1. Keep Oil Exploration Out Of Virunga National Park
  2. Boycott Canadian seafood until the slaughter ends.
  3. Ask Your Members of Congress to Reject the King Amendment (US)
  4. Protect America's Wolves!
    Attend The National Rally to Protect America’s Wolves in Washington DC on September 7, 2013! REGISTER FOR THE RALLY.
  5. Protect the Southwest's Jaguar Habitat
  6. Pledge to support a world that protects elephants, wildlife and their habitat.
Jesigne.fr (confirmation needed)
  1. Léopard des neiges: Victime de la mode du cachemire
    Snow Leopard: Fashion Victim cashmere
  2. Arrêtons l’élevage de visons!
    France: Stop this illegal horror mink farm!
  3. UE : Maintien des engagements contre la déforestation!
    EU: Maintaining commitment against deforestation!
  4. Pour le développement de zones sans pesticides en France
    For the development of pesticide-free zones in France
  1. Enforce Stricter Regulations on Bottled Water
  2. Demand Enforcement of Anti Dog Meat Laws in the Philippines
  3. Thank San Diego City Council for Improving Animal Welfare
  4. Applaud Policy Change Following Kitten Shooting by Humane Officer
  5. Support Conservation Organization’s Efforts to Protect Jaguars
  6. Ban Cruel Pig Crates in Canada
  7. Commend Police Efforts to Protect Pets
  8. Demand Sustainable Fishing in Indonesia
  9. Protect Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the Atlantic
  10. Demand Urban Beekeeping be Legalized in Major City
  11. Don’t Let Dominican Republic Destroy Biological Reservation
  12. Ban Environmentally Toxic Fireworks
  1. Military General and Dr. Osama Selim: "Please protect the weak and helpless... this includes the animals!"
  2. Katholische Kirche, Papst Franziskus: Für die Tiere und ihr Recht auf Leben und Unversehrtheit - Catholic Church, Pope Francis: For the animals, and their right to life and integrity.
  3. United States Postal Service: Remove the picture of the GSD from post cards about dog attacks
  1. Stop the intended culling of Sharks La Reunion Island
  2. STOP Tortoise Smuggling in Madagascar
  3. Tell Ica to drop their commercial where they make fun of Chinese people having a party eating dogs.
  4. Make temporary bans on horse slaughter permanent
  5. Urge Southern Gold Coast To Ban Single Plastic Bags
  6. Charge Chris Dillingham To The Fullest Extent Of The Law For Blowing Up His Dog
  7. Charge Christopher W. Dillingham with animal abuse for exploding his family dog.
  8. Call For The U.S. To Reject The South African Proposal To Trade In Rhino Horn
  9. Please Save Romania's Brown Bears
  10. Citizens demanding stiffer penalties and possible jail time for animal abuse
  11. Pet shop with 42 counts of animal cruelty is still running! Lets Shut Them Down For Good.
  12. Ask Mayor of Ellisville, MS for Proper Plan for Lost and Stray Animals
  13. Australia: Ban Horse Racing!
  14. SeaWorld: Stop Using Tilikum & Use Resources to Find Him a Good Home
  15. Make the tennis court into a dog park
  16. Demand Regulation for Fracking Off California's Coast
News & Polls:
  1. Pensez vous que la réglementation sur la maltraitante des animaux doit être plus punitive? Vote YES! OUI! Do you think, punishment for animal abusers should be more severe?
  2. Pigs Burned Alive? Authorities Respond
  3. Undercover Investigation: Live Export to Israel (English Subtitles) [VIDEO]
  4. Croatia joining EU is good for animals
  5. FB Page: K9 Rescue Bulgaria K9 Rescue Bulgaria
  6. Dog saved baby from cold night
  7. "Happy Cows" Kuhrettung Rhein Berg extended version with english subtitles [VIDEO]
  8. Website: Lion Ark: A Film About Freedom
  9. Success! Animal Dissection No Longer Required for Connecticut Students

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